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September-October 2017

"The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence. Death and Destruction lie open before the Lord - how much more the hearts of men!"

- Proverbs 10:11 and 15:11


"Step out of line, the man come and take you away."

- Last line of verse in Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth"

An entirely new smattering of terms highlight the deleterious effects of the spreading culture war, and it is fascinating that so few really look carefully at the deep meaning of those terms or the underlying purposes of those who use them.

I could address some dozen or so prominent ones, but here are a few.

"Gender binary" means you are someone who believes there are only two genders, male and female that's it, just those two, each precisely matching one's biological sex irrespective of what weird reversal he or she concocts. Because this offends so many the term may very well be used to denigrate those individuals so backwards in their thinking, shameful. Interesting, when someone blurts it to try to rationalize gender "fluidity" (there's another one), even if they do so in the most well-meaning way, aren't they committing a microaggression against those who have a firm grasp of reality? (Ahem, yeah, excuse me, microaggression there too, I confess.)

"Dog whistle" means even though you say something that the general population takes reasonably literally, to your cohorts in crime always angry, older, white, American males you are signaling something nefarious only they grasp. Example: when an older white male says "Racism is indeed a pretty ugly thing," it really means "All of us racist sexist bigoted Nazi males should really get going with our Final Solution extermination program." Indeed preposterous, but it is precisely what many Millennials immersed in the progressivist movement firmly believe.

One of my favorites is "woke." As in, "Awright, looks like you've woke to the truth about ___ " (Fill in the blank with any wretchedly revolutionary idea: that people should celebrate giving vent to their sexual immorality, that other people's wealth must be confiscated so irresponsible people may be rescued, that women's health means murdering their pre-born babies...) There are more items to be "woke" about, but that's the idea anyway, that's really what the use of the word is for. Reaching the new enlightened state earns you great plaudits from everyone who fancy themselves the properly righteous mandarins of the day.

I truly believe many reasonably smart people easily see how these nouveau praetors are just working the System to propel the desired narrative, laboring to convince detractors that since there is really no God and therefore no religious basis for any morality, hopping on the carriage behind the marauding humanist locomotive is really your best call here.

I mean, really, if you don't, well, you're a... annnd you know all the punitive epithets.

The question is, how far will the "discipline" go?

Sadly, even the smartest among us still just don't get it.

I've recently been reading a fine book about the present-day elements of the campaign to infiltrate people hearts and minds called The Smear, and it is written by the bravely enterprising journalist Sharyl Attkisson. She gets into the details of how powerful people in powerful groups govern your considerations of political affairs.

The problem is she gets so into the minutiae that she misses the main idea, telling us nothing except the ways some people currently jerk us around with whatever public relations exploitation they can muster. Didn't we already learn this from Edward Bernays and so many others years ago? Why are we still refusing to pay attention?

Attkisson essentially concludes with nothing other than the standard, "It's about freedom of the press!" How weak is that "Bottom line it's about freedom of ___" argument. Please. Just being able to report things is one thing, what about whether or not a thing reported or spoken or shared or exposed or believed or practiced is actually righteous or not, and what is the standard to determine that?

Is Attkisson willing to go to the mat for God as that transcendent standard?

One of her most profound insights came in a piece she wrote for The Hill in relation to her book:

[Journalists] are willing repositories for all kinds of narratives. We report as if news press releases from the government, corporations, special interests or nonprofits (that are often undisclosed fronts for political and business interests). They influence us with help from public relations groups, law firms, super PACs, 'big data analysis' companies, think tanks, nonprofits, and LLCs. They pay 'journalists' to write their 'news stories' and then have them published on partner blogs and quasi-news sites, where they get circulated on social media and picked up in the mainstream. Whether through ignorance or turning a blind eye, we're not asking the questions we ought to be asking about the forces generating the 'news.'

Um, "the forces generating..." Did you catch that?

Here's the key question. Is Attkisson further willing to look at who is originating the material upon which that news is based? Will she look and discover that the narrative's production crew is indeed the militant arm of the Roman Catholic Church, fulfilling its sworn duty as the Agency of Cain through the ages by way of highest academia and widest media to mess with the hearts and minds of people who refuse to devour Scripture and appropriate the Only Protection from their ruses?

Or will she shrug, sneer, and do what most everyone else does: ironically but most gleefully joining the people she excoriates in declaring that any such talk is just "conspiracy theory foolishness"?

Please don't get me wrong. I'm great with the law. I'm even great with Cain's legacy and its modus operandi because God put it there to administer a law I need to keep my wayward tendencies in line even as much as it is directed by Rome and the law itself is the "power of sin" (1 Cor. 15:56) "made... for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful..." (1 Tim. 1:9)

This is why so many committed evangelicals are caught up in the anti-progressivism wave, they know that the accelerating humanist movement rejecting God has also rejected the law, the law that condemns and for the truly observant awakens one to the reality of his or her own condition. It's nasty to confront one's sin!

So yeah, that's too hard. Eeyew. Let's just do away with the law itself. Notice how it seems all the protest movements in favor of racialism and socialism and sexualism are really just expressions of anarchy. It doesn't even have to be the screeching radical with the fashionably torn clothing and pithy banner. It is just as easily milquetoast churchgoers who've allowed their assembly to be wholly infected by the World dogma.

"I'm a good person!" the modern anarchist says, "The law doesn't really apply to me because I'm fighting for blacks and gays and women I'M THE ONE WHO IS GOOD!" Never mind that they are merely vomiting up the autocratic precepts of the reigning social hegemony.

Liberal blogger Freddie deBoer realized as much in his piece "Planet of Cops":

The woke world is a world of snitches, informants, rats. Go to a space concerned with social justice and what will you find? Endless surveillance. Everybody is to be judged. Everyone is under suspicion. Everything you say is to be scoured over, picked over, analyzed for any possible offense... You search and search for someone Bad doing Bad Things... digging deeper and deeper to find out who's Good and who's Bad. I wonder why people run away from establishment progressivism in droves.

Wow. What an indictment, quite the honest revelation.

Doing Caesar's dirty work while spurning his authority. How magnificently Jesuitic.

Recently the august evangelical organization D. James Kennedy Ministries filed a defamation suit against the Southern Poverty Law Center for placing DJKM on its list of recognized hate groups. Yes the ministry does unabashedly declare homosexual activity a moral crime, but they do so because they are speaking the truth about righteousness.

Thing is, if the SPLC puts DJKM on its "Hate Group List" or whatever official title it has, then isn't the SPLC a hater and subject to its own standards?

There you go.

Haters hating haters. I hate you so I'm gonna blacklist you, whaddya thinka THAT? Wull I'm just going to sick Caesar on you, you defamer you. Wull no wait WE'RE the official hate registrars, Caesar's on OUR side, WE don't hate but YOU do. No YOU'RE the real haters. Wull I'm just gonna...


The question really isn't freedom of speech or freedom of press or freedom of religion or any of that. Caesar loves to be seen as the arbiter of such sublimely revered activity.

The culture war still gains steam and people's souls are lost.

The question is how much you know God already knows. He already sees that each of us is a major-league asshole in need of some rescue from the hate wherever it is. This is why that wisely committed evangelical doesn't stop at "I really do like the law", because again, he or she is under its condemnation just as much. This is why Christ is the only one from whom to seek salvation. He's it, there is no other.

Don't believe in God? Consider Christ an absurd fairy tale character? Think those who comprehend the reality of System machinations just tin foil hat wearing numbskulls? Go ahead and keep treading water with your groveling cohorts in your muddled rally for your feeble crusade, all arranged by people whose job it is to get you enraged. You may thrill to being right smack in the middle of the extravagantly animated rebellion against the imperialist fascist kleptocracy, but you're just a toy. It isn't that the substance of your passions is entirely unjustified, it's just you'll never get anywhere close to those administering the game. They'd be chortling at you if you were even mildly amusing, but really they're just doing their jobs. Ho-hum.

Everything you have in your brain is there because either a Jesuit put it there or people authentically respecting Scripture did. You're either a World System devotee or a willing subject of the Kingdom's King. System operatives like it when you believe the camps are merely the liberals and conservatives or the Democrats and Republicans or the vibrant enlightened youth and evil racist troglodytes. The culture war today is merely one group of Catholicists raging against another group. This is the System with its myriad malformations, a few of which are regularly showcased on the evening news. It's such grand entertainment.

Over there, however, no, no turn around over there but closer than you think, is the Kingdom, with Christ holding out His nail-scarred hands to the most entrenched World devotees. After a follower of Christ tells them about Him, shares with them His name, His very essence, Grace and Truth they will do one of three things. Ultimately it is only one of these three things:


1. Leave you alone with no idea what you're talking about.

2. Murder you on behalf of the cause.

3. Inquire further because they genuinely want to understand more.


The saddest of them all is No. 1, and it happens so frequently because like Cain, out of the presence of God, they just don't even have the slightest idea. They think they're all-that with all the hifalutin sounding things they're programmed to say and shout and rail on and on about.

Maybe, just maybe when a follower of Christ who understands, who knows God, who is kind, just, righteous thrills in what delights God (Jer. 9:24), just maybe they will get the chance to sit down to dinner and converse...


I have to add this in closing. I can't think of another more woke thing than for one to profoundly recognize the breadth of his or her sin and the expanse of his or her place in Hell. You may be cuffed and hauled away from the protest, but shouldn't you be thinking about where you might be taken for eternity?

We've been watching the first season's episodes of Stranger Things, an acclaimed Netflix horror series that has a depiction of Hell that looks pretty spot-on. They call it the "Upside Down," because it is likened to the backside of the Dungeons and Dragons game board. If you haven't seen the show, you really don't want to be in the Upside Down. It is a thoroughly ghastly place, gruesomely dark and dank and grotesque. Rotting flesh-webs coat everything and sulfuric ash billows everywhere. Large worms crawl from corpse's mouths, giving new meaning to the biblical description "Where the worm does not die..."

It is inhabited by hideous creatures dwelling in the shadows who marinate their captives before slowly devouring them.

[Spoiler Alert!] In the last episode a cop and the mother of a boy dragged into the Upside Down bravely venture there to rescue the boy. Yeah, yeah, I know you too can't help but see the analogy.

It's pretty much what Jesus does.

Hell is pretty much right here also all the robust System institutions with their blaring megaphones jabbering how perfectly fine it is to revel in our wickedness. You don't have to be a genius to get it, really it's just the genuine follower of Christ has realized it all too well.

They also know of Grace and Truth.

In church this past Sunday we worshipped with a Phil Wickham song, I don't know if it's been around but it was new to me.

"Your Love Awakens Me."

The song speaks of darkness, chains, the grave huh, what kind of viscerally enriching song has that stuff in it. Thing is after every mention is

The Deliverance.

