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     The following is a journal transcription of my thoughts after receiving a copy of one of Tupper's last correspondences, one he made with a mutual friend. It was about the exasperating challenges of being an iconoclastic explainer of truthful things to people who simply refuse to not be fools. Cassandra and Jeremiah would understand. I too get it.

At the time of this entry I had been part of a somewhat Rulers of Evil-oriented Skype forum with other ROEders, at the invitation of my friend who was himself very interested in ROE things. Held every Wednesday evening, it was lively and engaging. The friend who hosted it is not named in this version of the entry simply out of respect to him. GFTG is Gods for the Godless, a web work Tupper initially titled Abiding in Religious War. MOMS is Miracle on Main Street where he elucidated the historical necessity for honest weights and measures in his view best established by a gold standard. The blog effort he mentions is Honest Things.

As with my other journal entry inclusions to this webzine effort, it is an intensely personal account, filled with visceral thoughts related to the desire to share Christ and Kingdom in the most bountifully articulate way with a wholly Catholicized populace sliding into Hell at lightning-fast speeds. With the exceptions of some minor editing and proofing, it is here in its entirety.

May 18, 2007


Couple things I should note that I haven’t in this journalizing effort.

One, Tupper Saussy passed away in March. Just haven’t gotten around to noting that here—just been doing so much webzine and blogging stuff as my writing activity.

Two, I’ve gotten into an online discussion forum that I’ve only frequented twice so far, this hosted by [my friend] who I’d seen as a gentleman I’d never met but who a couple years ago added a link my stuff in a blog comment he made somewhere. Cool.

Wednesday night, the night of the forum, he sent me an email he’d gotten from Tupper about stuff I just don’t remember we were talking about, and I really needed to include it here. Here it is, with my email response.


Email from Tupper Saussy to [our mutual friend] 11/22/05


[Friend's name],


Finishing ROE taught me the principles of human life ~ who has authority, and where they got it, and why, and how their actions can be invariably predicted. So there's really very little I can write about that hasn't been covered.  GFTG started with great ambition, but I found myself being reduced (in my mind, at least) to being a commentator, and I really don't want that.  


There's really no living in being a commentator unless you're fronting for big interests, and that's not in my nature. A generous person wants to fund the 7th edition of MOMS, and I'm dragging my feet preparing even that. I started a blog some months ago, again infused with ambition, but found myself just rephrasing ROE.  


An ezine or newsletter would be fun if I were still struggling for the big picture, as in the days of the Main Street Journal, but I pretty well comprehend it (I say that humbly and gratefully), and view maintaining dialogues on the subject rather like re-inventing ROE. 


So these days I'm employing other gifts that have too long been ignored ~ music, painting, cinematography ~ and using them to state (perhaps too subtly for most beholders) the principles discovered in ROE.   I guess when enough people like your good self have read and understood ROE and push me for more, I'll do another book.  Meanwhile, I'm kind of sitting it out ~ and doing lots of spiritual fulfilling ~ until critical mass.





And then…


Email from David Beck to [our mutual friend] 5/17/07


[Friend's name],


Quite an email from Tupper. Very revealing. At first I was surprised by his perspective there, but as I thought about it I can understand where he was coming from. You may be able to connect the dots here-- it is very much connected to the question, one that I'm sure Tupper wrestled with himself, that we addressed a bit last night: Why aren't more people reading ROE?


He said that the reason he wrote was because he had something to say. But when you have something to say, you'd like to think some people are listening. When you see many abjectly not doing that, that can be a bit disconcerting. At the time of your email from him, Tupper naturally went to a place where he found people with whom he could have authentic interaction for a bit, the Chocolate Orchid Piano Bar. This is not to say he didn't have it with us ROEders, but he made an intriguing and somewhat enigmatic remark in one of his sporadic writings: "Once you say 'embedded,' what else can you say?" I believe he merely gave expression to a desire to do exactly what Jeremiah wanted to do at the beginning of chapter nine in his book. Read it, you'll see what I mean.


More thoughts about this are swimming around in my head. Maybe we can bring it up again and wrestle with it a bit more at a Wednesday forum. Thanks again for the great conversation.




I could say more, but I think what I said to [our friend] says everything, except for one majorly key thing I want to write down here, something that if it comes up in next Wednesday’s forum I will speak about. That is this:


Everyone is a commentator.


