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"Now I have seen the warnings, screaming from all sides

It's easy to ignore them, God knows I've tried

All this temptation, you know it turned my faith to lies

Until I couldn't see the danger or hear the rising tide."

- Verse in "Take It Back" by Pink Floyd


"He who does not know God knows nothing else as it truly is."

- Jonathan Edwards

Did you know that the government has a gargantuan program called "Among the Wonders" designed to brilliantly spotlight really bad shit everywhere so you will finally know what you should finally be doing to be finally good and wholesome and righteous dammit?

Hollywood is specifically charged with showcasing the evils of society so you'll learn already here's what's bad, don't do that. How's it doing? After thrashing about in the evils for so long it appears to be eating itself alive with the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal, opening the flood gates of accusations by powerful media victims against powerful media personnel.

The New York Times-powered newspaper industry, now that comprises champions of integrity and character! But they have been extraordinarily tepid reporting about certain individuals with whom they've been really chummy, refusing to comprehensively cover the treasonous activity of powerful people who get a pass because they screech the loudest about advancing the things the Times think everyone in society should be doing.

The U.S. Congress can valiantly represent our interests from across the nation! Except that it has been exposed as one large racketeering operation, not only looking the other way when obvious criminal acts are committed at the highest levels of politics, but actually being complicit in the shakedown of taxpayers. The big news recently is several establishment Republicans are stepping down because they seeing the writing on the wall.

Wall Street seems to be swimming in popularity now, but nothing has changed from the delightfully wonderful time we were having before September of 2008, or October of 1929 for that matter. The exceptionally impotent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is like that fake wrestling referee who watches every insane move and always blurts "Annnd that's okay!"

The commercial interests? You'd think businesses would be on the front lines of goodness and wholesomeness and righteousness. Not. Even the most sincere Mom and Pop venture is already going crazy trying to be politically correct and have just the right kind of racialist or sodomist or even, yes, socialist perspective in order to survive.

How about academia, that stalwart of intelligence and erudition and smartness (and gratuitous redundancy...)? College costs for a fine intrepid young person are stratospheric, not only because powerful educrats of every stripe are finding ways to line their pockets but because it is mindnumbingly expensive to spread the humanist dogma against what so many know is Truth, Grace, and Common Sense.

Here's the thing.

These brief explanations are only what is on the surface. It may seem this is all at the core of what's happening, but it isn't, by far. I'd venture most who are paying attention are disgusted with all of what they do see here, and they may even think the whole thing should collapse very soon. It won't the Among the Wonders program is humming along quite nicely, for a very good reason.

What's actually happening then in the deep politics of each?


Hollywood. The Weinstein-et-al extravaganza only serves for more opportunities to be the greatest virtue signaling campaign ever. Anyone in this realm who isn't one of the targeted abusers will either spout about how victimized they are never mind that many of them profited handsomely from their part in whatever complicity there was or boast about how much they're above any of that behavior.

It is "I'm shocked, shocked to see gambling going on here" on steroids. Everyone is in on it. Why in the world will Hollywood come through this unscathed? It is because the people who pay and watch and enjoy their product are essentially in on it themselves and that's us. In fact the latest revolutions in computer-generated imagery and virtual reality contraptions, even stuff that goes beyond that bordering on transhumanism, makes this prospect extraordinarily frightening. We may say we're appalled, but we don't care, we keep patronized their business, and we don't understand the breadth of it ourselves because we're doing the very same things.

It is no different than what has been happening with the Roman Catholic Church. People like their priest as much as they like Ben Affleck, they like being excused because the System protects the best rent-spewers, and even if you aren't one you can at least look like one. Which means, the real question is...

How has this whole enabling environment been established to begin with?


New York Times. Closely tied to Hollywood is journalism, and please note that every prominent journalistic effort today is governed by what the Times says and does. Newspapers are dying a painful death, however, and to avert that they are becoming more and more opinionated about things many are being openly honest that they are. The problem is they'll still zealously prattle about how objective and unbiased they are.

The underlying truth is they do unabashedly propagate that humanist, atheist, and yes overwhelmingly racialist, sodomist, and socialist dogma because it is all they know. They rail against any reasonable challenges to it, mostly with sophisticated namecalling. And yes, as much as they smile and say "I respect all religions as pretty much the same" in whatever form they do, they are demonstrating their fully committed atheism because they truly believe anyone who has an authentic belief in some deity is a superstitious fool to be humored.

All of this is further injected into the mainstream by the legion of wanna-be spectacle creators each armed with a mobile device, easy access to a popular social media platform, and psyches filled to the brim with the System's dominant edicts of benighted conduct.