The Embrace.

The Resurrection.

The Joy.

The Love That Is Greater.



Talk about being woke.




  • "Death and Destruction" in the first opening tease quote are real places, Sheol and Abaddon, locations where the dead reside forever. There is no question this is Hell, but the proper references may not mean much unless rendered this way. Note how much more the things of Hell reside in the human heart.

  • A key word in the line from "For What It's Worth" in the other opening tease quote shows up in the lyrics files as "men," but it really sounds like Stephen Stills sings "man."

  • The image opening this piece is that of recent presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, beloved in the progressivism faction as leading the charge to persecute people using bastardizations of the language.

  • That song by Phil Wickham is indeed titled "Your Love Awakens Me." A line in the song is "Your love is greater."

  • This recent home page piece gets into the truth about the things people say and the impact those words have. What emerges from one's mouth is truly either life or death. Read Proverbs for much more.

  • Here's my recent piece with more on the New York Times as a primary conduit for the System's smear operation. Here's a blog post with more about Attkisson's expose.

  • The way churches are emasculated as vibrant expositories of God's word, His power, and His love is here.

  • At the cost of tremendous brevity, here is a succinct explanation of how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the World System that controls the thinking of so many.

  • How did God put Cain in charge? You can read all about it in the fourth chapter of Genesis. Here's a bit more on his legacy.

  • Some thoughts about Grace And Truth are here.



November-December 2017

"Now I have seen the warnings, screaming from all sides

It's easy to ignore them, God knows I've tried

All this temptation, you know it turned my faith to lies

Until I couldn't see the danger or hear the rising tide."

- Verse in "Take It Back" by Pink Floyd


"He who does not know God knows nothing else as it truly is."

- Jonathan Edwards

Did you know that the government has a gargantuan program called "Among the Wonders" designed to brilliantly spotlight really bad shit everywhere so you will finally know what you should finally be doing to be finally good and wholesome and righteous dammit?

Hollywood is specifically charged with showcasing the evils of society so you'll learn already here's what's bad, don't do that. How's it doing? After thrashing about in the evils for so long it appears to be eating itself alive with the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal, opening the flood gates of accusations by powerful media victims against powerful media personnel.

The New York Times-powered newspaper industry, now that comprises champions of integrity and character! But they have been extraordinarily tepid reporting about certain individuals with whom they've been really chummy, refusing to comprehensively cover the treasonous activity of powerful people who get a pass because they screech the loudest about advancing the things the Times think everyone in society should be doing.

The U.S. Congress can valiantly represent our interests from across the nation! Except that it has been exposed as one large racketeering operation, not only looking the other way when obvious criminal acts are committed at the highest levels of politics, but actually being complicit in the shakedown of taxpayers. The big news recently is several establishment Republicans are stepping down because they see the writing on the wall.

Wall Street seems to be swimming in popularity now, but nothing has changed from the delightfully wonderful time we were having before September of 2008, or October of 1929 for that matter. The exceptionally impotent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is like that fake wrestling referee who watches every insane move and always blurts "Annnd that's okay!"

The commercial interests? You'd think businesses would be on the front lines of goodness and wholesomeness and righteousness. Not. Even the most sincere Mom and Pop venture is already going crazy trying to be politically correct and have just the right kind of racialist or sodomist or even, yes, socialist perspective in order to survive.

How about academia, that stalwart of intelligence and erudition and smartness (and gratuitous redundancy...)? College costs for a fine intrepid young person are stratospheric, not only because powerful educrats of every stripe are finding ways to line their pockets but because it is mindnumbingly expensive to spread the humanist dogma against what so many know is Truth, Grace, and Common Sense.

Here's the thing.

These brief explanations are only what is on the surface. It may seem this is all at the core of what's happening, but it isn't, by far. I'd venture most who are paying attention are disgusted with all of what they do see here, and they may even think the whole thing should collapse very soon. It won't the Among the Wonders program is humming along quite nicely, for a very good reason.

What's actually happening then in the deep politics of each?


Hollywood. The Weinstein-et-al extravaganza only serves for more opportunities to be the greatest virtue signaling campaign ever. Anyone in this realm who isn't one of the targeted abusers will either spout about how victimized they are never mind that many of them profited handsomely from their part in whatever complicity there was or boast about how much they're above any of that behavior.

It is "I'm shocked, shocked to see gambling going on here" on steroids. Everyone is in on it. Why in the world will Hollywood come through this unscathed? It is because the people who pay and watch and enjoy their product are essentially in on it themselves and that's us. In fact the latest revolutions in computer-generated imagery and virtual reality contraptions, even stuff that goes beyond that bordering on transhumanism, makes this prospect extraordinarily frightening. We may say we're appalled, but we don't care, we keep patronizing their business, and we don't understand the breadth of it ourselves because we're doing the very same things.

It is no different than what has been happening with the Roman Catholic Church. People like their priest as much as they like Ben Affleck, they like being excused because the System protects the best rent-spewers, and even if you aren't one you can at least look like one. Which means, the real question is...

How has this whole enabling environment been established to begin with?


New York Times. Closely tied to Hollywood is journalism, and please note that every prominent journalistic effort today is governed by what the Times says and does. Newspapers are dying a painful death, however, and to avert that they are becoming more and more opinionated about things many are being openly honest that they are. The problem is they'll still zealously prattle about how objective and unbiased they are.

The underlying truth is they do unabashedly propagate that humanist, atheist, and yes overwhelmingly racialist, sodomist, and socialist dogma because it is all they know. They rail against any reasonable challenges to it, mostly with sophisticated namecalling. And yes, as much as they smile and say "I respect all religions as pretty much the same" in whatever form they do, they are demonstrating their fully committed atheism because they truly believe anyone who has an authentic belief in some deity is a superstitious fool to be humored.

All of this is further injected into the mainstream by the legion of wanna-be spectacle creators each armed with a mobile device, easy access to a popular social media platform, and psyches filled to the brim with the System's dominant edicts of benighted conduct.

Where did this abjectly oblivious approach to spiritual truths come from?


Congress. Really, "Congress" means the entirety of the federal government the U.S. Constitution even says as much. Who knows how many criminal acts Congress persons commit and are routinely dismissed? Do you? We could go into the ways they fatten their stock portfolios by acting on legislation with financial/commercial information that helps them before it helps anyone else a perfectly "legal" insider trading. We could address their relationships with lobbyists, of course as we all hold our noses. Thing is, it is much more insidious than what you see, much because you may be on the favorable business end of such dealings.

Congress persons have also been getting away with the same kinds of sexual abuse crimes Harvey Weinstein has been accused of, and they have a special hush fund to pay off the individuals they've assaulted. Millions of taxpayer dollars are available to them, reprehensible to these Congress persons but also to the enablers the whole thing actually incentivizes victimhood! In today's immorally sexualized society what difference does it make? Just get a cushy job as a staffer, roll around on the couch a bit, cleverly intimate blackmail, and voilà! an average Joe or Josephine can have power in Washington too! Very lucrative!

What's just as wretched is if you know this is all going on and who doesn't! make sure you don't say anything until you know the New York Times will protect you, making it more worth your while to speak up with the distended amount of virtue signaling, of course. Organized crime syndicates don't do it this well.

Yet again, where on earth did this tremendously violent horror movie originate?


Wall Street. Nothing has been put in place to keep the financial power brokers from manipulating markets with impunity, setting up yet another debilitating implosion. Once again (I have shared this a number of times in this webzine but see it in very few other places), the penultimate core issue is that everyone wants their retirement cash whether it is through pensions or income security or any kind of duplicity from their preferred brokers or bankers or fund managers. When they fail as the economy tanks because of the rank institutionalized deceit, our expected returns will still be appropriated from someone else willing to be put on the value extraction altar. Already young workers are expected to continue picking up the humongous Social Security, Income Security, and Medicare tab for the myriad numbers of elderly demanding it.

As it is local municipalities across the nation are being crushed under the weight of pensions mostly for retired police and fire, so they authorize the construction of prison-block housing turning what could be vibrant residential areas into depressing modern-day tenements with none of the communal interaction that should follow. And that's even if you can have a neighborhood, many once robust residential communities are completely moribund.

Every one of those pension dollars must be extracted from somewhere, presumably property taxes invested in equities that supposedly can go nowhere but up. The Dow is presently rocketing to 24,000! Yowza! Donald Trump is why awright Donald Trump!

Where did this idea that mammon prevails among the sounds of sanctimonious pecuniary blithering come from?


Amazon. We might as well call the commercial world now because it is taking over retail and so much more. Not only is Amazon being innovative as all get-out which in and of itself is a fine thing it is on the cutting edge of being the most hearty racialist sodomist socialist company on the planet.

Why socialist when that should be about government taking over industry? Government is taking it over or really, Amazon is taking over government! Amazon has become so powerful that its rent-spewing is gigantic, lawmakers are just getting on board (see section on Congress just a bit earlier there). The latest insanity comes with Amazon's search for a new headquarters resulting in cities falling over themselves to try to get them to locate in their marvelous confines. The ugly precepts of corporate welfare are getting more entrenched every day.

Never mind how much Amazon's industry competitors and compatriots alike will still toe the political line. And never mind how much Amazon desperately wants to get into the moviemaking business, precisely the thing to market its agenda among the wonders of the other Hollywood elite mind-shapers, heart-molders, and soul-wreckers.

What, again, is ultimately at the core of this chain of events?


Academia. Very simply this is still the most instrumental force forming people's ideas about things, the university system. You can easily tell by all the money sloshing about in the most distinguished and imposing institutions-of-higher-learning, millions and millions just there much of that from their land holdings + tax exempt status + whatever massive rent-glomming they have.

The sexual revolution seems to get the most traction on college campuses, with assorted boisterous expressions of freedom and liberation and all the rest of it. When young people actually seek out experiences to validate the latest conventions they are completely waylaid. Having no grasp of the teleological character of sex, they make it up, taking pride in their novel concoctions presuming this makes them somebody, and the most brutal moral crimes ensue.

Things then get politically messy. States have been scrambling to devise "No Means No" consent laws that seem so just and proper but are worthless and impossible to enforce, ultimately because there is no transcendantly moral grounding for them. They are good for Cain's agency, I guess, because so many simply can't grasp how one's calcified woundedness moves him or her to reject a vigorous respect for persons of the opposite sex, a healthy understanding of the real nature of sexuality, and a renewed esteem for the institution of marriage.

Instead what we get is a doubling down on the System's vile version of virtue, an exceedingly ferocious emphasis on the virulent politically correct principles that all pour into everything that bilges from Hollywood and the Times and Wall Street and Washington.

The real question again is...


Where on earth does all this come from?


