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March-April 2018

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The carnivorous idol of "religious liberty" is now so illustrious that a group of Satanists have sued Missouri to keep the state from telling them that abortionists murder children, on the grounds that because of their religious beliefs they should be shielded from the offense of such information.

Makes sense. Foolish Christian-minded people make the very same appeal to Caesar whenever they feel forced to do something objectionable what's the difference?

What makes this incident more telling is that the Satanists admit they don't even worship Satan. They merely like the Satanic idea that you should be able to do whatever you want to do, and in the case of the abortion, that you should be able to control your own body.

A pro-lifer would correctly point out that the baby has his/her own body as well, and he/she should be allowed to fully exercise his/her right to live. The Satanist replies that the claim "The unborn is a human life" is a religious one, and that he/she should not be subjected to a dictate derived from a religious belief.

The problem is the statement "I should not be forced to do a given thing" is also a religious claim the Satanist tries to clarify this by boasting they follow science but that they do so as best as they understand it, I imagine to wiggle out of their logical recklessness.

I'd love to go on with this, slavering at dissecting it all and elucidating the robust truths, demonstrating conclusively that the zygote/embryo/fetus is scientifically a human being by every widely accepted standard of scientific methodology... but one more thing about this caught my eye.

It was an added claim about the steady devotion of the non-Satan-worshipping Satanist, quoted verbatim from the news story US News and World Report, January 28 2018:

"Though the organization is described as dedicated to Satanic practice and promotion of Satanic rights, it's actually a progressive political organization that sees the biblical Satan as a metaphor, and their mission as rebellion against tyranny."

I urge you to read F. Tupper Saussy's book Rulers of Evil, 20th chapter pages 203 to 224. There you will discover that the entrancing notion of "rebellion against tyranny" is indeed a thoroughly Satanic idea, one which has been widely promulgated for millennia and which millions of well-meaning Christians also zealously endorse.

I am fascinated by how Rome generates these circumstances. How does it so proficiently captivate the minds and hearts of so many millions of people, those whom I tend to identify as Catholicists? A "catholicist" may be the most rabidly atheist secularist, the most rigidly religious Protestant, or even the most clueless about anything Roman Catholic at all, yet still they all fervently do the bidding of those extraordinarily gracious and eloquent professors in the black robes.

This webzine has spent years detailing much of how it all happens, I invite you to take a peek around if this is your first time visiting.


Recently though I'd heard about a nifty new work from the very intelligent Niall Ferguson. I frequently peek at his stuff, The Ascent of Money was an excellent treatise on the history of economics. His latest is The Square and the Tower, and I just had to snatch it up. After all it is all about networks.


That's it right there, man. Ferguson is a top-notch historian, prolific writer, Harvard professor and everything. Of course straight-away I eagerly scanned the index to find the hundreds of references to Rome and the Jesuits and found piddle. There do happen to be a few references to the Catholic Church and to the Jesuits, but they are all incidental.

The most important network for prosecuting System activity is nonexistent in the most detailed exposition on networks yet.

Not surprised though. For while Ferguson is really smart, he has little spiritual insight. Please don't get me wrong, he may be a quite virtuous individual, but being a pretty devout Catholicist himself, he can't see the core reasons why the networks operate as they do. 99% of the book is a disjointed catalog of quasi-formidable networks through history pleasantly instructive, but a yawner.

There was really no meaning tying it all together.

For instance take a look at, coincidentally, his 20th chapter, where Ferguson examines the budding but quite ominous Masonic network involved in propelling the American Revolution, spotlighting the formal social connections people like Paul Revere had with others who fomented it. Interesting yes, but not meaningful.

There is meaning, however. There is a reason the American Revolution progressed as it did, and why Rome continues to industriously provoke people to rebellion. For that you must look in another Book.

Really. I'll even tell you about some places to look. Try out the fourth chapter of Genesis. There you'll see the establishment of The Network first called a city, managed by The Builder the first human sacrificer its superintendent, its current manifestation the present legion of powerful individuals girding it through whatever network Rome subsidizes as Ferguson exhaustively documents there are thousands of them.

To Ferguson's credit, he does say some phenomenal things at the very end when he gets around to flatly telling the reader what the square and the tower mean. It's pretty much what you'd think it is the metaphor comes from the renowned Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy. You've got this spacious plaza next to an imposing tower, the square where enterprising people may discursively connect, the tower where ordained potentates can authoritatively administer.

What he says on pages 422 and 423 is indeed edifying perhaps quite unwittingly the seasoned secular scientistically-minded historian cites items regarding what will happen as already brilliantly explicated two millennia ago in Revelation.


