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September-October 2017

"The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence. Death and Destruction lie open before the Lord - how much more the hearts of men!"

- Proverbs 10:11 and 15:11


"Step out of line, the man come and take you away."

- Last line of verse in Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth"

An entirely new smattering of terms highlight the deleterious effects of the spreading culture war, and it is fascinating that so few really look carefully at the deep meaning of those terms or the underlying purposes of those who use them.

I could address some dozen or so prominent ones, but here are a few.

"Gender binary" means you are someone who believes there are only two genders, male and female that's it, just those two, each precisely matching one's biological sex irrespective of what weird reversal he or she concocts. Because this offends so many the term may very well be used to denigrate those individuals so backwards in their thinking, shameful. Interesting, when someone blurts it to try to rationalize gender "fluidity" (there's another one), even if they do so in the most well-meaning way, aren't they committing a microaggression against those who have a firm grasp of reality? (Ahem, yeah, excuse me, microaggression there too, I confess.)

"Dog whistle" means even though you say something that the general population takes reasonably literally, to your cohorts in crime always angry, older, white, American males you are signaling something nefarious only they grasp. Example: when an older white male says "Racism is indeed a pretty ugly thing", it really means "All of us racist sexist bigoted Nazi males should really get going with our Final Solution extermination program." Indeed preposterous, but it is precisely what many Millennials immersed in the progressivist movement firmly believe.

One of my favorites is "woke". As in, "Awright, looks like you've woke to the truth about ___ " (Fill in the blank with any wretchedly revolutionary idea: that people should celebrate giving vent to their sexual immorality, that other people's wealth must be confiscated so irresponsible people may be rescued, that women's health means murdering their pre-born babies...) There are more items to be "woke" about, but that's the idea anyway, that's really what the use of the word is for. Reaching the new enlightened state earns you great plaudits from everyone who fancy themselves the properly righteous mandarins of the day.

I truly believe many reasonably smart people easily see how these nouveau praetors are just working the System to propel the desired narrative, laboring to convince detractors that since there is really no God and therefore no religious basis for any morality, hopping on the carriage behind the marauding humanist locomotive is really your best call here.

I mean, really, if you don't, well, you're a... annnd you know all the punitive epithets.

The question is, how far will the "discipline" go?

Sadly, even the smartest among us still just don't get it.

I've recently been reading a fine book about the present-day elements of the campaign to infiltrate people hearts and minds called The Smear, and it is written by the bravely enterprising journalist Sharyl Attkisson. She gets into the details of how powerful people in powerful groups govern your considerations of political affairs.

The problem is she gets so into the minutiae that she misses the main idea, telling us nothing except the ways some people currently jerk us around with whatever public relations exploitation they can muster. Didn't we already learn this from Edward Bernays and so many others years ago? Why are we still refusing to pay attention?

Attkisson essentially concludes with nothing other than the standard, "It's about freedom of the press!" How weak is that "Bottom line it's about freedom of ___" argument. Please. Just being able to report things is one thing, what about whether or not a thing reported or spoken or shared or exposed or believed or practiced is actually righteous or not, and what is the standard to determine that?

Is Attkisson willing to go to the mat for God as that transcendent standard?

One of her most profound insights came in a piece she wrote for The Hill in relation to her book:

[Journalists] are willing repositories for all kinds of narratives. We report as if news press releases from the government, corporations, special interests or nonprofits (that are often undisclosed fronts for political and business interests). They influence us with help from public relations groups, law firms, super PACs, 'big data analysis' companies, think tanks, nonprofits, and LLCs. They pay 'journalists' to write their 'news stories' and then have them published on partner blogs and quasi-news sites, where they get circulated on social media and picked up in the mainstream. Whether through ignorance or turning a blind eye, we're not asking the questions we ought to be asking about the forces generating the 'news'.

Um, "the forces generating..." Did you catch that?

Here's the key question. Is Attkisson further willing to look at who is originating the material upon which that news is based? Will she look and discover that the narrative's production crew is indeed the militant arm of the Roman Catholic Church, fulfilling its sworn duty as the Agency of Cain through the ages by way of highest academia and widest media to mess with the hearts and minds of people who refuse to devour Scripture and appropriate the Only Protection from their ruses?