Where did this abjectly oblivious approach to spiritual truths come from?


Congress. Really, "Congress" means the entirety of the federal government the U.S. Constitution even says as much. Who knows how many criminal acts Congress persons commit and are routinely dismissed? Do you? We could go into the ways they fatten their stock portfolios by acting on legislation with financial/commercial information that helps them before it helps anyone else a perfectly "legal" insider trading. We could address their relationships with lobbyists, of course as we all hold our noses. Thing is, it is much more insidious than what you see, much because you may be on the favorable business end of such dealings.

Congress persons have also been getting away with the same kinds of sexual abuse crimes Harvey Weinstein has been accused of, and they have a special hush fund to pay off the individuals they've assaulted. Millions of taxpayer dollars are available to them, reprehensible to these Congress persons but also to the enablers the whole thing actually incentivizes victimhood! In today's immorally sexualized society what difference does it make? Just get a cushy job as a staffer, roll around on the couch a bit, cleverly intimate blackmail, and voilà! an average Joe or Josephine can have power in Washington too! Very lucrative!

What's just as wretched is if you know this is all going on and who doesn't! make sure you don't say anything until you know the New York Times will protect you, making it more worth your while to speak up with the distended amount of virtue signaling, of course. Organized crime syndicates don't do it this well.

Yet again, where on earth did this tremendously violent horror movie originate?


Wall Street. Nothing has been put in place to keep the financial power brokers from manipulating markets with impunity, setting up yet another debilitating implosion. Once again (I have shared this a number of times in this webzine but see it in very few other places), the penultimate core issue is that everyone wants their retirement cash whether it is through pensions or income security or any kind of duplicity from their preferred brokers or bankers or fund managers. When they fail as the economy tanks because of the rank institutionalized deceit, our expected returns will still be appropriated from someone else willing to be put on the value extraction altar. Already young workers are expected to continue picking up the humongous Social Security, Income Security, and Medicare tab for the myriad numbers of elderly demanding it.

As it is local municipalities across the nation are being crushed under the weight of pensions mostly for retired police and fire, so they authorize the construction of prison-block housing turning what could be vibrant residential areas into depressing modern-day tenements with none of the communal interaction that should follow. And that's even if you can have a neighborhood, many once robust residential communities are completely moribund.

Every one of those pension dollars must be extracted from somewhere, presumably property taxes invested in equities that supposedly can go nowhere but up. The Dow is presently rocketing to 24,000! Yowza! Donald Trump is why awright Donald Trump!

Where did this idea that mammon prevails among the sounds of sanctimonious pecuniary blithering come from?


Amazon. We might as well call the commercial world Amazon.com now because it is taking over retail and so much more. Not only is Amazon being innovative as all get-out which in and of itself is a fine thing it is on the cutting edge of being the most hearty racialist sodomist socialist company on the planet.

Why socialist when that should be about government taking over industry? Government is taking it over or really, Amazon is taking over government! Amazon has become so powerful that its rent-spewing is gigantic, lawmakers are just getting on board (see section on Congress just a bit earlier there). The latest insanity comes with Amazon's search for a new headquarters resulting in cities falling over themselves to try to get them to locate in their marvelous confines. The ugly precepts of corporate welfare are getting more entrenched every day.

Never mind how much Amazon's industry competitors and compatriots alike will still toe the political line. And never mind how much Amazon desperately wants to get into the moviemaking business, precisely the thing to market its agenda among the wonders of the other Hollywood elite mind-shapers, heart-molders, and soul-wreckers.

What, again, is ultimately at the core of this chain of events?


Academia. Very simply this is still the most instrumental force forming people's ideas about things, the university system. You can easily tell by all the money sloshing about in the most distinguished and imposing institutions-of-higher-learning, millions and millions just there much of that from their land holdings + tax exempt status + whatever massive rent-glomming they have.

The sexual revolution seems to get the most traction on college campuses, with assorted boisterous expressions of freedom and liberation and all the rest of it. When young people actually seek out experiences to validate the latest conventions they are completely waylaid. Having no grasp of the teleological character of sex, they make it up, taking pride in their novel concoctions presuming this makes them somebody, and the most brutal moral crimes ensue.

Things then get politically messy. States have been scrambling to devise "No Means No" consent laws that seem so just and proper but are worthless and impossible to enforce, ultimately because there is no transcendantly moral grounding for them. They are good for Cain's agency, I guess, because so many simply can't grasp how one's calcified woundedness moves him or her to reject a vigorous respect for persons of the opposite sex, a healthy understanding of the real nature of sexuality, and a renewed esteem for the institution of marriage.