It is no longer a mere possibility that this [information technology augmented] network can be instrumentalized by corrupt oligarchs or religious fanatics to wage a new and unpredictable kind of war in cyberspace. That war has commenced. Indices of geopolitical risk suggest that conventional and even nuclear war may not be far behind. Nor can it be ruled out that a 'planetary superorganism' created by the Dr Strangeloves of artificial intelligence may one day run amok, calculating - not incorrectly - that the human race is by far the biggest threat to the long-run survival of the planet itself and exterminating the lot of us.  


While he is too quick to pin the apocalypse on renegade A.I. (part of the system he gives the epithet "cognisphere" I love it!) there is no question Ferguson wants us to grasp the truth of the immense temporal power people in networks gain, especially when controlled by Rome even when a given network so ravenously opposes it. Ferguson confesses himself, "Revolutions are networked phenomena." Sure, but do you know what is actually going on in the networks and who's really yanking the members' cords?

What? Are you reminding me that I've considered Ferguson oblivious to Rome's true devices?

Ahh, make sure you take note of this nifty part right there at the very end of the main substance of his work.


Six centuries ago the Torre del Mangia cast a long shadow over the Piazza del Campo... The tower's height was to make a point: it reached exactly the same elevation as the city's cathedral, which stood on Siena's highest hill, symbolizing the parity of temporal and spiritual hierarchies.


The cathedral is Rome.

As much as Ferguson extols the virtues of the vast new I.T. rejection of the "vertical," at its most fundamental level it is an energetically necessary part of it. The extent to which the I.T. mandarins work seamlessly with the System Operatives they'll get even the most erudite observers to be convinced the "horizontal" will save them.


As World War II ended and the hue and cry rang out (yet again) for a kinder and gentler planet, the International Monetary Fund was formed as the economic equivalent to the United Nations. While the World Bank is suited for development, the IMF was established as a crisis mediator moving in whenever a wayward nation needed some shoring up.

What IMF officials discovered in the initial inaugurations was that many nations expressed a desire to "pool their sovereignty" uh-huh, become more horizontal. This meant yielding to programs that reduced the oppressively debilitating corruption and increased the amount of delightfully good things a bit more transparency, a bit more accountability, a bit more rigor in nourishing a civil society.

This meant a greater desire to adhere to the principles of international law.

Whenever you see anything related to international law So wholesome! So robust! So splendid! make sure you emit some measure of appreciation to the one who invented it, none other than Francisco Suarez, preeminent Jesuit who scholastically lived out the true meaning of the term catholic, or "universal" I imagine today "global" is a decent synonym.

It is fascinating that half the U.S. is so vigorously rejecting globalization, what with their ardent confidence in Donald Trump to valiantly fend it off. The nouveau nationalism is in a real sense the protracted rebellion against the international order and all it advocates. The Jesuit Order is the System's network, and violently pushing against it is precisely what they want. Really, think about it, it is the most massive global revolution against the global! Damn these guys are good.

All the upright institutions of the System Network may claim to toil industriously to end the baaad things among institutional power brokers the world 'round, but they don't. They incite it so millions of technocrats can have jobs, mostly to ensure "pooling the sovereignty" means other countries are saddled with complicity in their corruption. Right now the battling networks are streamlining, coalescing, and building entrenchments (huzzah Francisco Suarez!) until the final ministry has its fulfillment.

That ministry? What's that? Stay tuned...

I actually did enjoy some parts of Ferguson's book. There were wonderful descriptions of the networks with which we're most familiar, from the more conventionally evil ones of Stalin and Hitler to the rousingly dynamic ones of Facebook and Twitter.

But again, he's got little there about the deep System and nothing on the Kingdom.

The Kingdom? What does that network look like?


I happened to come across an interesting piece about the tremendous deficiencies of social media. It was called "Can Facebook Erase the Threat of 'Truth Decay'?" by Stephen Scott it wasn't even in any listed publication, merely appearing in a web aggregator I frequent, Real Clear Markets.

Scott speaks about the feeble attempts by Facebook (along with Google, Twitter, and all the others for that matter) to weed out the lies. Really, in essence, Facebook itself wants to be your friend, it longs to intrepidly protect you from baaad things you shouldn't be seeing. It is a foolishly hopeless endeavor, much of that because the journalistic efforts that go into it read: New York Times are themselves so benighted that the "social media network" is dying a slow torturous death.