I happened to catch the title of a nifty looking book advertised at a webpage I visit occasionally. The Deeper State it is called, and, hey, I thought, maybe this has the stuff that gets at it. Lessee... There's some stuff on freemasonry nah, then some on Darwinism that's promising but nah, Marxism nah, there's globalism and spiritism and one-world government and power elite and, ooo!  look at this, "The Imminent Final Empire"!

Nah, nah, nah, nah, annnd nah.

Not that all of that isn't important stuff to know it is.

What drives that, however?

You need look no further than the building right around the corner from your house. It is that Roman Catholic church, or even the sold-out Protestant church highly Catholicized being fully contracted with Rome through its own non-profit tax-exempt standing.

What they call "church" is the temple edifice of the properly Catholicized Nation, but it isn't there because of the insidious conspiratorial plot to do this bad thing or that bad thing. It is right there by your home because it must be by your home, that's where it starts, ultimately. It is there because God set it in motion millennia ago to constrain the inevitable horrors that people do to one another when they refuse to call on the name of the Lord.

"Calling on the name of the Lord" explicitly and categorically means humbly seeking forgiveness and healing through the saving work of Christ a contemptible notion to the humanist who must, through the grandly magnificent Among the Wonders program, brazenly exhibit how splendidly terrific he or she is.

Who arranges all that, who is truly administering the deepest politics of academia, propelling the Hollywood-Washington-Wall Street power-elite activity?

Which organization has 28 institutions of higher learning in its membership and are among the most respected in the world? Which university among them is essential to fashioning public policy right in the heart of Washington D.C? Which small group of men, no more than 16,000 or so worldwide, possess the brilliant acumen, the industrious aptitude, the sworn commission, and the ready access to the vast resources to arrange all of this?

Even better, how many homes have on display the symbols of their work the idols of churchianity or the reflections of whatever alternative spiritual lifestyle adaptations there are or anything that demonstrates that the home's inhabitants are devotees of the realm?

So there it is...


Church. That's the institution making it all happen, but only at the behest of sinners who ask it to do so. The order of rule in the World devotee's life is always first the human heart, then the Church Militant given the task of its regulation. The Hollywood/Times/Amazon network follows to arrange the spectacle and only then do the effectual bureaucrat/technocrat/autocrats toady along.

When you grasp this truth, and when you understand the characteristics of a World System in bloom through the proficient work of the Society of Jesus, then you can better see why it happens this way.

The ultimate goal is to direct people's attention away from Jesus Christ and to some other "savior," someone who comes in the form of a hundred different concoctions of Jesus, certainly why the Society is named as such. In the Catholicist Nation it may certainly be the Pope I mean Francis is now the most innovative when it comes to urging us to have more racialist sodomist socialist sensitivity, he truly is.

But it can also be a wholesome film star how many will emerge as the ones not doing nasty sexual things with the measure of their power? Oh I now like them! It could be a trusted newscaster the most acclaimed are the new talk show breed, the Jimmy Kimmels and Stephen Colberts and Samantha Bees who parrot the favored humanist dogma for good laughs. Barack Obama is a good choice I mean he did come up with Obamacare ("It must be sustained someway maybe repeal but replace for sure!") which even though it is destroying the health care industry, it is good for getting people to worship you ("Obama will take care of my hip replacement!")

Ironically it could even be Donald Trump, who recently got some press for saying, "The opioid crisis is a crisis." Yeah. A little slow on the uptake there, just another reality star pontificating. The opioid crisis is merely a glaring symptom of the tremendously profound truth that people in their souls do get it.

Some do open their eyes and ears and discover the terrifying nature of the System propaganda splashed about with pretentious pedestal-propped people laboring under Cain's industry preparing to dine on them, they do. With Christ they find strength to overcome it. Without Him, as is the case with so many young people today having no clue about Him and being pushed into those alternate spiritualities they just want to deaden the pain even if it means being dead.

This is the disturbing end game for a firmly entrenched legacy. God so loves those under its control, He is terribly grieved by it all, but I believe He allows it because He wants people to do exactly what they did at the very end of the treatise on the establishment of the World System itself, there in the fourth chapter of Genesis. It is so they would simply call on Him.

See the phenomenon for what it is, accept one's own part in enabling it, then honestly, lucidly, graciously turn 180 degrees the other way toward the Kingdom.

Accept the freely bestowed gift of eternal life and joy and peace from the hands (and feet) of the One Who Died So You Could Have It.


By the way, there is an official title of the Among the Wonders program. It was set forth by Rome in an official statement binding on all Catholicists in 1963 when the "revolution" was well under way.

Inter Mirifica.

Latin for "Among the Wonders."

I close with what Tupper Saussy wrote about it in Rulers of Evil. This is in Chapter Nine, "Securing Confidence." Read it yourself, the whole chapter. I invite you to read the entire book, it is online.


The quality of entertainment's content was decreed in a section of Inter Mirifica encouraging the "chronicling, the description or representation of moral evil [which] can, with the help of the means of social communication and with suitable dramatization, lead to a deeper knowledge and analysis of man and to a manifestation of the true and the good in all their splendor." Emboldened by this papal decree, social communicators since 1965 [sic] have pushed the constitutional guarantees of "free speech" to the limit by chronicling, describing, and representing moral evil with such progressively vivid, repulsive, prurient, yet often appealing detail that entertainment has become, in the opinion of many, a veritable technological "how to" of moral evil. It clearly does not lead audiences to a deeper appreciation of Holy Scripture. This fact identifies entertainment today as a successful Jesuit theatrical mission. (Emphasis in originial)

During its four centuries of existence, the Jesuit education/theatrical enterprise has produced a proud, poised, and imaginative candidate...


For those who may be despairing right now of the future grand success of Inter Mirifica, no worries. Be secure in Christ's embrace, walk with Him through your daily life, and let the System do its thing for now, even praying for those in it as Christ tells us our battle isn't with them but with the spiritual ruler of the System who keeps them in his grip.

Talk with a few people about Christ.

Know too that on the last day the devil and this domain will perish when Christ returns and whatever usefulness they've had will be over.



"Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger's voice." Jesus used this figure of speech, but the Pharisees did not understand what he was telling them.

- Jesus, opening words of the 10th chapter of John



  • The lines in the opening tease quote are about more consideration of the environment, and while doing things to protect our environment is a fine thing, what emanates from man's heart that forms the body of death described above relates just as well, and is much more significant - even for environmental concerns.

  • Again, some glossary items. Racialism: insistence on every negative thing in life being about racism, mostly accompanied by the incessant browbeating of whites as guilty of "systemic racism." Sodomism: enthusiastic endorsement of unconventional sexual related practices that are otherwise moral crimes, most notable among them today are homosexual activity and transgender expressions. Socialism: government control of resources to the extent that private individuals' decisions regarding their own resources must be comprehensively regulated by government, often accompanied by redistribution of the wealth generated by the use of those resources. Here is a page with a bit more on what I then called "the Agenda," encompassing all the racialist, sodomist, and socialist material that is so destructive.

  • Here's a page with links to the System powers including some elucidations and the Kingdom alternative. Click the one that's titled "World Operative Development" to check out the names of the 28 most powerful organizations in the world. Click the one titled "The Public Relations Arm" and you'll get a list of the small number of corporate powers behind just about every media-generated item that goes into your brain. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Time, Newsweek, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and a handful of other powerful journalistic-oriented firms are just subdivisions of the New York Times, which in turn is the mouthpiece of Rome. Fox, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and a others like them are more conservative, but just as Catholicist in their approach - in fact the three mentioned in this sentence are all owned by Rupert Murdoch, who while he himself may not be a Catholic proper, his wife is Catholic and he himself has been awarded a papal knighthood. It may also be noted that Amazon's billionaire owner Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post, and Carlos Slim, also one of the richest men in the world and himself a Maronite Catholic, owns a majority stake in the New York Times.

  • Here's a catalog of some of the Jesuses people worship. Take a look and see if yours is there, unless it is the Real One.

  • The way churches are sold out to Rome no matter how Protestant - or Buddhist or Muslim or even Humanist - is here.

  • A page with more on Tupper Saussy's work revealing the inner workings of the System and its Inter Mirifica is here. The "sic" in his cited passage is because Inter Mirifica was promulgated in late 1963. It may be that Saussy was merely making reference to the wider instigation of its impact.

  • Here is a brief regarding of how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the World System. What were the Inter Mirifica showcased things that led to people turning from them and calling on the name of the Lord? Here's a link to the fourth chapter of Genesis to learn more. Here's a bit more on Cain's legacy.

  • (June 2022 full disclosure note: The author of this piece is presently earning a pension for his long service as a school teacher. Some things about that in light of the substance in the home page piece here: (1) I have legitimately earned it, (2) I am still working in vibrant ministry for little or no pay and anticipate doing so until I am called Home, (3) government still mismanages people's pension funds especially with policies that result in inflation destroying the value of fixed incomes. This last point is essentially the reality highlighted in the piece. Furthermore (4) it is still the truth that the Kingdom and those fully devoted to its flourishing would do a much better job of caring for anyone's value assignments.)

  • Some thoughts about the One Who Is Truth, Grace, and The Common Sense are here.



January-February 2018

"Things that are ultimately complex must have a simple end user experience if they are to be successful."

- Homaro Cantu, renowned inventor, engineer, and chef

Every day I catch evidences of the System's grip on the minds and hearts of World inhabitants. Sure these are the surface realities, but it is not hard to see from the steaming foam what is deeper beneath with a modest diet of Scripture, history, and current events, as well as a rudimentary discernment of propaganda.

The final Los Angeles Times editorial in the issue of December 21, the evening having the most darkness of any in the year, was from James Martin (pictured on the right). Don't know James Martin? He's essentially the Confessor of America, prominent Jesuit scholar and popular sophisticate more formally the editor-at-large of the Society's widely distributed publication appropriately titled America.

The piece was "A tough life in Nazareth," and it was about how difficult it was for Jesus growing up pretty standard "Jesus was a humble man" stuff except that it was much more a pretext for the most robust racialist and socialist browbeating. The clearly implicit message: If you are a white male with some wealth and you don't participate in the System's confiscatory program of codependent enabling, then you are guilty of despicable moral crimes indeed, you are no friend of Jesus.

So cough it up, bub er, excuse me, put another dollar in the plate sir, and then we'll say a blessing for you. Thanks.

When I opened my Times a few days later on Sunday the 24th, the first full page ad there on page A5 was for Loyola Marymount University, the self-proclaimed "University of Silicon Beach." A beautiful college building with a single large red bow over the doors was accentuated by a brilliantly lit, splendidly decorated Christmas tree. A very powerful image conveying the delightfully imposing nature of the school, particularly for influencing the commercial interests emanating from the western Los Angeles area.