Instead what we get is a doubling down on the System's vile version of virtue, an exceedingly ferocious emphasis on the virulent politically correct principles that all pour into everything that bilges from Hollywood and the Times and Wall Street and Washington.

The real question again is...


Where on earth does all this come from?


I happened to catch the title of a nifty looking book advertised at a webpage I visit occasionally. The Deeper State it is called, and, hey, I thought, maybe this has the stuff that gets at it. Lessee... There's some stuff on freemasonry nah, then some on Darwinism that's promising but nah, Marxism nah, there's globalism and spiritism and one-world government and power elite and, ooo!  look at this, "The Imminent Final Empire"!

Nah, nah, nah, nah, annnd nah.

Not that all of that isn't important stuff to know it is.

What drives that, however?

You need look no further than the building right around the corner from your house. It is that Roman Catholic church, or even the sold-out Protestant church highly Catholicized being fully contracted with Rome through its own non-profit tax-exempt standing.

What they call "church" is the temple edifice of the properly Catholicized Nation, but it isn't there because of the insidious conspiratorial plot to do this bad thing or that bad thing. It is right there by your home because it must be by your home, that's where it starts, ultimately. It is there because God set it in motion millennia ago to constrain the inevitable horrors that people do to one another when they refuse to call on the name of the Lord.

"Calling on the name of the Lord" explicitly and categorically means humbly seeking forgiveness and healing through the saving work of Christ a contemptible notion to the humanist who must, through the grandly magnificent Among the Wonders program, brazenly exhibit how splendidly terrific he or she is.

Who arranges all that, who is truly administering the deepest politics of academia, propelling the Hollywood-Washington-Wall Street power-elite activity?

Which organization has 28 institutions of higher learning in its membership and are among the most respected in the world? Which university among them is essential to fashioning public policy right in the heart of Washington D.C? Which small group of men, no more than 16,000 or so worldwide, possess the brilliant acumen, the industrious aptitude, the sworn commission, and the ready access to the vast resources to arrange all of this?

Even better, how many homes have on display the symbols of their work the idols of churchianity or the reflections of whatever alternative spiritual lifestyle adaptations there are or anything that demonstrates that the home's inhabitants are devotees of the realm?

So there it is...


Church. That's the institution making it all happen, but only at the behest of sinners who ask it to do so. The order of rule in the World devotee's life is always first the human heart, then the Church Militant given the task of its regulation. The Hollywood/Times/Amazon network follows to arrange the spectacle and only then do the effectual bureaucrat/technocrat/autocrats toady along.

When you grasp this truth, and when you understand the characteristics of a World System in bloom through the proficient work of the Society of Jesus, then you can better see why it happens this way.

The ultimate goal is to direct people's attention away from Jesus Christ and to some other "savior," someone who comes in the form of a hundred different concoctions of Jesus, certainly why the Society is named as such. In the Catholicist Nation it may certainly be the Pope I mean Francis is now the most innovative when it comes to urging us to have more racialist sodomist socialist sensitivity, he truly is.

But it can also be a wholesome film star how many will emerge as the ones not doing nasty sexual things with the measure of their power? Oh I now like them! It could be a trusted newscaster the most acclaimed are the new talk show breed, the Jimmy Kimmels and Stephen Colberts and Samantha Bees who parrot the favored humanist dogma for good laughs. Barack Obama is a good choice I mean he did come up with Obamacare ("It must be sustained someway maybe repeal but replace for sure!") which even though it is destroying the health care industry, it is good for getting people to worship you ("Obama will take care of my hip replacement!")

Ironically it could even be Donald Trump, who recently got some press for saying, "The opioid crisis is a crisis." Yeah. A little slow on the uptake there, just another reality star pontificating. The opioid crisis is merely a glaring symptom of the tremendously profound truth that people in their souls do get it.

Some do open their eyes and ears and discover the terrifying nature of the System propaganda splashed about with pretentious pedestal-propped people laboring under Cain's industry preparing to dine on them, they do. With Christ they find strength to overcome it. Without Him, as is the case with so many young people today having no clue about Him and being pushed into those alternate spiritualities they just want to deaden the pain even if it means being dead.

This is the disturbing end game for a firmly entrenched legacy. God so loves those under its control, He is terribly grieved by it all, but I believe He allows it because He wants people to do exactly what they did at the very end of the treatise on the establishment of the World System itself, there in the fourth chapter of Genesis. It is so they would simply call on Him.