He then introduces a very profound concept, and one that is quite simple actually. It is the maintenance of a "personal trust network," that group of people you know and understand and love and who themselves know you and understand you and love you. This network simply cannot be sustained in cyberspace there must be genuine physical proximity among the members.

I might add that for a personal trust network to have any significance at all to begin with, Someone must be unconditionally invited, the only Source of love there is: Jesus Christ. The key is that the only way you may know truth is to know Him. It is a rapturous thing to thrive in a Kingdom network by fellowshipping with others who enthusiastically consider worship of Him paramount.

An important reminder Tupper Saussy provides in ROE is the existence of three ministries a ministry simply a formal activity in which some people meet the needs of other people in some way. It is Scripture's way of speaking about networks.

The first is the ministry of sin. Not much exposition required here, except that there are many institutions that augment people's evildoing and get paid well to do so. Much networking is involved to keep this humming, and The Square and the Tower is all over that.

The second is the ministry of condemnation. Every agency, church, bank, commercial enterprise, service organization in the employ of Caesar through his rent-distribution network are vibrant parts of this. A difficult truth is that this ministry is fully established by God shouting about how free you are or should be doesn't relax the force of its grip. These two ministries wrestle viciously with each other and that interminable engagement is the life blood of the System.

The third is the ministry of reconciliation. This is the work of Jesus Christ, and true authentic forgiveness, mercy, grace, joy, peace, brotherhood, and life come through Him. The Kingdom is His followers self-sacrificially exhibiting His love by sharing Him with others. The System has its counterfeits, thousands of them, but only in the Kingdom network can one find healing, salvation, and deep abiding relationship.

I'd like to present two more ministries that are just as important, supported biblically just as the previous three are. They are not explicitly cited in Scripture, but their veracity is quite clear. We don't think much about them because right now followers of Christ are doing things related to both only in the context of their reconciliation tasks: one because of our continuing ministry to the Jewish people, the other because of our anticipation of the return of Christ.

The fourth ministry is the ministry of preparation. This was and is no more, manifest in the nation of Israel setting up the conditions for Jesus to complete His reconciliatory work. The establishment of the law was an indispensable part of this ministry, just as the enforcement of the law is a critical component of the ministry of condemnation today.

The fifth ministry is the ministry of consummation. This is still to come, when the things we see happening right now leading to the last days find their culmination in the eschatological truths transpiring when Jesus returns. Yes, the horrors described in Revelation and briefly addressed in The Square and the Tower will come to be, but Jesus holds His own as a Shepherd does his flock.

Please, I'm not a dispensationalist, I'm far from being that sophisticated.

But these are the networks, the most important ones.

Networks are very important ministries are very important.

The question above all questions is...

Which one are you in?




  • It is true that the thing "scientific methodology" is itself based on religious foundations and nothing really scientific per se, but then I am not against the religious and moral bases of scientific enterprise - it is the atheist who is against it. Here is a page with some thoughts about this thing science.

  • This thing religious liberty can easily be an idol when someone appeals to it instead of to the truth. Starting any statement with "It's just that I believe..." concedes the issue to the relativist/postmodernist. Here is a page with a bit more on religious liberty, and here is one with some on postmodernism.

  • A fine website with the scientific facts of a pre-born baby's humanity - again by all standard biological measures of that which fully constitutes a human life - is here. Statements from textbooks using clear, definitive scientific evidences are here.

  • The quote "Revolutions are a networked phenomena" is on page 308 in Ferguson's book. For a fine description of the features of Caesar's overbearing bureaucratic operation, check out pages 348-349. I'd share more such highlights but again, it all really doesn't amount to much more than eloquent whining about bad governance things of the kind that's been bilged for millennia. Nothing really new here.

  • The material on the IMF was gleaned from a recent talk by Sean Hagan, the Director of the Legal Department at the IMF.

  • The ultrapowerful tech companies futilely trying to weed out the lies is actually an affront to those in the occupation specifically working regularly to do just that: teachers. That education is so readily dismissed here demonstrates that schools have been so co-opted by the System that they are considered impotent and of no matter.

  • For more on Tupper Saussy's work, check out this page.

  • Here is the sitemap for the webzine to further travel through the striking contrast between the System and Kingdom networks.

  • A list of the many counterfeit Jesuses is here. The ways churches act as agencies of Cain's work is here. A bit of exposition about this Catholicist nation is here.

  • At the cost of tremendous brevity, here is a succinct explanation of how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the World System that so controls the thinking of so many.

  • For a truly sobering description of the end of man that isn't Revelation, and isn't even in the New Testament, read this from the prophet Zephaniah.

  • Some thoughts about Grace And Truth are here.



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