Look up "Silicon Beach" and you'll find it is the home of a smattering of up-and-coming tech firms, just as you'd think: the budding "Silicon Valley" of southern California. One of those firms is Snapchat, along with Instagram the most used social media platform for millennials today.

LMU is located up on a hill right smack in the middle of all that. One of "The Great 28" (their designation), it is a member school in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, and as such a critical conduit for the Society to propagate the message of Cain's legacy: Live by the precepts of the city and trust in the prince, for his conception of God is the one that will keep you safely in the mainstream.


I don't think I could taste the produce of their harvest any more bitterly than in the major motion picture Get Out. I'd heard it was terrific, and as a bit of horror film fan I'm always looking for good ones. Yet I was annoyed by what appeared to be in the movie: Was this going to be about a black man being mercilessly tormented by a white racist family? Was it?

I'd asked some who'd seen it. No, it really isn't about that, I was told. It's just a good horror movie, they said.

So I saw it.



[Spoiler alert.]

A film that is wholly and unabashedly about shamelessly microaggressing white people empowering a "middle America" white family to surgically implant the brains of dying family members into black people is not racialist in the worst sense possible?

Are you kidding me?

That this was as extraordinarily well-made, widely distributed, hugely popular, and greatly celebrated as it was is testament to the overwhelming power of System operatives at the most arcane layers of Cain's legacy to clench the souls of the unwitting and unwilling. The idea that this was just a movie? You can't get much better evidence than the Get Out ad covering the December 3rd Times. Blaring across the page was the claim this film was "the movie for the world we live in today."

This pull quote from a Time magazine review leaves no mistaking the substance of the recommended sentiments: Get Out is undeniably an accurate metaphor of the reality that blacks are endlessly hunted down by whites nefariously trying to make them catatonic Stepford people.

Furthermore you are just plain evil if you do not have the proper narrative coursing through your cranium: White people are inherently racist, black people are always threatened by them, and the more virtue signaling you do, the more entitlement demands you make, and the more intractable victimhood you claim the more you will be awarded your due reparations.

Wow, really that now classic look of harrowing entrancement on the face of actor Daniel Kaluuya forever lost in "the sunken place," it just as much applies to this.

I came across this mindset in all its glory from a conversation I had with a black girl in my classroom, one we had openly and respectfully before the entire class. I had given an assignment to my students asking them about their main fears, for the purpose of then sharing with them the results of a survey that demonstrated most Americans fear things like identity theft, cyber attacks, biological or chemical warfare, and the number one response: government corruption not much of a surprise.

Sure enough many of these 17 year-olds wrote down things like death of a loved one, speaking before a crowd, even spiders yeah, they're not quite adults yet.

This young lady put down "the KKK, because it's still around." I thought, wow, this gal does feel that someday someway a Klansman is going to harm her. I genuinely wondered, how many blacks feel as she does? (From the zealous World inhabitant peanut gallery: "NOW you're getting it you finally woke now formerly racist ignoramus!")

Still the question: Where did she (and many other blacks and racialists) get this idea? Was it really from legions of racist white males incessantly assaulting thousands of black individuals across the country forcing them to hole up in their basements? I'll certainly be tarred "naïve" at this point from erudite racialists who will spout about any number of systemically exploitive items, I got that. Still, the question, from where do these considerations originate?

This student continued by regaling us with this story. When she attended a private Catholic school, she was microaggressed constantly you know, "So do your kind of people really like fried chicken and watermelon?" that kind of thing. She complained to an administrator, who responded with dismissive excuses. She told this story because of the abject disappointment she felt, intimating that this confirmed to her that everyone was in on it.

Very much like the whole tenor of Get Out.

This was an anecdotal story, yes. But is it not symptomatic of the vibrant ecclesiastical contribution to spreading the World's propaganda?

A colleague the other day handed me a copy of Foreign Affairs, the main publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that not a few believe is one of those they're-really-evil-and-really-run-things-in-the-world entities. This was just a friendly gesture, my friend has no axe to grind, he's actually a retired civics teacher and the nicest guy on the planet. It happened to be the most recent issue in fact, January/February 2018. I'd never read their material before, and I thought, hmm, let's see what they have to say...

Sure enough the very first article was "America's Original Sin" all about how the legacy of slavery still haunts us now. Ahh, I see. Makes sense if the CFR is indeed as influential as they say it is. More indoctrination about how racist we are, and wait...

What's this. Three pages in, a full page ad for the Walsh School of Foreign Service, at Georgetown University. A little before halfway through the magazine is yet another ad for Georgetown, this one for the "World's Leading MA Program in Security Studies."

Let us be your security.

This is precisely what Cain says to the faithful.

We are your security we are all there is.

None of this isn't within the purview of God's economy. Please don't think me presumptuous, I'm just sharing what I read in His word. One of the reasons all the racialism is so noteworthy is because it is designed to get people to engage in rebellion against the ordained governing authorities namely those very agents operating under Cain's legacy.


You hear it all the time. I'd say, however, that most who holler and rage against the potentates if it's Donald Trump how much more justified dammit! have little comprehension of Scripture and the scantest insight into what's really happening in the larger scheme of things.

Look at bitcoin, the rage among alternative virtual currencies, right now on the wildest roller coaster of value fluctuations. It's been on a ride for some years now, and recently it has been in a frenzy because while a lot of people veritably know that you simply can't use math to keep a value assignment stable, thousands of powerful financiers are pushing back with an impassioned desire to resist the machinations that presently govern the dollar, so much so that they desperately want cryptocurrencies to work.

We'll show you, you malevolent Federal Reserve!

It's the exact same obsessive sentiment as

We'll show you we can really be not a racist!

The best part is you can have James Martin readily channel the deep politics mandarins to vigorously lead your crusading. Whichever, works either way for the Church Militant, they're good, you're putty in their hands. That's the way it is supposed to be, it is completely legitimate the deception, the disinformation, the institutionalized hypnotic seduction is all standard, all authoritative. Cain is just doing his job.

And he does it well because it is true we are all indeed racists.

Wait a minute! That's exactly the point! "Systemic racism through and through"! Get it?

No, the gross misconception is this: I'm not a racist because I'm white, I'm a racist because I'm a sinner. And I'm not a sinner because of Adam, I'm a sinner because of me.*

I'm a murderer, a liar, a thief, a lecher, and a fool. I'm not being glib at all, it's just reality. Until I recognized that reality I could never come to repentance, and then to my Savior.

The next step is to, yeah, quite ironically get out. Get out from under the clutches of the System and go dwell joyfully and richly in the Kingdom where there is forgiveness, mercy, salvation, life authentic community. In a very real sense I do understand the girl's fears about everyone being in on it. Look at how many of them clutch their civic voting privileges, their employee tax classifications, their non-profit pressure group ingratiations, their God club memberships Caesar don't hurt me can't you see I'm on the rolls look can't you see don't hurt me.

Secure in the embrace of Jesus who set all this in motion for a reason, who even told me I'd face everyone being against me, sometimes in the most lethal ways I don't fear them. Abiding in Christ is extraordinarily dangerous, but it is so very good.

Many like the System's lords better. That's fine. God allows them to.

But as long as you do, you'll be subject to Caesar's work to ruthlessly mitigate and summarily prosecute at will. With advances in technology it is getting to be much more effective, what with dozens of "smart" city gadgetries being implemented. Weaponized drone deployment is nearly commonplace. All of this is just short of the imminent transhuman innovations so the governance is implanted right there in our brains.

To make it all meaningful disruptions and disturbances of all sorts must be diffused and distended, and showcasing the bogeymen of systemic racists and wealthy kleptomaniacs is an important component of that. Even so, much of these are merely wholesale distractions from the major destabilizations out there some certainly involving real genocidal programs in several countries deliberately arranged to either destroy you or embolden Caesar to keep your eyes off of Christ and His words.

It all works perfectly well for the Society's aims. They are so insidiously proficient that I'm not even sure they need all this. Seems like they've pretty much captured the hearts and souls of the next generation just on the strength of Hollywood and social media platforms. So many young people parroting the party line they're already catatonic Stepford people.


Funny, in my devotional time I happened to be reading from Matthew, chapter 13 to be exact. The Parable of the Sower is there, the one about the seed the very word of God. Some won't hear because they allow World Ops to snatch it away. Some hear with joy but are consumed by the riches or worries of the World they inhabit. The key is that in each of these circumstances

They had the word right there the whole time.

There is no excuse.

Why didn't they pay attention? Why didn't they understand what's really going on? Why didn't they give it up and let God do His bountiful work their lives to produce a crop a hundred times as great?

Jesus told us God gave Isaiah the answer 700 years before. Right smack in between the parable and the explanation.

"You look but don't see. You hear but don't listen. If you did you'd be okay. Instead you're toast."

Yeah I know that's a rough translation. But that's pretty much it.

There was an interesting verse there in that chapter that I hadn't gathered before. I'd read Matthew a dozen times, but just didn't hold on to this one part. Shame on me.

It is the one about the scribe. Some versions have it "teacher of the law," but in many cases establishing the law required writing it down. It caught my eye this time because I work at being a good scribe. This web effort, my blogging, my teaching I do a lot of scribing. But here is Jesus saying something that I can now put in my heart as a fine treasure.

"Every scribe who has become a disciple of the Kingdom is like the homeowner who brings out of his storeroom new things as well as old."

I do my best here, trying to elucidate the distinction between the World and the Kingdom, maybe get a few readers to consider Christ.

What an encouragement from my Lord.

There are some who understand, and know Him.

Old things are good new things are good too.

I can only humbly pray that after reading these words here there'd be a few more with whom I may worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.



"'These people honor me with their lips

but their hearts are far from me.

They worship me in vain

their teachings are merely rules taught by men.'"


Jesus called the crowd to Him and said, "Listen and understand. What goes into a person's mouth does not defile him, but what comes out of their mouth, that's what defiles them."

Then the disciples came to Him and asked, "Do you know the Pharisees were offended when they heard this?"

He replied, "Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. Leave them, they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit."


- Matthew, 15th chapter, 8th to 13th verses

Jesus is referring to a passage from the 29th chapter of Isaiah




  • *Special note about the substance of this brief paragraph. The seasoned postmodern racialist will claim, "You may indeed not be a racist yourself - you may be a good person otherwise. You're a racist because of your tribe, your white privileged narrative community, and we're simply demanding a reckoning." The incoherency of postmodernism may certainly be addressed and has in this webzine effort. Nonetheless the Society is presently quite relentless in hammering this mindset into the psyches of racialists. And while there is genuine theological veracity to the concept of original sin. unless I acknowledge my own personal responsibility in destroying my life and the lives of those around me by my sinfulness, I can never know Christ, the Kingdom, and the freedom therein.