Or will she shrug, sneer, and do what most everyone else does: ironically but most gleefully joining the people she excoriates in declaring that any such talk is just "conspiracy theory foolishness"?

Please don't get me wrong. I'm great with the law. I'm even great with Cain's legacy and its modus operandi because God put it there to administer a law I need to keep my wayward tendencies in line even as much as it is directed by Rome and the law itself is the "power of sin" (1 Cor. 15:56) "made... for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful..." (1 Tim. 1:9)

This is why so many committed evangelicals are caught up in the anti-progressivism wave, they know that the accelerating humanist movement rejecting God has also rejected the law, the law that condemns and for the truly observant awakens one to the reality of his or her own condition. It's nasty to confront one's sin!

So yeah, that's too hard. Eeyew. Let's just do away with the law itself. Notice how it seems all the protest movements in favor of racialism and socialism and sexualism are really just expressions of anarchy. It doesn't even have to be the screeching radical with the fashionably torn clothing and pithy banner. It is just as easily milquetoast churchgoers who've allowed their assembly to be wholly infected by the World dogma.

"I'm a good person!" the modern anarchist says, "The law doesn't really apply to me because I'm fighting for blacks and gays and women I'M THE ONE WHO IS GOOD!" Never mind that they are merely vomiting up the autocratic precepts of the reigning social hegemony.

Liberal blogger Freddie deBoer realized as much in his piece "Planet of Cops":

The woke world is a world of snitches, informants, rats. Go to a space concerned with social justice and what will you find? Endless surveillance. Everybody is to be judged. Everyone is under suspicion. Everything you say is to be scoured over, picked over, analyzed for any possible offense... You search and search for someone Bad doing Bad Things... digging deeper and deeper to find out who's Good and who's Bad. I wonder why people run away from establishment progressivism in droves.

Wow. What an indictment, quite the honest revelation.

Doing Caesar's dirty work while spurning his authority. How magnificently Jesuitic.

Recently the august evangelical organization D. James Kennedy Ministries filed a defamation suit against the Southern Poverty Law Center for placing DJKM on its list of recognized hate groups. Yes the ministry does unabashedly declare homosexual activity a moral crime, but they do so because they are speaking the truth about righteousness.

Thing is, if the SPLC puts DJKM on its "Hate Group List" or whatever official title it has, then isn't the SPLC a hater and subject to its own standards?

There you go.

Haters hating haters. I hate you so I'm gonna blacklist you, whaddya thinka THAT? Wull I'm just going to sick Caesar on you, you defamer you. Wull no wait WE'RE the official hate registrars, Caesar's on OUR side, WE don't hate but YOU do. No YOU'RE the real haters. Wull I'm just gonna...


The question really isn't freedom of speech or freedom of press or freedom of religion or any of that. Caesar loves to be seen as the arbiter of such sublimely revered activity.

The culture war still gains steam and people's souls are lost.

The question is how much you know God already knows. He already sees that each of us is a major-league asshole in need of some rescue from the hate wherever it is. This is why that wisely committed evangelical doesn't stop at "I really do like the law", because again, he or she is under its condemnation just as much. This is why Christ is the only one from whom to seek salvation. He's it, there is no other.

Don't believe in God? Consider Christ an absurd fairy tale character? Think those who comprehend the reality of System machinations just tin foil hat wearing numbskulls? Go ahead and keep treading water with your groveling cohorts in your muddled rally for your feeble crusade, all arranged by people whose job it is to get you enraged. You may thrill to being right smack in the middle of the extravagantly animated rebellion against the imperialist fascist kleptocracy, but you're just a toy. It isn't that the substance of your passions is entirely unjustified, it's just you'll never get anywhere close to those administering the game. They'd be chortling at you if you were even mildly amusing, but really they're just doing their jobs. Ho-hum.

