Becoming De-Catholicized *

The Catholicist Nation

  • First and foremost: Ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and live like He is. Why Jesus?

  • Commit to loving God with mind, heart and strength, loving your neighbor the way He wants you to, and loving your enemy in spite of his antipathy.

  • Understand the divine protection and abundant provision you have in Him.

  • Commit to the Scriptures alone as the highest source of truth — and immerse yourself in reading them every day. The Holy Spirit is your counselor, listen and follow that counsel daily. Why Scripture?

  • Identify the assigned ministers of powers and principalities (the Romanist Agents of Cain) as the preeminent and authorized rulers of the World System.

  • See who they are with clarity and understanding. Prayerfully study history and current events in light of Scripture to discern Catholicist belief and conduct, which appears and sounds very appealing but is deliberately designed to draw people from Christ.

  • Recognize the duties of these ministers to deceive and provoke.

  • Acknowledge that they are assigned a role in the working out of God’s purposes, chiefly that of managing the evildoing of the World’s inhabitants and the mitigation of violent conflict that it produces.

  • Graciously accept how God will work great good from that evil — turning its designs against itself, making a "footstool of the enemy."

  • Firmly abandon the Ministry of Condemnation (the law) to the ones for whom it is assigned.

  • Fully enter into the Ministry of Reconciliation (grace and truth) and engage the world from there.

  • Become available to those who long for Reconciliation by specializing in your unique Spiritual gift (prophesying, teaching, giving, administering, encouraging, exhibiting mercy, or extending service), and do so in an assembly of worshippers who corporately use their gifts together to love with His love.

  • Talk about these things with others who have a desire to understand and know Christ, not straw-man concoctions of Him. The Catholic Church has some of the best counterfeits of Christ there can be, and it does a terrific job of drawing other churches and ministries into worship of them. What is the importance of the identity of Christ?

*  "Becoming De-Catholicized": A term referring to the firm abjuration of the World System and gracious termination of all its contractual obligations unnecessary for the follower of Christ to flourish as a life-witnessing agape-sharing disciple of the Living God. The World System's overarching ecclesiastical branch is the Roman Catholic Church.


    Note that if you do not have the Son, your allegiance is with Rome and its principalities no matter what you say. This is simply because it is only the Son who makes you righteous; without Him you are necessarily under the prosecutorial jurisdiction of the one authorized to mitigate the effects of your sin. You can say that you're your own kind of person, that you are a member of this or that unique organization, that there is something which makes you exempt. You can say all you want, but without the Son your sin remains and Rome has a claim on you.


    Furthermore, any "Christian" organization that enters into an incorporated relationship with the World System makes itself a subdivision of the Roman Catholic Church. No matter how "Protestant" a church may claim to be — however evangelical or non-denominational, Baptist or Methodist, Vineyard Fellowship or Calvary Chapel — if it is incorporated as a 501c3 it is in the service of the Roman Catholic Church. In this way, sadly, most of the people in the world are "Catholicized." As much as the church is grafted to the World System managed by the Legacy of Cain, it is not in the fold of the One who would truly and graciously shepherd them, Jesus Christ.


    Finally, one may say that along with trusting in Christ there must be genuine repentance on the part of the believer. This is quite true, but Scripture also says that the only thing that saves is His grace and our faith in Him. The key is not whether or not one repents, but putting that faith in the correct Jesus instead of one of the Catholicist Nation's fake ones. When that happens, one is so overwhelmed by his guilt that repentance can't help but happen.




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Why Should I Become "De-Catholicized"?


A Detailed Look at How the Incorporated Church is "Catholicized" and Serves Rome




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            Funny, two years after I posted this page, in August of 2006 I did a web search on the exact phrase "becoming de-catholicized" just to mess around and see if this page showed up. What I got was one hit, this from CityBeat, a newsweekly in Cincinnati. A couple of notes about the following. First, I think he meant to say "secede" in that last sentence of his, but his slip may actually say more. Secondly, note how he knows too well of all the others who feel the way he does — quite a raking indictment of Rome, and the Catholicized American church.

Too Much Guilt

I wanted you to know just how much I appreciate the editorial on the Archdiocese of Cincinnati sexual abuse scandal and their apparent lack of concern, competency and compassion ("Protecting Catholic, Inc.," issue of Nov. 26-Dec. 2). What compounds this problem isn't just the lack of trust and children being violated but the issue of Catholic guilt and how overpowering that conditioning process can be, especially those of us who tried to survive in and around Vatican II and who attended Catholic Schools in the 1950s and 1960s.


Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty becoming de-Catholicized to move on and become more freely involved in another church. I am almost, if you will, anti-organized religion. I don't know where I will eventually end up in terms of a place where I can find spiritual comfort, I only know that the mind-f***ing the church gave me as a child remains part of me. It remains a part of many people, and it's a damn shame that it complicates people lives, causes them emotional distress and creates havoc with them entering into a more complete and loving relationship with God.


I would very much hope that the media in this country can take this further by letting the general public know how many of us suffer from Catholic guilt, from the misguidance and betrayal by those we depended upon for guidance when we were children who raped us both literally and figuratively, and from the inability to release ourselves of what went on at that time in our lives. I think the shrinks like to call it "primal therapy," and in this instance we could call it "spiritual primal therapy."


As the editorial said, God help us all. It's high time for the American Catholic Church to succeed from Rome. -- Jim Cameron, Atlanta


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