  • The gentleman on the left with James Martin in the photograph that leads this piece is Stephen Colbert, today one of the preeminent mind and heart shapers - particularly of millennials.

  • Here is the text of Martin's piece in the Los Angeles Times.

  • My previous home page piece got a bit into how the Society employs the media to make the world more racialist. Again: Racialism: insistence on every negative thing in life being about racism, mostly accompanied by the incessant browbeating of whites as guilty of "systemic racism."

  • Here is a page with a bit more on the totality of all the racialist propaganda that is so destructive, along with the reasons postmodernism is a bankrupt philosophy even though the entire institutionalized racialist movement is founded on it. Some thoughts about the authoritative disinformation program are here.

  • Here is a home page piece in which I touched a bit on the bitcoin phenomena. Here's one about the god The Algorithm.

  • Here is a brief regarding of how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the World System. What is this with "Cain"? "Caesar"? Here are some definitions. Go to this page for more on Cain's vast prosecution network - click "World Operative Development" for more on "The Great 28", and click "The Policy Arm" for Georgetown's website.

  • A detailed rationale for "getting out" is here. What that worship community would look like is here, with further practical steps to become untethered to the System here.

  • Some thoughts about Jesus Christ are here.



March-April 2018


The carnivorous idol of "religious liberty" is now so illustrious that a group of Satanists have sued Missouri to keep the state from telling them that abortionists murder children, on the grounds that because of their religious beliefs they should be shielded from the offense of such information.

Makes sense. Foolish Christian-minded people make the very same appeal to Caesar whenever they feel forced to do something objectionable what's the difference?

What makes this incident more telling is that the Satanists admit they don't even worship Satan. They merely like the Satanic idea that you should be able to do whatever you want to do, and in the case of the abortion, that you should be able to control your own body.

A pro-lifer would correctly point out that the baby has his/her own body as well, and he/she should be allowed to fully exercise his/her right to live. The Satanist replies that the claim "The unborn is a human life" is a religious one, and that he/she should not be subjected to a dictate derived from a religious belief.

The problem is the statement "I should not be forced to do a given thing" is also a religious claim the Satanist tries to clarify this by boasting they follow science but that they do so as best as they understand it, I imagine to wiggle out of their logical recklessness.

I'd love to go on with this, slavering at dissecting it all and elucidating the robust truths, demonstrating conclusively that the zygote/embryo/fetus is scientifically a human being by every widely accepted standard of scientific methodology... but one more thing about this caught my eye.

It was an added claim about the steady devotion of the non-Satan-worshipping Satanist, quoted verbatim from the news story US News and World Report, January 28 2018:

"Though the organization is described as dedicated to Satanic practice and promotion of Satanic rights, it's actually a progressive political organization that sees the biblical Satan as a metaphor, and their mission as rebellion against tyranny."

I urge you to read F. Tupper Saussy's book Rulers of Evil, 20th chapter pages 203 to 224. There you will discover that the entrancing notion of "rebellion against tyranny" is indeed a thoroughly Satanic idea, one which has been widely promulgated for millennia and which millions of well-meaning Christians also zealously endorse.

I am fascinated by how Rome generates these circumstances. How does it so proficiently captivate the minds and hearts of so many millions of people, those whom I tend to identify as Catholicists? A "catholicist" may be the most rabidly atheist secularist, the most rigidly religious Protestant, or even the most clueless about anything Roman Catholic at all, yet still they all fervently do the bidding of those extraordinarily gracious and eloquent professors in the black robes.

This webzine has spent years detailing much of how it all happens, I invite you to take a peek around if this is your first time visiting.


Recently though I'd heard about a nifty new work from the very intelligent Niall Ferguson. I frequently peek at his stuff, The Ascent of Money was an excellent treatise on the history of economics. His latest is The Square and the Tower, and I just had to snatch it up. After all it is all about networks.


That's it right there, man. Ferguson is a top-notch historian, prolific writer, Harvard professor and everything. Of course straight-away I eagerly scanned the index to find the hundreds of references to Rome and the Jesuits and found piddle. There do happen to be a few references to the Catholic Church and to the Jesuits, but they are all incidental.

The most important network for prosecuting System activity is nonexistent in the most detailed exposition on networks yet.

Not surprised though. For while Ferguson is really smart, he has little spiritual insight. Please don't get me wrong, he may be a quite virtuous individual, but being a pretty devout Catholicist himself, he can't see the core reasons why the networks operate as they do. 99% of the book is a disjointed catalog of quasi-formidable networks through history pleasantly instructive, but a yawner.

There was really no meaning tying it all together.

For instance take a look at, coincidentally, his 20th chapter, where Ferguson examines the budding but quite ominous Masonic network involved in propelling the American Revolution, spotlighting the formal social connections people like Paul Revere had with others who fomented it. Interesting yes, but not meaningful.

There is meaning, however. There is a reason the American Revolution progressed as it did, and why Rome continues to industriously provoke people to rebellion. For that you must look in another Book.

Really. I'll even tell you about some places to look. Try out the fourth chapter of Genesis. There you'll see the establishment of The Network first called a city, managed by The Builder the first human sacrificer its superintendent, its current manifestation the present legion of powerful individuals girding it through whatever network Rome subsidizes as Ferguson exhaustively documents there are thousands of them.

To Ferguson's credit, he does say some phenomenal things at the very end when he gets around to flatly telling the reader what the square and the tower mean. It's pretty much what you'd think it is the metaphor comes from the renowned Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy. You've got this spacious plaza next to an imposing tower, the square where enterprising people may discursively connect, the tower where ordained potentates can authoritatively administer.

What he says on pages 422 and 423 is indeed edifying perhaps quite unwittingly the seasoned secular scientistically-minded historian cites items regarding what will happen as already brilliantly explicated two millennia ago in Revelation.


It is no longer a mere possibility that this [information technology augmented] network can be instrumentalized by corrupt oligarchs or religious fanatics to wage a new and unpredictable kind of war in cyberspace. That war has commenced. Indices of geopolitical risk suggest that conventional and even nuclear war may not be far behind. Nor can it be ruled out that a 'planetary superorganism' created by the Dr Strangeloves of artificial intelligence may one day run amok, calculating - not incorrectly - that the human race is by far the biggest threat to the long-run survival of the planet itself and exterminating the lot of us.  


While he is too quick to pin the apocalypse on renegade A.I. (part of the system he gives the epithet "cognisphere" I love it!) there is no question Ferguson wants us to grasp the truth of the immense temporal power people in networks gain, especially when controlled by Rome even when a given network so ravenously opposes it. Ferguson confesses himself, "Revolutions are networked phenomena." Sure, but do you know what is actually going on in the networks and who's really yanking the members' cords?

What? Are you reminding me that I've considered Ferguson oblivious to Rome's true devices?

Ahh, make sure you take note of this nifty part right there at the very end of the main substance of his work.


Six centuries ago the Torre del Mangia cast a long shadow over the Piazza del Campo... The tower's height was to make a point: it reached exactly the same elevation as the city's cathedral, which stood on Siena's highest hill, symbolizing the parity of temporal and spiritual hierarchies.


The cathedral is Rome.

As much as Ferguson extols the virtues of the vast new I.T. rejection of the "vertical," at its most fundamental level it is an energetically necessary part of it. The extent to which the I.T. mandarins work seamlessly with the System Operatives they'll get even the most erudite observers to be convinced the "horizontal" will save them.


As World War II ended and the hue and cry rang out (yet again) for a kinder and gentler planet, the International Monetary Fund was formed as the economic equivalent to the United Nations. While the World Bank is suited for development, the IMF was established as a crisis mediator moving in whenever a wayward nation needed some shoring up.

What IMF officials discovered in the initial inaugurations was that many nations expressed a desire to "pool their sovereignty" uh-huh, become more horizontal. This meant yielding to programs that reduced the oppressively debilitating corruption and increased the amount of delightfully good things a bit more transparency, a bit more accountability, a bit more rigor in nourishing a civil society.

This meant a greater desire to adhere to the principles of international law.

Whenever you see anything related to international law So wholesome! So robust! So splendid! make sure you emit some measure of appreciation to the one who invented it, none other than Francisco Suarez, preeminent Jesuit who scholastically lived out the true meaning of the term catholic, or "universal" I imagine today "global" is a decent synonym.

It is fascinating that half the U.S. is so vigorously rejecting globalization, what with their ardent confidence in Donald Trump to valiantly fend it off. The nouveau nationalism is in a real sense the protracted rebellion against the international order and all it advocates. The Jesuit Order is the System's network, and violently pushing against it is precisely what they want. Really, think about it, it is the most massive global revolution against the global! Damn these guys are good.

All the upright institutions of the System Network may claim to toil industriously to end the baaad things among institutional power brokers the world 'round, but they don't. They incite it so millions of technocrats can have jobs, mostly to ensure "pooling the sovereignty" means other countries are saddled with complicity in their corruption. Right now the battling networks are streamlining, coalescing, and building entrenchments (huzzah Francisco Suarez!) until the final ministry has its fulfillment.

That ministry? What's that? Stay tuned...

I actually did enjoy some parts of Ferguson's book. There were wonderful descriptions of the networks with which we're most familiar, from the more conventionally evil ones of Stalin and Hitler to the rousingly dynamic ones of Facebook and Twitter.

But again, he's got little there about the deep System and nothing on the Kingdom.

The Kingdom? What does that network look like?


I happened to come across an interesting piece about the tremendous deficiencies of social media. It was called "Can Facebook Erase the Threat of 'Truth Decay'?" by Stephen Scott it wasn't even in any listed publication, merely appearing in a web aggregator I frequent, Real Clear Markets.

Scott speaks about the feeble attempts by Facebook (along with Google, Twitter, and all the others for that matter) to weed out the lies. Really, in essence, Facebook itself wants to be your friend, it longs to intrepidly protect you from baaad things you shouldn't be seeing. It is a foolishly hopeless endeavor, much of that because the journalistic efforts that go into it read: New York Times are themselves so benighted that the "social media network" is dying a slow torturous death.

He then introduces a very profound concept, and one that is quite simple actually. It is the maintenance of a "personal trust network," that group of people you know and understand and love and who themselves know you and understand you and love you. This network simply cannot be sustained in cyberspace there must be genuine physical proximity among the members.

I might add that for a personal trust network to have any significance at all to begin with, Someone must be unconditionally invited, the only Source of love there is: Jesus Christ. The key is that the only way you may know truth is to know Him. It is a rapturous thing to thrive in a Kingdom network by fellowshipping with others who enthusiastically consider worship of Him paramount.

An important reminder Tupper Saussy provides in ROE is the existence of three ministries a ministry simply a formal activity in which some people meet the needs of other people in some way. It is Scripture's way of speaking about networks.