 See the phenomenon for what it is, accept one's own part in enabling it, then honestly, lucidly, graciously turn 180 degrees the other way toward the Kingdom.

Accept the freely bestowed gift of eternal life and joy and peace from the hands (and feet) of the One Who Died So You Could Have It.


By the way, there is an official title of the Among the Wonders program. It was set forth by Rome in an official statement binding on all Catholicists in 1963 when the "revolution" was well under way.

Inter Mirifica.

Latin for "Among the Wonders."

I close with what Tupper Saussy wrote about it in Rulers of Evil. This is in Chapter Nine, "Securing Confidence." Read it yourself, the whole chapter. I invite you to read the entire book, it is online.


The quality of entertainment's content was decreed in a section of Inter Mirifica encouraging the "chronicling, the description or representation of moral evil [which] can, with the help of the means of social communication and with suitable dramatization, lead to a deeper knowledge and analysis of man and to a manifestation of the true and the good in all their splendor." Emboldened by this papal decree, social communicators since 1965 [sic] have pushed the constitutional guarantees of "free speech" to the limit by chronicling, describing, and representing moral evil with such progressively vivid, repulsive, prurient, yet often appealing detail that entertainment has become, in the opinion of many, a veritable technological "how to" of moral evil. It clearly does not lead audiences to a deeper appreciation of Holy Scripture. This fact identifies entertainment today as a successful Jesuit theatrical mission. (Emphasis in originial)

During its four centuries of existence, the Jesuit education/theatrical enterprise has produced a proud, poised, and imaginative candidate...


For those who may be despairing right now of the future grand success of Inter Mirifica, no worries. Be secure in Christ's embrace, walk with Him through your daily life, and let the System do its thing for now, even praying for those in it as Christ tells us our battle isn't with them but with the spiritual ruler of the System who keeps them in his grip.

Talk with a few people about Christ.

Know too that on the last day the devil and this domain will perish when Christ returns and whatever usefulness they've had will be over.



"Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger's voice." Jesus used this figure of speech, but the Pharisees did not understand what he was telling them.

- Jesus, opening words of the 10th chapter of John



  • The lines in the opening tease quote are about more consideration of the environment, and while doing things to protect our environment is a fine thing, what emanates from man's heart that forms the body of death described above relates just as well, and is much more significant - even for environmental concerns.

  • Again, some glossary items. Racialism: insistence on every negative thing in life being about racism, mostly accompanied by the incessant browbeating of whites as guilty of "systemic racism." Sodomism: enthusiastic endorsement of unconventional sexual related practices that are otherwise moral crimes, most notable among them today are homosexual activity and transgender expressions. Socialism: government control of resources to the extent that private individuals' decisions regarding their own resources must be comprehensively regulated by government, often accompanied by redistribution of the wealth generated by the use of those resources. Here is a page with a bit more on what I then called "the Agenda," encompassing all the racialist, sodomist, and socialist material that is so destructive.

  • Here's a page with links to the System powers including some elucidations and the Kingdom alternative. Click the one that's titled "World Operative Development" to check out the names of the 28 most powerful organizations in the world. Click the one titled "The Public Relations Arm" and you'll get a list of the small number of corporate powers behind just about every media-generated item that goes into your brain. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Time, Newsweek, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and a handful of other powerful journalistic-oriented firms are just subdivisions of the New York Times, which in turn is the mouthpiece of Rome. Fox, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and a others like them are more conservative, but just as Catholicist in their approach - in fact the three mentioned in this sentence are all owned by Rupert Murdoch, who while he himself may not be a Catholic proper, his wife is Catholic and he himself has been awarded a papal knighthood. It may also be noted that Amazon's billionaire owner Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post, and Carlos Slim, also one of the richest men in the world and himself a Maronite Catholic, owns a majority stake in the New York Times.

  • Here's a catalog of some of the Jesuses people worship. Take a look and see if yours is there, unless it is the Real One.

  • The way churches are sold out to Rome no matter how Protestant - or Buddhist or Muslim or even Humanist - is here.

  • A page with more on Tupper Saussy's work revealing the inner workings of the System and its Inter Mirifica is here.

  • Here is a brief regarding of how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the World System. What were the Inter Mirifica showcased things that led to people turning from them and calling on the name of the Lord? Here's a link to the fourth chapter of Genesis to learn more. Here's a bit more on Cain's legacy.

  • Some thoughts about the One Who Is Truth, Grace, and The Common Sense are here.


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