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May-June 2018

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The video I'd started ten years ago is finally uploaded!
It is here! "The Kingdom and the World"


"...There are some who are ignorant of God - I say this to your shame."

- 34th verse, 15th chapter of the First Letter to the Corinthians

"He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures."

- 45th verse, 24th chapter of Luke


"Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad."

-Sophocles, 441 B.C, then Longfellow in 1875, then anyone presently given to insightful understanding

Recently Gentleman's Quarterly magazine put out its list of most overrated books, and sure enough the Bible was on it. "Repetitive, self-contradictory, sententious, foolish, and even at times ill-intentioned," they wrote. Among the better books were Olivia: a Novel, the story of a teenage girl who falls for her female instructor.

Such is today's paid and sworn System megaphone-holding cultural apparatchik.

Among the thousands of hit-piece spectacles recently was one on CBS' 60 Minutes, one I happened to catch but simply had to turn off about halfway through because it became so pukifying. It was another sexualist blab by the CBS News crew featuring correspondent Lesley Stahl. Not going to go into the substance, but I will define this idea of sexualism, if you'll allow me. I think another term would be better but I have yet to see it.

Sexualism: the idea some bad thing is happening because men hate women in some entrenched, systemic sense, so the most interminably strident censure of men is in order. It is sort of a push-back against a perceived chauvinistic misogyny and involves the most nauseating institutionalized virtue signaling: all of us righteous journalist artistes vigorously compelling the deepest veneration of Caesar valiantly defending the ___ [fill in the blank with any of an even modestly considered victimized class]. (And don't even try if you are a card-carrying member of the rigidly unwoke white heteropatriarchy.) (Even though those GQ guys are still very fashionable, I have to admit...)

It is among the most wretched disinformation practices to scatter this kind of language throughout the most prominent journalistic enterprises. It is as simple as what appeared in an item about a woman who ran her car off a cliff along the Pacific Coast Highway in northern California killing her adopted children. The story mentioned that dying with them in the vehicle was "her wife."

This is exactly the same as calling the adult woman there with her "her raccoon" or "her bowl of pistachio ice cream." A woman cannot have a wife. Sure a lot of intelligent but extraordinarily misled people can think and feel and say that two men may marry or two women may marry, but it doesn't make it so. I may say I'm the Eiffel Tower and I'd likely be recommended for an extensive psychological examination.

Whenever I see or hear things like this I always wonder, where did this individual get this idea? It did come from somewhere. Someone somewhere is saying things loudly and widely and brazenly that sound really good but are truly very foolish. It is done to destabilize society, yet while unequivocally evil, the sublime truth is that God does allow it to engender greater allegiance to Caesar for the purpose of driving people to the law and the sobering realization that it can only bring the most harrowing condemnation.


Enter Christ.

It is only from Him, by Him, through Him may you have truth, mercy, righteousness, grace, authenticity, integrity, fidelity, and insightful understanding of actual real justice. In the gargantuan social justice warrior milieu through which we all slog you get a counterfeit of all that raking with fear.

It is a real-life A Quiet Place, a current major motion picture release about monsters who attack people if they make a noise. Make a noise the SJW mandarins are authorized to prosecute? Look out.

There is a very pronounced assumption that there is really no large cohort there vibrantly assessing and proclaiming the exceedingly uncouth proclivities of yours while you are required to be always present and browbeat with them. No, make no mistake, it is there that's the actual real "quiet place." It is the living room where CBS News pieces are bilged through the TV set, it is the historically prestigious college lecture hall, it is now smothered all over social media.

In fact one reason SJWs are so vehement in their task is they've felt victimized by this very thing! How calcified now is the idea that if you're a person of color or female or LGBTQ or Muslim then by authorized classification you are due some kind of generous reparations. There's even this thing intersectionality that is the rage among the most splendid of hifalutin scholars, in which having more than one of those characteristics means you're entitled to even more favor requiring confiscation of another's wealth or emotional propriety.

Is something a hate speech crime or isn't it? If it is it does indeed merit the most justifiably vigorous prosecution let's not pussyfoot around with the notion that saying something doesn't mean anything. Words do murder. The real question is if the charges are true, then shouldn't a just action against the subject be proper and accepted? We expend so much energy wrestling with which words are the ones that kill. Some do, indeed, but many don't. Some do in one sense but really don't in another.

"We must make more diversity." That's one of the most lethal memes. While an open society is very good, how much onerous enforcement must be ruthlessly dispensed to get the kind of diversity the ordained SJWs demand? There will always be some categorizations of individuals to be excoriated, marginalized, or demonized when working valiantly to keep that from happening! It is murderous absurdity!