The first is the ministry of sin. Not much exposition required here, except that there are many institutions that augment people's evildoing and get paid well to do so. Much networking is involved to keep this humming, and The Square and the Tower is all over that.

The second is the ministry of condemnation. Every agency, church, bank, commercial enterprise, service organization in the employ of Caesar through his rent-distribution network are vibrant parts of this. A difficult truth is that this ministry is fully established by God shouting about how free you are or should be doesn't relax the force of its grip. These two ministries wrestle viciously with each other and that interminable engagement is the life blood of the System.

The third is the ministry of reconciliation. This is the work of Jesus Christ, and true authentic forgiveness, mercy, grace, joy, peace, brotherhood, and life come through Him. The Kingdom is His followers self-sacrificially exhibiting His love by sharing Him with others. The System has its counterfeits, thousands of them, but only in the Kingdom network can one find healing, salvation, and deep abiding relationship.

I'd like to present two more ministries that are just as important, supported biblically just as the previous three are. They are not explicitly cited in Scripture, but their veracity is quite clear. We don't think much about them because right now followers of Christ are doing things related to both only in the context of their reconciliation tasks: one because of our continuing ministry to the Jewish people, the other because of our anticipation of the return of Christ.

The fourth ministry is the ministry of preparation. This was and is no more, manifest in the nation of Israel setting up the conditions for Jesus to complete His reconciliatory work. The establishment of the law was an indispensable part of this ministry, just as the enforcement of the law is a critical component of the ministry of condemnation today.

The fifth ministry is the ministry of consummation. This is still to come, when the things we see happening right now leading to the last days find their culmination in the eschatological truths transpiring when Jesus returns. Yes, the horrors described in Revelation and briefly addressed in The Square and the Tower will come to be, but Jesus holds His own as a Shepherd does his flock.

Please, I'm not a dispensationalist, I'm far from being that sophisticated.

But these are the networks, the most important ones.

Networks are very important ministries are very important.

The question above all questions is...

Which one are you in?




  • It is true that the thing "scientific methodology" is itself based on religious foundations and nothing really scientific per se, but then I am not against the religious and moral bases of scientific enterprise - it is the atheist who is against it. Here is a page with some thoughts about this thing science.

  • This thing religious liberty can easily be an idol when someone appeals to it instead of to the truth. Starting any statement with "It's just that I believe..." concedes the issue to the relativist/postmodernist. Here is a page with a bit more on religious liberty, and here is one with some on postmodernism.

  • A fine website with the scientific facts of a pre-born baby's humanity - again by all standard biological measures of that which fully constitutes a human life - is here. Statements from textbooks using clear, definitive scientific evidences are here.

  • The quote "Revolutions are a networked phenomena" is on page 308 in Ferguson's book. For a fine description of the features of Caesar's overbearing bureaucratic operation, check out pages 348-349. I'd share more such highlights but again, it all really doesn't amount to much more than eloquent whining about bad governance things of the kind that's been bilged for millennia. Nothing really new here.

  • The material on the IMF was gleaned from a recent talk by Sean Hagan, the Director of the Legal Department at the IMF.

  • The ultrapowerful tech companies futilely trying to weed out the lies is actually an affront to those in the occupation specifically working regularly to do just that: teachers. That education is so readily dismissed here demonstrates that schools have been so co-opted by the System that they are considered impotent and of no matter.

  • For more on Tupper Saussy's work, check out this page.

  • Here is the sitemap for the webzine to further travel through the striking contrast between the System and Kingdom networks.

  • A list of the many counterfeit Jesuses is here. The ways churches act as agencies of Cain's work is here. A bit of exposition about this Catholicist nation is here.

  • At the cost of tremendous brevity, here is a succinct explanation of how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the World System that so controls the thinking of so many.

  • For a truly sobering description of the end of man that isn't Revelation, and isn't even in the New Testament, read this from the prophet Zephaniah.

  • Some thoughts about Grace And Truth are here.



May-June 2018

"...There are some who are ignorant of God - I say this to your shame."

- 34th verse, 15th chapter of the First Letter to the Corinthians

"He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures."

- 45th verse, 24th chapter of Luke


"Whom the gods destroy, they first make mad."

-Sophocles, 441 B.C, then Longfellow in 1875, then anyone presently given to insightful understanding

Recently Gentleman's Quarterly magazine put out its list of most overrated books, and sure enough the Bible was on it. "Repetitive, self-contradictory, sententious, foolish, and even at times ill-intentioned," they wrote. Among the better books were Olivia: a Novel, the story of a teenage girl who falls for her female instructor.

Such is today's paid and sworn System megaphone-holding cultural apparatchik.

Among the thousands of hit-piece spectacles recently was one on CBS' 60 Minutes, one I happened to catch but simply had to turn off about halfway through because it became so pukifying. It was another sexualist blab by the CBS News crew featuring correspondent Lesley Stahl. Not going to go into the substance, but I will define this idea of sexualism, if you'll allow me. I think another term would be better but I have yet to see it.

Sexualism: the idea some bad thing is happening because men hate women in some entrenched, systemic sense, so the most interminably strident censure of men is in order. It is sort of a push-back against a perceived chauvinistic misogyny and involves the most nauseating institutionalized virtue signaling: all of us righteous journalist artistes vigorously compelling the deepest veneration of Caesar valiantly defending the ___ [fill in the blank with any of an even modestly considered victimized class]. (And don't even try if you are a card-carrying member of the rigidly unwoke white heteropatriarchy.) (Even though those GQ guys are still very fashionable, I have to admit...)

It is among the most wretched disinformation practices to scatter this kind of language throughout the most prominent journalistic enterprises. It is as simple as what appeared in an item about a woman who ran her car off a cliff along the Pacific Coast Highway in northern California killing her adopted children. The story mentioned that dying with them in the vehicle was "her wife."

This is exactly the same as calling the adult woman there with her "her raccoon" or "her bowl of pistachio ice cream." A woman cannot have a wife. Sure a lot of intelligent but extraordinarily misled people can think and feel and say that two men may marry or two women may marry, but it doesn't make it so. I may say I'm the Eiffel Tower and I'd likely be recommended for an extensive psychological examination.

Whenever I see or hear things like this I always wonder, where did this individual get this idea? It did come from somewhere. Someone somewhere is saying things loudly and widely and brazenly that sound really good but are truly very foolish. It is done to destabilize society, yet while unequivocally evil, the sublime truth is that God does allow it to engender greater allegiance to Caesar for the purpose of driving people to the law and the sobering realization that it can only bring the most harrowing condemnation.


Enter Christ.

It is only from Him, by Him, through Him may you have truth, mercy, righteousness, grace, authenticity, integrity, fidelity, and insightful understanding of actual real justice. In the gargantuan social justice warrior milieu through which we all slog you get a counterfeit of all that raking with fear.

It is a real-life A Quiet Place, a current major motion picture release about monsters who attack people if they make a noise. Make a noise the SJW mandarins are authorized to prosecute? Look out.

There is a very pronounced assumption that there is really no large cohort there vibrantly assessing and proclaiming the exceedingly uncouth proclivities of yours while you are required to be always present and browbeat with them. No, make no mistake, it is there that's the actual real "quiet place." It is the living room where CBS News pieces are bilged through the TV set, it is the historically prestigious college lecture hall, it is now smothered all over social media.

In fact one reason SJWs are so vehement in their task is they've felt victimized by this very thing! How calcified now is the idea that if you're a person of color or female or LGBTQ or Muslim then by authorized classification you are due some kind of generous reparations. There's even this thing intersectionality that is the rage among the most splendid of hifalutin scholars, in which having more than one of those characteristics means you're entitled to even more favor requiring confiscation of another's wealth or emotional propriety.

Is something a hate speech crime or isn't it? If it is it does indeed merit the most justifiably vigorous prosecution let's not pussyfoot around with the notion that saying something doesn't mean anything. Words do murder. The real question is if the charges are true, then shouldn't a just action against the subject be proper and accepted? We expend so much energy wrestling with which words are the ones that kill. Some do, indeed, but many don't. Some do in one sense but really don't in another.

"We must make more diversity." That's one of the most lethal memes. While an open society is very good, how much onerous enforcement must be ruthlessly dispensed to get the kind of diversity the ordained SJWs demand? There will always be some categorizations of individuals to be excoriated, marginalized, or demonized when working valiantly to keep that from happening! It is murderous absurdity!

The trick is this bewildering uncertainty allows the highest ranking System marketing officers to put the brightest spotlight on these insane circumstances as if it were a prime time game show to exploitively promote such an environment. It has gotten to the point where Hollywood doesn't even care if it's true or not, just that it gets good ratings or sells your particular information dissemination brand.

(Of course all the fomented social chaos makes it clear that to bring the tribal factions back together again yet another deep politics-arranged major disruption event is on the horizon, but that's for another home page piece...)


We can therefore revile Lesley Stahl and her spot producer all we want, but she's just an articulately shrill paycheck collector. How about CBS News President David Rhodes? He's telling Stahl et al what to do to further the crusade, but his strings are yanked all over the place too.

By Les Moonves, head of all of CBS? Yeah, but enough Americanists schlurp it all up to make it profitable, so no big deal, he's doing his job. Besides, every System news organization is just a subdivision of the New York Times.

Dean Baquet, then, executive editor of the Times? Nah. While a fiercely loyal System blowhole, every Times editor is cut from the same cloth. I just read the one preceding Baquet, Jill Abramson, recently copped to keeping a little plastic Barack Obama doll in her purse, little security token there, you know, the eeevil Donald Trump being around and all.

Ahh, let's get right to the board of the Times, there ya go. Certainly the Sulzbergers have had an iron grip on the old gray lady for eons, but they've gone to the greatest lengths ensuring the latest racialist, sodomist, and socialist trends are richly infused into the American psyche. The president and CEO of the New York Times Company is one Mark Thompson, a Roman Catholic Brit educated at Stonyhurst, a school proudly adhering to Jesuit principles.

So then you've got the Society. They're the purveyors of the World dogma. Well, yes, in a way we could certainly indict James Martin, editor-at-large of the very hip America magazine; John DeGioia, president of Georgetown University, only the main propellant for U.S. public policy decisions; any number of rather influential Roman Catholic operatives both overt and covert. There is always Pope Francis, and even the one at the very top, the general, Arturo Sosa. Whuutt? Francis isn't the top guy? If Francis is a faithful Jesuit, an office about which he attached a lifetime oath, his own allegiance is to Sosa, his sworn superior by virtue of the laws and bylaws of the order.

