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January-February 2018

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"Things that are ultimately complex must have a simple end user experience if they are to be successful."

- Homaro Cantu, renowned inventor, engineer, and chef

Every day I catch evidences of the System's grip on the minds and hearts of World inhabitants. Sure these are the surface realities, but it is not hard to see from the steaming foam what is deeper beneath with a modest diet of Scripture, history, and current events, as well as a rudimentary discernment of propaganda.

The final Los Angeles Times editorial in the issue of December 21, the evening having the most darkness of any in the year, was from James Martin (pictured on the right). Don't know James Martin? He's essentially the Confessor of America, prominent Jesuit scholar and popular sophisticate more formally the editor-at-large of the Society's widely distributed publication appropriately titled America.

The piece was "A tough life in Nazareth," and it was about how difficult it was for Jesus growing up pretty standard "Jesus was a humble man" stuff except that it was much more a pretext for the most robust racialist and socialist browbeating. The clearly implicit message: If you are a white male with some wealth and you don't participate in the System's confiscatory program of codependent enabling, then you are guilty of despicable moral crimes indeed, you are no friend of Jesus.

So cough it up, bub er, excuse me, put another dollar in the plate sir, and then we'll say a blessing for you. Thanks.

When I opened my Times a few days later on Sunday the 24th, the first full page ad there on page A5 was for Loyola Marymount University, the self-proclaimed "University of Silicon Beach." A beautiful college building with a single large red bow over the doors was accentuated by a brilliantly lit, splendidly decorated Christmas tree. A very powerful image conveying the delightfully imposing nature of the school, particularly for influencing the commercial interests emanating from the western Los Angeles area.

Look up "Silicon Beach" and you'll find it is the home of a smattering of up-and-coming tech firms, just as you'd think: the budding "Silicon Valley" of southern California. One of those firms is Snapchat, along with Instagram the most used social media platform for millennials today.

LMU is located up on a hill right smack in the middle of all that. One of "The Great 28" (their designation), it is a member school in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, and as such a critical conduit for the Society to propagate the message of Cain's legacy: Live by the precepts of the city and trust in the prince, for his conception of God is the one that will keep you safely in the mainstream.


I don't think I could taste the produce of their harvest any more bitterly than in the major motion picture Get Out. I'd heard it was terrific, and as a bit of horror film fan I'm always looking for good ones. Yet I was annoyed by what appeared to be in the movie: Was this going to be about a black man being mercilessly tormented by a white racist family? Was it?

I'd asked some who'd seen it. No, it really isn't about that, I was told. It's just a good horror movie, they said.

So I saw it.



[Spoiler alert.]

A film that is wholly and unabashedly about shamelessly microaggressing white people empowering a "middle America" white family to surgically implant the brains of dying family members into black people is not racialist in the worst sense possible?

Are you kidding me?

That this was as extraordinarily well-made, widely distributed, hugely popular, and greatly celebrated as it was is testament to the overwhelming power of System operatives at the most arcane layers of Cain's legacy to clench the souls of the unwitting and unwilling. The idea that this was just a movie? You can't get much better evidence than the Get Out ad covering the December 3rd Times. Blaring across the page was the claim this film was "the movie for the world we live in today."

This pull quote from a Time magazine review leaves no mistaking the substance of the recommended sentiments: Get Out is undeniably an accurate metaphor of the reality that blacks are endlessly hunted down by whites nefariously trying to make them catatonic Stepford people.

Furthermore you are just plain evil if you do not have the proper narrative coursing through your cranium: White people are inherently racist, black people are always threatened by them, and the more virtue signaling you do, the more entitlement demands you make, and the more intractable victimhood you claim the more you will be awarded your due reparations.

Wow, really that now classic look of harrowing entrancement on the face of actor Daniel Kaluuya forever lost in "the sunken place," it just as much applies to this.

I came across this mindset in all its glory from a conversation I had with a black girl in my classroom, one we had openly and respectfully before the entire class. I had given an assignment to my students asking them about their main fears, for the purpose of then sharing with them the results of a survey that demonstrated most Americans fear things like identity theft, cyber attacks, biological or chemical warfare, and the number one response: government corruption not much of a surprise.

Sure enough many of these 17 year-olds wrote down things like death of a loved one, speaking before a crowd, even spiders yeah, they're not quite adults yet.

This young lady put down "the KKK, because it's still around." I thought, wow, this gal does feel that someday someway a Klansman is going to harm her. I genuinely wondered, how many blacks feel as she does? (From the zealous World inhabitant peanut gallery: "NOW you're getting it you finally woke now formerly racist ignoramus!")