The trick is this bewildering uncertainty allows the highest ranking System marketing officers to put the brightest spotlight on these insane circumstances as if it were a prime time game show to exploitively promote such an environment. It has gotten to the point where Hollywood doesn't even care if it's true or not, just that it gets good ratings or sells your particular information dissemination brand.

(Of course all the fomented social chaos makes it clear that to bring the tribal factions back together again yet another deep politics-arranged major disruption event is on the horizon, but that's for another home page piece...)


We can therefore revile Lesley Stahl and her spot producer all we want, but she's just an articulately shrill paycheck collector. How about CBS News President David Rhodes? He's telling Stahl et al what to do to further the crusade, but his strings are yanked all over the place too.

By Les Moonves, head of all of CBS? Yeah, but enough Americanists schlurp it all up to make it profitable, so no big deal, he's doing his job. Besides, every System news organization is just a subdivision of the New York Times.

Dean Baquet, then, executive editor of the Times? Nah. While a fiercely loyal System blowhole, every Times editor is cut from the same cloth. I just read the one preceding Baquet, Jill Abramson, recently copped to keeping a little plastic Barack Obama doll in her purse, little security token there, you know, the eeevil Donald Trump being around and all.

Ahh, let's get right to the board of the Times, there ya go. Certainly the Sulzbergers have had an iron grip on the old gray lady for eons, but they've gone to the greatest lengths ensuring the latest racialist, sodomist, and socialist trends are richly infused into the American psyche. The president and CEO of the New York Times Company is one Mark Thompson, a Roman Catholic Brit educated at Stonyhurst, a school proudly adhering to Jesuit principles.

So then you've got the Society. They're the purveyors of the World dogma. Well, yes, in a way we could certainly indict James Martin, editor-at-large of the very hip America magazine; John DeGioia, president of Georgetown University, only the main propellant for U.S. public policy decisions; any number of rather influential Roman Catholic operatives both overt and covert. There is always Pope Francis, and even the one at the very top, the general, Arturo Sosa. Whuutt? Francis isn't the top guy? If Francis is a faithful Jesuit, an office about which he attached a lifetime oath, his own allegiance is to Sosa, his sworn superior by virtue of the laws and bylaws of the order.

No, they all do their work and do it well. It is indeed fully within God's economy. They've firmly avowed themselves, all of them, to the powers and principalities they are not God's but spiritual entities God allows to govern the World through these individuals. "Our battle isn't with flesh and blood," our task is to forgive "for they know not what they do" as Cain's legacy out of God's presence and always pray for them, that they do their job well and out of that perhaps the scales will be dropped from their eyes and they too would abjure the realm and ask Christ to be their Lord.


Recently I attended a lecture given by New York University professor Jonathan Haidt (about whom I made some notes on this page) titled "The Rise and Fall of a Tribal Species: Why America and Its Universities are Malfunctioning." It was a very disjointed presentation, but he'd been rolling along with the standard progressive analysis of the ideological thread woven through most college instruction these days, and about halfway through he shared with us a somewhat startling truth.


On the screen he showed this image and headline, and it took me aback. Huh! College professors are scared to death of their students!

Later I found that piece and sure enough it is all about how professors know their students may report them in some way for not being as politically correct as they expect them to be. There it is in living color: even the most liberal classroom is the most hazardous place in the country now. (The author's name is even a pseudonym.)

Haidt then did something quite striking. He asked the audience of about a hundred, most of them students, if they considered their own professors palpably fearful of not being woke enough.

Almost every hand went up.

Wow. You are kidding me.

Thing is the students have to be extremely fearful also. They too are right smack in the middle of the woke culture, with the most turgid expectations that you behave. Not a thought, not a feeling, not the slightest utterance may be spittled that even remotely offends any other individual.

The System operatives have done their master's work very well I'd say.

Look around you. People are desperate to be seen as tolerant, but the most wholesomely tolerant must be rabidly intolerant of at least one thing: intolerance. The most profound truth is that each of us is zealously intolerant of things. What things must we be correctly intolerant of? The politely intolerant woke culture warriors especially at the institutional level are some of the most ferociously tyrannical people on the planet.


As much as the life blood of the Americanist institutional operative's work is fear, Jesus told us to resist the devil by not fearing his work through them. We are to fear only One, He said, the One who has the power to dismiss you from His presence. These people are in the devil's clutches, no doubt, but what of it? Will you join them?