No, they all do their work and do it well. It is indeed fully within God's economy. They've firmly avowed themselves, all of them, to the powers and principalities they are not God's but spiritual entities God allows to govern the World through these individuals. "Our battle isn't with flesh and blood," our task is to forgive "for they know not what they do" as Cain's legacy out of God's presence and always pray for them, that they do their job well and out of that perhaps the scales will be dropped from their eyes and they too would abjure the realm and ask Christ to be their Lord.


Recently I attended a lecture given by New York University professor Jonathan Haidt (about whom I made some notes on this page) titled "The Rise and Fall of a Tribal Species: Why America and Its Universities are Malfunctioning." It was a very disjointed presentation, but he'd been rolling along with the standard progressive analysis of the ideological thread woven through most college instruction these days, and about halfway through he shared with us a somewhat startling truth.

On the screen he showed this image and headline, and it took me aback. Huh! College professors are scared to death of their students!

Later I found that piece and sure enough it is all about how professors know their students may report them in some way for not being as politically correct as they expect them to be. There it is in living color: even the most liberal classroom is the most hazardous place in the country now. (The author's name is even a pseudonym.)

Haidt then did something quite striking. He asked the audience of about a hundred, most of them students, if they considered their own professors palpably fearful of not being woke enough.

Almost every hand went up.

Wow. You are kidding me.

Thing is the students have to be extremely fearful also. They too are right smack in the middle of the woke culture, with the most turgid expectations that you behave. Not a thought, not a feeling, not the slightest utterance may be spittled that even remotely offends any other individual.

The System operatives have done their master's work very well I'd say.

Look around you. People are desperate to be seen as tolerant, but the most wholesomely tolerant must be rabidly intolerant of at least one thing: intolerance. The most profound truth is that each of us is zealously intolerant of things. What things must we be correctly intolerant of? The politely intolerant woke culture warriors especially at the institutional level are some of the most ferociously tyrannical people on the planet.


As much as the life blood of the Americanist institutional operative's work is fear, Jesus told us to resist the devil by not fearing his work through them. We are to fear only One, He said, the One who has the power to dismiss you from His presence. These people are in the devil's clutches, no doubt, but what of it? Will you join them?

Back to what GQ said about Scripture yeah, maybe we should commend this thing, really! The Bible does talk about those things, it does!

"Repetitive": We're such buttheads we often need the things God's telling us repeated. Thankfully He is so persistent, so patient!

"Self-contradictory": Many things seem this way, but it doesn't mean the truthful aspects of seemingly disparate statements are invalid it just means we must look deeper at what things really are, and see that a truthful thing may be multi-faceted. Paradoxes may be resolved if genuine inquiry is pursued.

"Sententious": Hmm, isn't the writer of the GQ piece dutifully carrying on his share of affectatious moralizing, telling us what books are the best to read? Maybe what you call a "screed" or a "rant" is merely something you don't understand. A given spoken word might be worthless! I got that. But is there a salient point you're missing?

"Foolish": Yep, that's me all right, I'm the worst idiot on the planet but I really don't want to be and the only way I can't is by the power of Christ, period good thing there is a book to tell me that or I am toast.

"Even at times ill-intentioned": Whupp, yeah, God does plow His way into our affairs a bit too inappropriately yeah, all the time! how rude.


These are all about truths how ironic, GQ is elucidating core Scriptural truths ...because the wickedness of man should be exposed so he may repent that's what Jesus said about Scripture that he wanted them to understand, there in the 24th chapter of Luke. He came as God to give His life for us otherwise jerks, now it is up to you to see that, repent, and start living the way you were made to live.

Jesus opens minds then asks us to close them on truth and have firm confidence you are secure in His embrace. The New York Times power brokers open minds and insist you keep them wiiiide open always and fear like crazy, always. They'll claim they're the most open-minded but demand obsequiously unbending adoption of their benighted interpretation of things.

Jesus should make the World devotee afraid because He is Reality perhaps he/she may behold his/her harrowing condition and appreciate Hell as a very real destiny. Those at the Times make people cushy and comfortable by showcasing themselves as their savior. They don't give the tiniest piddle about their readers, they just want the cred and the perks that come with putting millions of their vassals on the altar. They're just doing what their father wants them to do: lie really really well.

Jesus loves because He gave Himself for you.

That's the proof.

Take a careful look at these people beyond their smiles and sunny appearances at fancy C-SPAN televised events. They may be laboriously sacrificing themselves for the humanist agenda of Cain's legacy, but they're just hypnotically entranced to take care of business.

Jesus actually bought your soul with His life. He is the Living Word no longer a single worry about which words are the right ones.

He is The One.



  • A previous home page piece in which I try to articulate the truth that words murder is here. A page about human sacrifice as something much more than some shocking immediate death at the hands of an ancient creepy cultic priest is here.

  • Here's a terrific piece from The Federalist about the rank abuse of words and their meanings. When The New York Times is referenced above, that encompasses all the sycophant subdivisions (Washington Post, CNN, NBC, NPR, GQ, etc) doing their work originating with Rome - and beyond. Here's a home page piece that gets into that.

  • And here's a link to that piece by the pseudonymous professor.

  • (May 4) Here's another terrific piece I just saw at The Federalist on the rancid fear emanating from political tribalism. Very sad though yet again: the author closes with the typical lament from someone oblivious to the Real Answer. Go further to That Answer, look at Scripture to discover what Jesus said about the people who do this - "stumbling blocks" He called them. Check it out right there in the middle of the 13th chapter of Matthew.

  • Here's a brief on the most powerful individual on the planet. For more from the author of that piece visit this page. A home page piece on how the Society's spewings find their way through academia and media, that's here.

  • A perceptive theologian may say it is incorrect to say demons are not God's since He created them and He still constrains their actions. True, but the point with the above piece is that at the dawn of creation these forces rebelled against God and presently are active in the spiritual realm to propel the mainline media to persuade World devotees to be in a constant state of rebellion themselves.

  • A perceptive journalism watcher may claim that print media is on its death throes, and while that is true enough the System narrative is so critical that soon journalism will be merely a public service funded by wealthy patrons, and it will do just fine - it is already becoming such with people like Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet now worth $100 billion, owning the Washington Post.

  • The original superintendent of the city is identified and his authorized duties are described here. There you will get a firm grasp of why the System Ops both hidden and bountifully celebrated do what they do.

  • Here is a brief FAQ response related to how the Roman Catholic Church pretty much runs the System determining what kind of words we're supposed to believe are the disfavored ones, at least for those who refuse to live out the ones from Scripture. Here is how most every church in the country is part of Rome anyway.

  • Some thoughts about The One Who Does Love You are here.



July-August 2018

Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies - make your way straight before me. Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with malice. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongues they tell lies.

- Fifth Psalm, verses eight and nine


The universe makes infinite idiots just to eat them.

- Rick from an episode of the television cartoon show Rick and Morty

My latest favorite film and book-that-is-its-source is The Big Short. I did see it a couple years ago, even introduced a home page piece with a significant reference to it. But I watched it again the other day, and decided I should read the book and presently have been doing so.

It blows my mind the extent to which people can be short sold.

No surprise.

The Bible speaks about the short selling of people throughout.

The reason people don't talk about this phenomena, to be summarized shortly, is because of the astoundingly profound quote from one simple frame of a single Dilbert panel I pulled ten years ago.

There is the courageously sincere Alice character saying truth like no one ever has. The gentleman there is her boss, and while I think we can all admit we'd sometimes like to call out our superiors on some things as our better natures inevitably prevail, this isn't about bosses at all I very much appreciate my job and those who make it happen.

This is about the fear we have getting in trouble for seeing the truth and calling people out on it.

I wrote about short selling people in a home page piece a number of years ago, augmented by this blog post. Just some thoughts. Really, anyone who prayerfully studies Scripture and incisively peruses current events on some regular basis could see it. I'd add that after a modest survey of Tupper Saussy's Rulers of Evil and a variety of other honest sources elucidating the real powers and purposes behind all System operations, anyone would be able to see, hear, and understand even join together and speak meaningfully and charitably about important things.

It's not hard. It is made hard by people who will not only refuse to humbly bend the knee, but are sworn to rigorously prop up people and tell them things to keep them from paying attention.

The entirety of The Big Short is how a number of Wall Street financiers made millions shorting the nation's mortgage bond industry just before it collapsed in 2008. The details are coated in technical financialese, but the book slows it down and the film even features beautiful women in bathtubs to explain things. The numbingly arcane language and turgidly complicated procedures are much of why it happened, but make no mistake.

While Michael Burry at one point in the book says, "I'm not making a bet against a bond, I'm making a bet against the system," what he really means is he was making a bet against the people, millions and millions of people in this nation who lie and are subject to more powerful liars putting them on the altar. This is the seldom explored truth about the System: Cain definitely sets people up to be shorted.

It is arranged to be that way.

When World devotees in Cain's service do human sacrifice, they do nothing other than what he did in murdering Abel. Did you see that, there in the fourth chapter of Genesis? He "talked with his brother," (KJV) the implication clearly that he said something outside the bounds of his true intentions to convince him to go into the field.

Caesar's legion of minions do this 24/7, they're supposed to do this, dutifully laboring as they should from government bureaucrats to university professors to church leaders to television pundits to community organizers to bank lenders, oh those bank lenders "No, you're good! You're a fine individual, worthy of our exploi-er-assistance!"

God tells you something much more veritable. He says you're worthless because of your sinfulness. Yes, He does love you still the same and He allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross to take the penalty for that sinfulness and clothe you in His righteousness. Because the System was put in motion after Cain's actions, those sustaining it know nothing about God and everything about building a city and prosecuting his brother in order to be his "keeper."

In an interview on Greg Koukl's Stand to Reason, apologist Abdo Murray detailed the characteristics of this product quite graphically. This is a bit of a paraphrase, but it is very close.


Today if you are sexually confused you are considered a hero. If you are morally confused you're a progressive. If you are religiously confused you are tolerant. These things are lauded as virtues, but if you are clear about those things you are a bigot, a regressive, intolerant. Clarity is decried as a sin. Our "post-truth" society now features a tyrannical deference to feelings and preferences over truth. How do we get the value of clarity back with conviction and compassion, and actually honor what is true? 


It is simple: We don't really want clarity, truth, much less righteousness. We don't even want justice or mercy or anything hifalutin-sounding folk say we want. We just want to feel good and commission those good-looking people to keep telling us how good we're supposed to feel.

I watch so many holding the World's megaphones saying things people want to hear, and then I look over and see the hearers smile at me and pat me on the back yeah, that's what I want. I really have no idea what those things are, but I do know I want to feel good no matter what.

That is what ends up being mindlessly adopted as TRUTH. Why go through the trouble of finding out what it really is that'd be too narrow-minded, and just too hard! Instead they enthusiastically tell me I'm supposed to like it and that so many do too, so... YEAH!

