Human Sacrifice Through the Ages

The Catholicist Nation


       Below is a representative sample of all the ways human sacrifice has been and is carried out outside of the purposes and economy of God. Some forms of human sacrifice were more likely long ago, others are common only to today, and many of them traverse time and are always utilized. Frequently a sacrifice is the same as it has always been, it is just that today it takes a more novel form.

      There are two ways to engage in human sacrifice. One is to take out the entirety of the human life in one immediate event. The advantage is to maximize the spiritual effect in one full swoop. The other is to take bits of human life in a gradual process. The advantage here is to extend the use of the human sacrificed over a longer period of time, as well as to better conceal the true intentions of the extractor. The effect is substantially reduced, however, so in many cases greater numbers of victims are required. This is why the Romanist powers-that-be and their exploiter wanna-be's find a fully populated nation of Catholicists particularly beneficial for their purposes.*

      The taking-parts-of-human-life sacrifice occurs any time an exploiter slices off some of the exploited's value. More times than not, this is accomplished with the exploited's full consent. Every devoted exploitee in the Catholicist Nation essentially says in his soul, "Manage my decisions because I am a fool, prevent me from hurting another because I am so capable of it, and keep me in the loop so I too can be an exploiter."


      Quick immediate forms of human sacrifice       Slow gradual forms of human sacrifice
  • Cain's sacrifice of Abel. This is the quintessential motivation behind human sacrifice: Rank pride.
  • Domestic violence. This is the most common form of murder, those that happen within the home to those closest in relation such as family members who've enraged one in some way.
  • Murder of another based on hate, fear, protection of tribal honor (from gang warfare to geopolitically motivated warfare)
  • Mass murder of others based on institutionalized genocidal urges.
  • Sending people into war, acceptance of standard number of casualties.
  • Covert ops. Nations do all kinds of deep background manipulative things as a form of warfare. Sun-Tzu frequently spoke of making enemies move at the General's will simply through tactical ingenuity, achieving victory in light of an always uncertain number of deaths.
  • Suppression of dissent. The number of people despots have made disappear is legion.
  • Suicide bombing. This includes fostering an entire cultural environment in which suicide bombers are recruited, such as that in the more radicalized Islamic areas of the Middle East.
  • Abortion. Each of us starts our life at conception, teleologically so. What makes the crime of abortion worse, beyond all the wretchedly evil casuistry that goes into rationalizing it, are all the laws that place limits on when an abortion may occur (prohibited after eight weeks, heart beat detected, fetal pain results, etc). These implicitly declare that murdering preborn children is perfectly fine before those limits are reached. This is the height of diabolical, but it is so readily accepted in the incrementalist-minded Catholicist society.
  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Any use of fully conceived human beings in their most nascent form for experimental purposes.
  • Cloning. While not yet fully realized, therapeutic cloning (in more technical terms "Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer"),  the making of clones for instrumental purposes, is rife with human sacrifice possibilities.
  • Euthanasia. Many times softened with "mercy" rationalizations and accompanied by "quality of life" casuistry.
  • Population Control * / Eugenics / Institutionalized Sterilization Programs. It is hard to believe that as late as the mid-1900's many Americans were fully invested in eugenics programs and whole organizations were humming along to make sure we were all protected from people such as the "feebleminded."
  • Widely broadcast climate change hysteria. When people are seduced by the dread-injecting alarmism about the ecological condition of a future earth, they refuse to bear children. In a very real sense they are being convinced they must prevent children from even being born. Right now birth rates are dropping to woefully low levels, especially in industrialized countries, and are fully inadequate to keep a society vibrant. Celebrated eugenicist Margaret Sanger in a 1947 interview: "I believe there should be no more babies."
  • Suicide. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Nine of every ten men are suicides." He insightfully observed that most people destroy themselves with an array of objects, most notably the bottle. It is quite understandable that people ingest all kinds of pain-numbing things. Seldom identified are the persuasive humanist designs used by the World System to move one to murder himself — deepest state psyops used to move any disfavored individual susceptible to such a thing to do the job himself. I must add here that today one of the most insidious ways the World moves people to commit suicide is to insist there are alternate "sexual orientations." Wounded people are gravely confused about the truth of their sexual identity, and many suffer tremendous emotional anguish or even kill themselves. What is amazing is that anyone who insightfully and graciously shares the truth about sexuality are condemned as bullies and considered the objects of blame for the tragedies that occur.
  • Capital punishment. Much rarer now are the official executions held in the modern gallows rooms; they tend to be gruesome and unpopular. Even lethal injections have come under wide condemnation. More common are the ways governments of all sorts take care of business for those whose lives must be terminated in ways much less messy.
  • Fascination with death. Essentially being a "lookie-loo," morbid voyeurism, obsession with videos like Faces of Death or hyperviolence in film. This also includes televising and viewing car chases, a few of which involve the deaths of innocent bystanders or the police shooting to death the driver.
  • Illicit drug overdoses. The wide range of advanced pharmaceutical pills, potions, and aromas make this relatively new phenomena in history, although longer ago sorcery practices utilized certain ingestibles to enhance desired experiences. Addiction is often involved, and while some "legal" items like tobacco or alcohol grip the user for long periods of time, the end result is still the same: physical death. This may be accelerated by greater or more immediately intense consumption.
  • Physical "medical" experimentation on humans, particularly that conducted on incarcerated felons, orphans, mentally or physically handicapped individuals, soldiers, or racial "inferiors." When the subject does not die but suffers, this is a form of partial sacrifice.
  • Abusive treatment of confined individuals, particularly severe mentally disabled patients that often enough leads to their deaths.
  • Elder abuse in senior living facilities. Often manifest as gross negligence, maladministration of medication, or just plain physical abuse.
  • Blatant carelessness in protecting workers from hazardous working conditions. Coal mine conditions are particularly deplorable, even in the United States.
  • Selective law enforcement incentivizing criminals to commit murders with impunity. Often this comes with the Frankfurt School instruction that those considered oppressed by the hegemony should be permitted to commit crimes as a form of reparations.
  • Poisoning from environmental toxins causing malignant cancers, and the blatant failure of the medical community to properly prevent and treat such conditions.
  • Lethal iatrogenesis. Criminal neglect in medical procedures.
  • Institutionalized exploitive sabotage of a society, driving people to migrate in lethally hazardous conditions leading to their deaths. Examples include Mexico from which migrants risk death in the desert to enter the U.S, and African countries from which migrants risk death at sea to enter Europe.
  • Gross negligence of infrastructure or habitat management. Often natural events considered extremely destructive result in huge casualty numbers that could be avoided if a nation's leaders did the simple job of properly arranging where people may live and enforcing simple guidelines regarding the integrity of their residential units.
  • Establishment of codependent "public assistance" programs announcing that Caesar will care for the poor by expropriating money from others. Because of the economic law of adverse selection, the programs become woefully deficient, and the poor are left to die when Caesar's "loving, caring" agents can't deliver. The classic example of this is seen clearly in hospital emergency services, when patients wait so long or left so neglected they end up dying. The inattention contributing to their deaths is the result of holding to a false promise. A socialist politician blaring "We will guarantee your health care!" does not mean it will be any good. The lack of medical personnel and facilities needed to handle the workload is a direct result of failure to ensure their services are adequately paid-for. Price ceilings kill.
  • Sodomist enabling propaganda. Anything related to unconventional sexual expression especially the enthusiastic promotion of those things, ranging from the most basic homosexual activity to the gruesome bodily mutilation of "trans"-minded individuals to the emerging acceptance of pedophilia the practitioners of which are now euphemistically called "minor attracted persons." All such activity debases the teleological value of family in producing the next generation, essentially keeping future persons from being born at all, and why this is considered an immediate form of human sacrifice.
  • Civilizations that have practiced ritualistic religious sacrifice, such as the Aztecs cutting the hearts out of victims and holding them up to their god. History is rife with such. Parents ritualistically sacrificing their own children is particularly repulsive.
  • Occult sacrifice.