Everything you have in your brain is there because either a Jesuit put it there or people authentically respecting Scripture did. You're either a World System devotee or a willing subject of the Kingdom's King. System operatives like it when you believe the camps are merely the liberals and conservatives or the Democrats and Republicans or the vibrant enlightened youth and evil racist troglodytes. The culture war today is merely one group of Catholicists raging against another group. This is the System with its myriad malformations, a few of which are regularly showcased on the evening news. It's such grand entertainment.

Over there, however, no, no turn around over there but closer than you think, is the Kingdom, with Christ holding out His nail-scarred hands to the most entrenched World devotees. After a follower of Christ tells them about Him, shares with them His name, His very essence, Grace and Truth they will do one of three things. Ultimately it is only one of these three things:


1. Leave you alone with no idea what you're talking about.

2. Murder you on behalf of the cause.

3. Inquire further because they genuinely want to understand more.


The saddest of them all is No. 1, and it happens so frequently because like Cain, out of the presence of God, they just don't even have the slightest idea. They think they're all-that with all the hifalutin sounding things they're programmed to say and shout and rail on and on about.

Maybe, just maybe when a follower of Christ who understands, who knows God, who is kind, just, righteous thrills in what delights God (Jer. 9:24), just maybe they will get the chance to sit down to dinner and converse...


 I have to add this in closing. I can't think of another more woke thing than for one to profoundly recognize the breadth of his or her sin and the expanse of his or her place in Hell. You may be cuffed and hauled away from the protest, but shouldn't you be thinking about where you might be taken for eternity?

We've been watching the first season's episodes of Stranger Things, an acclaimed horror Netflix series that has a depiction of Hell that looks pretty spot-on. They call it the "Upside Down", because it is likened to the backside of the Dungeons and Dragons game board. If you haven't seen the show, you really don't want to be in the Upside Down. It is a thoroughly ghastly place, gruesomely dark and dank and grotesque. Rotting flesh-webs coat everything and sulfuric ash billows everywhere. Large worms crawl from corpse's mouths, giving new meaning to the biblical description "Where the worm does not die..."

It is inhabited by hideous creatures dwelling in the shadows who marinate their captives before slowly devouring them.

[Spoiler Alert!] In the last episode a cop and the mother of a boy dragged into the Upside Down bravely venture there to rescue the boy. Yeah, yeah, I know you too can't help but see the analogy.

It's pretty much what Jesus does.

Hell is pretty much right here also all the robust System institutions with their blaring megaphones jabbering how perfectly fine it is to revel in our wickedness. You don't have to be a genius to get it, really it's just the genuine follower of Christ has realized it all too well.

They also know of Grace and Truth.

In church this past Sunday we worshipped with a Phil Wickham song, I don't know if it's been around but it was new to me.

"Your Love Awakens Me".

The song speaks of darkness, chains, the grave huh, what kind of viscerally enriching song has that stuff in it. Thing is after every mention is

The Deliverance.

The Embrace.

The Resurrection.

The Joy.

The Love That Is Greater.



Talk about being woke.




  • "Death and Destruction" in the first opening tease quote are real places, Sheol and Abaddon, locations where the dead reside forever. There is no question this is Hell, but the proper references may not mean much unless rendered this way. Note how much more the things of Hell reside in the human heart.

  • A key word in the line from "For What It's Worth" in the other opening tease quote shows up in the lyrics files as "men", but it really sounds like Stephen Stills sings "man".

  • The image opening this piece is that of recent presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, beloved in the progressivism faction as leading the charge to persecute people using bastardizations of the language.

  • That song by Phil Wickham is indeed titled "Your Love Awakens Me". A line in the song is "Your love is greater".

  • This recent home page piece gets into the truth about the things people say and the impact those words have. What emerges from one's mouth is truly either life or death. Read Proverbs for much more.

  • Here's my recent piece with more on the New York Times as a primary conduit for the System's smear operation. Here's a blog post with more about Attkisson's expose.

  • The way churches are emasculated as vibrant expositories of God's word, His power, and His love is here.

  • At the cost of tremendous brevity, here is a succinct explanation of how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the World System that controls the thinking of so many.

  • How did God put Cain in charge? You can read all about it in the fourth chapter of Genesis. Here's a bit more on his legacy.

  • Some thoughts about Grace And Truth are here.




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