The truth above all truths is that deep inside each one of us is a broken, bewildered, wounded, and please, let's face reality a reprehensibly evil individual. I believe deep down each one of us knows that yet we spend our lives trying so hard to smother it in juicy wholesomeness. What is less understood is that there are gushing professionals out there to help us do that on the widest scale possible.


I have to say that at the end of the week just after the first day of summer this year I happened to be in Santa Barbara, and there couldn't have been a more striking demonstration of this truth than in what I witnessed. There was a buzz in the air because they were preparing for the Summer Solstice parade and events that Saturday. From what I gathered it involved all kinds of hip, colorful things happening related to artistic expression and drinking.

It was generally not a whole lot different than anything pagan ritualistic religions have done for centuries and I'd say Santa Barbara is a prime breeding ground for that. A promotional piece of artwork shows a group of people with their arms raised high, in worship of... what?

Don't get me wrong. Floats and costumes and music and dancing and displays and merchandise can be joyously wonderful things. I just wonder, what is it for? I'd venture most would say something like, "Just go with it! Makes us happy! Celebrate!" It is certain that all this is explicitly a celebration of the unusual, the unconventional, the untraditional meaning there is a profoundly implicit connection to sodomism ("You may give full vent to your sexual preference"), socialism ("We must forcefully take from some to give to others"), and racialism ("If you don't agree you're racist").

It's not hard to see its ugliness right there in Abdo Murray's ruthlessly insightful observations.

The ironic thing is that up and down this quaint city's finely manicured main drag, State Street, are bars, bars, and more bars. Next to just about every fashion boutique or ice cream shop or real estate office is a bar. What is it, exactly, that these people with gargantuan pasted-on smiley-faces trying to smother with alcohol?

That handful of investors who've found a way to short the American people peered into this circumstance and pounced yet even in raking it all in they each do feel something about it.

Towards the end of The Big Short one of them, Ben Rickert, turned to a couple of young traders gleefully high-fiving each other about scoring huge on their credit default swaps and growled: "No dancing. This is the American people you're talking about, people with jobs and families."

Mark Baum knew his shorts were going to pay millions and sat dejected at a table on a high-rise patio, wrestling with his epiphany that his actions were the ones required to reveal how much the country is made up of so many savagely destructive liars rich, poor, doesn't matter. As he was badgered by his colleagues about making the call he struggled mightily with the perverse truth that the only way they could be called on it was for him to cash in.

Jarod Vennett held a $47 million check in his hand and looked up to the camera and said, "I'm not a hero, never said I was one. You don't have to like me." Oh he is a hero, definitely, to those who accept what he did to make the call and expose the grand lie short sellers do provide a legitimate public service. The catch is that so many forces, institutionally established and sustained, perpetually keep people in the most entrenched denial. One of them used billions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize the take.

"Don't pay any attention to that very bad-looking thing that just happened just then never mind that, you're still good! No worries at all!..."

In one of his several brief explications author Michael Lewis for his part declared: "No one seemed able to see what was so plain to him: These swaps were all part of [Michael Burry's] global search for value." Burry added "I don't take breaks in my search for value. There is no golf or other hobby to distract me. Seeing value is what I do."

Out of the thoroughly System-propagandized universe a more accurate rendering of "seeing value" here would be "shrewdly identifying where proficient cutthroat exploiters have lied to eager naïve exploitees about their value and punishing them both by collecting the difference while at the same time unwittingly inviting the magnificent political and religious mandarins to rescue both so they'll look really good."


What about me? Why don't I "short the people"?

Yeah, you'd think. I don't for a number of reasons.

One, yet again, I know the System is fixed. I don't rail or remonstrate against it. Many spend lifetimes seething and crusading against Caesar and his hordes, but that rebellion is their lifeblood because they are justified in crushing it with seven-fold strength. There are thousands of sworn bad guys out there, but most of us average folk don't grasp that the worst of them are the smiliest gushiest people holding court in that religious organization with the nicest looking branches right around the corner from our homes.

 The other reason I don't short people is that as a follower of Christ, yes as brutally uncaring as it seems, I do want them to viscerally comprehend the reality of their complicity. I admit in a way I am like a short seller standing right there, and just like Alice from Dilbert and our friends in The Big Short asking, "What am I missing here? You habitually do stupid things and constantly lie about it." Yet they still bleat, "No, no, I'm good and all these people can prove it, so back off."

Thing is, I can't force them to see something they can't see, but I also can't cash in on it I want them to be honest with themselves and turn to the One Person who makes people not liars and murderers anymore. I simply won't exploit them I can't, God won't let me. All I'm to do is share with them, that's what I did in Santa Barbara.

I ministered and prayed. I talked with people and prayed for them.

Yes the Bible says that's risky. Most of these people will still reject Him. Many would want my head for saying things that just don't comport with the spirit of Summer Solstice where positive energy vibes abound. That is indeed the pushback to apocalyptic revival the book of Revelation is full of references to the ultimate destiny of people who'll heed their master who, from the tenth verse, second chapter, "...will put some in jail."

Read the rest of Revelation to appreciate that intention. Jesus said they'll contemptibly marginalize you, believing they are doing it for God. They're rabidly into it now just listen to what they'd say if you challenge the reigning zeitgeist at Summer Solstice: "We don't bring here the religion, the dogma that's gotta go! You can believe in Jesus if you want, that's fine, but don't tell us how to live." This is merely a whacked-out form of Hinduism reworked for more Americanist sentiments, the mantra of this now rampant New Age dominion "Every belief is a good one!" Those who spout it don't seem to recognize that the belief of not believing in Hinduism is the one they most adamantly refuse to embrace quite dogmatic if you ask me.

And quite insistent! Just as the bankers and ratings agents were screeching for years in the early 2000s "Look at this really valuable shit! It isn't shit at all, it really isn't, it's special! It's valuable! Buy it! It's all in the interpretation! Trust us!" those bouncing up State Street were essentially saying the same thing.

"Look at how valuable I am with all this pomp and pretense! We can be whoever we want to say we are! Look at how special I say I am! And there are so many of us it has to be good! Woo-hoo!"

Push them a bit on the stark reality of that situation?

How annoying! How ummm constricting! ::Ee-yew!::

To fully protect these sentiments, the Solstice throngs are zealously urging Caesar to further codify the precedent of judicially certified ostracism: Critical of sodomism socialism racialism? You will be prosecuted. Put in jail or face some similar "hate crime" penalty? Absolutely. The latter part of Revelation clearly states that will even be death.

Jesus gently reminds us to remain faithful through it all which means loving them with His self-sacrificial love right now, being truthful yet merciful, bold yet gracious, bracing yet caring. The reckoning will come, but the harvest is right now. They are subsumed in fear under Caesar right now, as always they may instead fully enjoy God's bountiful forgiveness at no cost to them but at the cost of everything to Him.

Many think the Revelation is only about Armageddon and stuff like that. Much more it is about those who worship God in Spirit and in Truth reaching out with that rich, deep, overwhelming love to anyone who'll want to see and hear and touch and experience Grace and Truth.

It is also, however, about the destiny of those who just don't want it, and it is harrowing, truly harrowing. You think The Big Short was really that big? God is the ultimate short seller. Know what else though? He is long-suffering He'll totally go long with you if you'd let Him. Jesus is infinitely valuable, connect with Him, He's reaching His hand out to give Himself to you, along with the Kingdom.

Don't believe any of that? No worries. There are always those scouring the vast value assignment disinformation to take care of that business, and they will.


I must add this note in closing. I'm not so obtuse to deny that there may indeed have been many people enjoying Summer Solstice activities who are strong faithful followers of Christ. Nor do I dismiss how industrious and accomplished the participants are doing good things for society during their work week, and I'm not getting in the way of what the World does with its pagan celebrations on the weekend.

I also do not think Jesus must be the Grand Marshall of some festival, that's not what He's about at all. I even wrote a home page piece some years ago about James Ensor's depiction of that very thing it is itself pretty gruesome.

That's the whole point. Millions of people have Jesuses in their heads and in their hearts that really aren't Him, many of them put there by those who don't want you to know Him. I myself want to be sure Jesus is not some sublime concoction of mine being in a relationship with anyone means you spend a lifetime getting to know an individual for who they truly are.

I do, however, want to be on track with how the World is trying convince me their Jesus is the one I should follow.

The question then in all of it is a good one.

Does your Jesus belong to the World, or does He reign in the Kingdom?

He'll help you find out if you'll ask Him.




  • The interview with Abdo Murray on Stand to Reason was from May 4 2018. He was speaking on his latest book Saving Truth.

  • I simply had to include the photograph (my own) of the promotional banner with the lion and bear, I believe profoundly representing the culture war (Devout Romanists battling Radical Selfists) girded of course by alcoholic consumption - a vivid picture of what the solstice celebration is really about. The photographs of the dancing ladies and masked individuals were taken from the festival website. To be fair to the company "Firestone Walker," they explicitly declare that they do not support any given political cause or organization.

  • I've discovered in reading The Big Short that some of the main characters in the film do not have the same names as those in real life, as they refused to allow the film to use them. For your information, Mark Baum in real-life is Steve Eisman, Jared Vennett is Greg Lippmann, and Ben Rickert is Ben Hockett. Michael Burry did allow his name to be used.

  • Burry's quote about shorting the system is on page 49. The remarks about Burry's search for value are on page 56. Some rough thoughts of mine about value and its transfer from one to another are here.

  • I've written a number of pieces about the political power of this sodomism socialism racialism triumvirate, here is one that gets into it in relation to today's ever metastasizing postmodernism.

  • To get a better idea of how the World System operates, I invite you to take a tour of the webzine. Here is the site map to help with your navigation. I also have a "Table of Contents" page to go through this as if it were a book.

  • I've compiled a modest list of Jesuses the World System likes people to follow. Here is a page of all the bad guys people like to revile. Here is a rough sketch about what modern human sacrifice looks like.

  • One of the key ways churches enlist themselves as agents of Cain is to contractually obligate themselves as non-profit tax-exempt organizations. Here is a bit more about that dynamic.

  • Here is a brief description of who is at the top of the World System psyche-molding apparatus.

  • For a great read on how much people's wickedness breaks God's heart read the first few Psalms. The verses of one of them I put in the opening quote. For a great story about an entire city God wanted to reach read Jonah - it is much more about God's desire to save than a guy being swallowed by a fish.

  • Some thoughts about Grace And Truth are here.

  • (September 2 2018 note: I do not know why the formating of this piece is different from the other on this page. I am aware of it and when I have more time I may address it. As of now because of this it may be easier to read this piece anyway. Thank you.)



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Thanks nonetheless to those who posted them so I may reproduce them here.

Thank you.

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