Still the question: Where did she (and many other blacks and racialists) get this idea? Was it really from legions of racist white males incessantly assaulting thousands of black individuals across the country forcing them to hole up in their basements? I'll certainly be tarred "naïve" at this point from erudite racialists who will spout about any number of systemically exploitive items, I got that. Still, the question, from where do these considerations originate?

This student continued by regaling us with this story. When she attended a private Catholic school, she was microaggressed constantly you know, "So do your kind of people really like fried chicken and watermelon?" that kind of thing. She complained to an administrator, who responded with dismissive excuses. She told this story because of the abject disappointment she felt, intimating that this confirmed to her that everyone was in on it.

Very much like the whole tenor of Get Out.

This was an anecdotal story, yes. But is it not symptomatic of the vibrant ecclesiastical contribution to spreading the World's propaganda?

A colleague the other day handed me a copy of Foreign Affairs, the main publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that not a few believe is one of those they're-really-evil-and-really-run-things-in-the-world entities. This was just a friendly gesture, my friend has no axe to grind, he's actually a retired civics teacher and the nicest guy on the planet. It happened to be the most recent issue in fact, January/February 2018. I'd never read their material before, and I thought, hmm, let's see what they have to say...

Sure enough the very first article was "America's Original Sin" all about how the legacy of slavery still haunts us now. Ahh, I see. Makes sense if the CFR is indeed as influential as they say it is. More indoctrination about how racist we are, and wait...

What's this. Three pages in, a full page ad for the Walsh School of Foreign Service, at Georgetown University. A little before halfway through the magazine is yet another ad for Georgetown, this one for the "World's Leading MA Program in Security Studies."

Let us be your security.

This is precisely what Cain says to the faithful.

We are your security we are all there is.

None of this isn't within the purview of God's economy. Please don't think me presumptuous, I'm just sharing what I read in His word. One of the reasons all the racialism is so noteworthy is because it is designed to get people to engage in rebellion against the ordained governing authorities namely those very agents operating under Cain's legacy.


You hear it all the time. I'd say, however, that most who holler and rage against the potentates if it's Donald Trump how much more justified dammit! have little comprehension of Scripture and the scantest insight into what's really happening in the larger scheme of things.

Look at bitcoin, the rage among alternative virtual currencies, right now on the wildest roller coaster of value fluctuations. It's been on a ride for some years now, and recently it has been in a frenzy because while a lot of people veritably know that you simply can't use math to keep a value assignment stable, thousands of powerful financiers are pushing back with an impassioned desire to resist the machinations that presently govern the dollar, so much so that they desperately want cryptocurrencies to work.

We'll show you, you malevolent Federal Reserve!

It's the exact same obsessive sentiment as

We'll show you we can really be not a racist!

The best part is you can have James Martin readily channel the deep politics mandarins to vigorously lead your crusading. Whichever, works either way for the Church Militant, they're good, you're putty in their hands. That's the way it is supposed to be, it is completely legitmate the deception, the disinformation, the institutionalized hypnotic seduction is all standard, all authoritative. Cain is just doing his job.

And he does it well because it is true we are all indeed racists.

Wait a minute! That's exactly the point! "Systemic racism through and through"! Get it?

No, the gross misconception is this: I'm not a racist because I'm white, I'm a racist because I'm a sinner. And I'm not a sinner because of Adam, I'm a sinner because of me.*

I'm a murderer, a liar, a thief, a lecher, and a fool. I'm not being glib at all, it's just reality. Until I recognized that reality I could never come to repentance, and then to my Savior.

The next step is to, yeah, quite ironically get out. Get out from under the clutches of the System and go dwell joyfully and richly in the Kingdom where there is forgiveness, mercy, salvation, life authentic community. In a very real sense I do understand the girl's fears about everyone being in on it. Look at how many of them clutch their civic voting privileges, their employee tax classifications, their non-profit pressure group ingratiations, their God club memberships Caesar don't hurt me can't you see I'm on the rolls look can't you see don't hurt me.

Secure in the embrace of Jesus who set all this in motion for a reason, who even told me I'd face everyone being against me, sometimes in the most lethal ways I don't fear them. Abiding in Christ is extraordinarily dangerous, but it is so very good.

Many like the System's lords better. That's fine. God allows them to.

But as long as you do, you'll be subject to Caesar's work to ruthlessly mitigate and summarily prosecute at will. With advances in technology it is getting to me much more effective, what with dozens of "smart" city gadgetries being implemented. Weaponized drone deployment is nearly commonplace. All of this is just short of the imminent transhuman innovations so the governance is implanted right there in our brains.