Back to what GQ said about Scripture yeah, maybe we should commend this thing, really! The Bible does talk about those things, it does!

"Repetitive": We're such buttheads we often need the things God's telling us repeated. Thankfully He is so persistent, so patient!

"Self-contradictory": Many things seem this way, but it doesn't mean the truthful aspects of seemingly disparate statements are invalid it just means we must look deeper at what things really are, and see that a truthful thing may be multi-faceted. Paradoxes may be resolved if genuine inquiry is pursued.

"Sententious": Hmm, isn't writer of the GQ piece dutifully carrying on his share of affectatious moralizing, telling us what books are the best to read? Maybe what you call a "screed" or a "rant" is merely something you don't understand. A given spoken word might be worthless! I got that. But is there a salient point you're missing?

"Foolish": Yep, that's me all right, I'm the worst idiot on the planet but I really don't want to be and the only way I can't is by the power of Christ, period good thing there is a book to tell me that or I am toast.

"Even at times ill-intentioned": Whupp, yeah, God does plow His way into our affairs a bit too inappropriately yeah, all the time! how rude.


These are all about truths how ironic, GQ is elucidating core Scriptural truths ...because the wickedness of man should be exposed so he may repent that's what Jesus said about Scripture that he wanted them to understand, there in the 24th chapter of Luke. He came as God to give His life for us otherwise jerks, now it is up to you to see that, repent, and start living the way you were made to live.

Jesus opens minds then asks us to close them on truth and have firm confidence you are secure in His embrace. The New York Times power brokers open minds and insist you keep them wiiiide open always and fear like crazy, always. They'll claim they're the most open-minded but demand obsequiously unbending adoption of their benighted interpretation of things.

Jesus should make the World devotee afraid because He is Reality perhaps he/she may behold his/her harrowing condition and appreciate Hell as a very real destiny. Those at the Times make people cushy and comfortable by showcasing themselves as their savior. They don't give the tiniest piddle about their readers, they just want the cred and the perks that come with putting millions of their vassals on the altar. They're just doing what their father wants them to do: lie really really well.

Jesus loves because He gave Himself for you.

That's the proof.

Take a careful look at these people beyond their smiles and sunny appearances at fancy C-SPAN televised events. They may be laboriously sacrificing themselves for the humanist agenda of Cain's legacy, but they're just hypnotically entranced to take care of business.

Jesus actually bought your soul with His life. He is the Living Word no longer a single worry about which words are the right ones.

He is The One.




  • A previous home page piece in which I try to articulate the truth that words murder is here. A page about human sacrifice as something much more than some shocking immediate death at the hands of an ancient creepy cultic priest is here.

  • Here's a terrific piece from The Federalist about the rank abuse of words and their meanings. When The New York Times is referenced above, that encompasses all the sycophant subdivisions (Washington Post, CNN, NBC, NPR, GQ, etc) doing their work originating with Rome - and beyond. Here's a home page piece that gets into that.

  • (May 4) Here's another terrific piece I just saw at The Federalist on the rancid fear emanating from political tribalism. Very sad though yet again: the author closes with the typical lament from someone oblivious to the Real Answer. Go further to That Answer, look at Scripture to discover what Jesus said about the people who do this - "stumbling blocks" He called them. Check it out right there in the middle of the 13th chapter of Matthew.

  • Here's a brief on the most powerful individual on the planet. For more from the author of that piece visit this page. A home page piece on how the Society's spewings find their way through academia and media, that's here.

  • A perceptive theologian may say it is incorrect to say demons are not God's since He created them and He still constrains their actions. True, but the point with the above piece is that at the dawn of creation these forces rebelled against God and presently are active in the spiritual realm to propel the mainline media to persuade World devotees to be in a constant state of rebellion themselves.

  • A perceptive journalism watcher may claim that print media is on its death throes, and while that is true enough the System narrative is so critical that soon journalism will be merely a public service funded by wealthy patrons, and it will do just fine - it is already becoming such with people like Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet now worth $100 billion, owning the Washington Post.

  • The original superintendent of the city is identified and his authorized duties are described here. There you will get a firm grasp of why the System Ops both hidden and bountifully celebrated do what they do.

  • Here is a brief FAQ response related to how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the System determining what kind of words we're supposed to believe are the disfavored ones, at least for those who refuse to live out the ones from Scripture. Here is how most every church in the country is part of Rome anyway.

  • Some thoughts about The One Who Does Love You are here.


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