I was very much taken aback by his dismissal of “commenting.” Again, I can easily see why he felt the way that he did. He’d already shared it. “There it is. What else can I say.” Been there done that. There comes a point when even the most engaging endeavor just gets old and you move on.

But see, here’s the thing.

It is life to commentate.

To his credit he went off to commentate with people at the Chocolate Orchid Piano Bar.


He so wanted the interaction in the lodge.

Yes, no question. I feel it myself.

The true agony of sharing Life with another, whether it is on my webzine, blog, even here at home, over at work, out in the mix of people   wherever that is…

 and having that most harrowing of harrowing thing happen


“I just don’t understand and just don’t want to…”


Even Tupper is human


and wanted to be somewhere where he didn’t have to deal with that.


I just can’t not say this however.

I’m just kinda ticked that he so dismissed all the things out of the ROE premise he could have discovered, and used his immense God-given wonderful intellect to elucidate on further.

Yes, I know he was saying, very understandably,

“Here it is. Right there. See it?”

And having the listener go, “Ammm-nnyah—not.”

How many times do you want to go over it.


This is what hurts about this email.

Even Tupper let the World suck him into its despair.

There are a zillion people who want to know Christ through his voice.


Again, Tupper was Tupper. He was a flighty guy—off to do whatever captured his attention. We are blessed he was committed for long enough to follow through on his phenomenal discoveries.

But to conclude that ROE stuff has all been said and done...

That’s to dismiss the people you can love with it.


Again, Tupper went to love those at the Piano Bar. That’s cool.

But ROE is only a tiny bit of what Scripture is all about. A good solid bit, but only a bit.


What Scripture is about is commentating in whatever forum there is in whatever way that is.


That’s what I dream of happening with The Catholicist Nation.

To expand on all the gazillions of things out of Scripture—and yes, I confess, ROE—that can bring the Light of Christ to others.


Eurgh. Tupper.

Why’d you give up so easily?

Actually, I can’t say that.

How great is it…


That the people at the Piano Bar got ROE

In whatever way that was.



May 18, 2007 Addendum May 19


Really wanted to add a comment from the last commentary, where, yeah, a bit of commentating was going on. Um, yeah.

I thought about this idea from the perspective of the just previous journal post I did on whether or not someone was excused for just not getting the whole God thing, simply because he’s just immersed in doing exceptional welding or Shakespeare analysis or something else.

The obverse is also true in this sense—and indeed something that I think Tupper very insightfully saw:


You can’t make a job out of the God thing.


I confess, I’ve done it, and wanted to do it. Tupper certainly wanted to do it with ROE—I truly think he thought he’d be asked to go on all kinds of speaking tours and regale everyone with the truths of the Catholicist Nation, but, well… it just looks as though that didn’t happen.

You can see this desire of his quite pronounced in the email (as well as other places I’ve seen), but what was he thinking? Did he actually think he could speak about those World Mouths who so graciously invited him on their show as anything but the monstrous beasts that they are?

Even if he were doing his truth-telling thing as magnanimousificently gracious as he could ever magnanimousificentoffowoffoloffoly as he could, he’d still be pointing out what horrifically evil people his hosts are and how abjectly putridly wretchedly deep is their deceit—and of course naturally following that what heinous murderers they are.

Ahh, see, that’s the bane of being a Catholicist Nation prophet.

Was Jeremiah paid handsomely for his profound truth-telling? Um, not. He was stuffed in a muddy, fetid cistern left to die. Not even going to mention what was done to Jesus

To his credit, then, Tupper did the not-making-a-job-out-of-the-God-thing thing. We should be out doing those things that give us the greatest joy—coaching Academic Decathlon teams and playing keyboards at the Chocolate Orchid. In fact, really,

God wants us doing those things so others can see we are, indeed




When they see love at work, then maybe they’ll want to get more truth from people who are experts—those who’ve merely had the scales dropped from their eyes, think with the mind of Christ, all the rest of it—it’s not hard, really…

But then to understand the love

You do need to get what the prophets are saying...

Didn’t the prophets come before Jesus?...


So in the end, it has to be both. This is so not new…

There’s truth (ahh, prophets, good stuff) and there’s grace (Chocolate Orchid).

It is just, yeah, I think Tupper gave up too soon on the phenomenal abundance that is the former.

Maybe God just wants us to keep running with it. That’s cool.



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