To make it all meaningful disruptions and disturbances of all sorts must be diffused and distended, and showcasing the bogeymen of systemic racists and wealthy kleptomaniacs is an important component of that. Even so, much of these are merely wholesale distractions from the major destabilizations out there some certainly involving real genocidal programs in several countries deliberately arranged to either destroy you or embolden Caesar to keep your eyes off of Christ and His words.

It all works perfectly well for the Society's aims. They are so insidiously proficient that I'm not even sure they need all this. Seems like they've pretty much captured the hearts and souls of the next generation just on the strength of Hollywood and social media platforms. So many young people parroting the party line they're already catatonic Stepford people.


Funny, in my devotional time I happened to be reading from Matthew, chapter 13 to be exact. The Parable of the Sower is there, the one about the seed the very word of God. Some won't hear because they allow World Ops to snatch it away. Some hear with joy but are consumed by the riches or worries of the World they inhabit. The key is that in each of these circumstances

They had the word right there the whole time.

There is no excuse.

Why didn't they pay attention? Why didn't they understand what's really going on? Why didn't they give it up and let God do His bountiful work their lives to produce a crop a hundred times as great?

Jesus told us God gave Isaiah the answer 700 years before. Right smack in between the parable and the explanation.

"You look but don't see. You hear but don't listen. If you did you'd be okay. Instead you're toast."

Yeah I know that's a rough translation. But that's pretty much it.

There was an interesting verse there in that chapter that I hadn't gathered before. I'd read Matthew a dozen times, but just didn't hold on to this one part. Shame on me.

It is the one about the scribe. Some versions have it "teacher of the law," but in many cases establishing the law required writing it down. It caught my eye this time because I work at being a good scribe. This web effort, my blogging, my teaching I do a lot of scribing. But here is Jesus saying something that I can now put in my heart as a fine treasure.

"Every scribe who has become a disciple of the Kingdom is like the homeowner who brings out of his storeroom new things as well as old."

I do my best here, trying to elucidate the distinction between the World and the Kingdom, maybe get a few readers to consider Christ.

What an encouragement from my Lord.

There are some who understand, and know Him.

Old things are good new things are good too.

I can only humbly pray that after reading these words here there'd be a few more with whom I may worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.



"'These people honor me with their lips

but their hearts are far from me.

They worship me in vain

their teachings are merely rules taught by men.'"

Jesus called the crowd to Him and said, "Listen and understand. What goes into a person's mouth does not defile him, but what comes out of their mouth, that's what defiles them."

Then the disciples came to Him and asked, "Do you know the Pharisees were offended when they heard this?"

He replied, "Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. Leave them, they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit."

- Matthew, 15th chapter, 8th to 13th verses

Jesus is referring to a passage from the 29th chapter of Isaiah




  • *Special note about the substance of this brief paragraph. The seasoned postmodern racialist will claim, "You may indeed not be a racist yourself - you may be a good person otherwise. You're a racist because of your tribe, your white privileged narrative community, and we're simply demanding a reckoning." The incoherency of postmodernism may certainly be addressed and has in this webzine effort. Nonetheless the Society is presently quite relentless in hammering this mindset into the psyches of racialists. And while there is genuine theological veracity to the concept of original sin. unless I acknowledge my own personal responsibility in destroying my life and the lives of those around me by my sinfulness, I can never know Christ, the Kingdom, and the freedom therein.

  • The gentleman on the left with James Martin in the photograph that leads this piece is Stephen Colbert, today one of the preeminent mind and heart shapers - particularly of millennials.

  • Here is the text of Martin's piece in the Los Angeles Times.

  • My previous home page piece got a bit into how the Society employs the media to make the world more racialist. Again: Racialism: insistence on every negative thing in life being about racism, mostly accompanied by the incessant browbeating of whites as guilty of "systemic racism."

  • Here is a page with a bit more on the totality of all the racialist propaganda that is so destructive, along with the reasons postmodernism is a bankrupt philosophy even though the entire institutionalized racialist movement is founded on it. Some thoughts about the authoritative disinformation program are here.

  • Here is a home page piece in which I touched a bit on the bitcoin phenomena. Here's one about the god The Algorithm.

  • Here is a brief regarding of how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the World System. What is this with "Cain"? "Caesar"? Here are some definitions. Go to this page for more on Cain's vast prosecution network - click "World Operative Development" for more on "The Great 28", and click "The Policy Arm" for Georgetown's website.

  • A detailed rationale for "getting out" is here. What that worship community would look like is here, with further practical steps to become untethered to the System here.

  • Some thoughts about Jesus Christ are here.


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