  • Slavery. Indeed any of the following is truly some form of slavery. The most commonly conceived form is holding someone under forced labor with no pay. 
  • Exploitation of anyone's labor with substandard pay, such as employment of workers in a "sweat shop." *
  • Human trafficking. This practice is rampant throughout the world, basically enslaving humans for sexual exploitation or product distribution services.
  • Kidnapping. While quite insignificant in the U.S, this crime is epidemic in other parts of the world.
  • Usury. Making a claim on one's productive capacity by manipulating his coveting. Fractional reserve banking administered by a central bank such as the Federal Reserve does this.
  • Engagement in confidence operations. This can be the base "Gimme some money up front here and you'll get more after I go get it" kind of scam, or it can be as elaborate as a finely sophisticated Wall Street fund management/investment opportunity.
  • Exploitation of one's own victim status. Because so many feel such great pathos about the unjustly victimized individual, that individual frequently takes advantage of that by insisting on being cared for by others. Putting oneself into bankruptcy then claiming that it couldn't be helped is an example.
  • Addictive behavior. Being so obsessed with something to window-dress one's sin that the consumption of said item slowly destroys the individual.
  • Sexual promiscuity. By having a number of sexual partners, one takes a measure of the substantive spiritual essence of another through something that should reflect genuine intimacy. In the same way he/she gives away part of their essence to another. After a while, a great deal of the abuser's value is stripped. Socially sanctioned homosexual activity, while no worse than any other sexual abuse, is especially insidious because the rank exploitation of one human by another is not only so widely accepted but so energetically endorsed by the World System's virulent media.
  • Sporting events in which the combatants are injured. When such contests end in death such as those involving gladiator spectacles, it is complete sacrifice. The popular sport most close to this kind today is boxing.
  • Gambling. From where does one gain winnings but from others convinced they can gain from others? Casino operations rig the system so they automatically get a substantive cut.
  • Reality shows and reality talk shows (common in the early 2000's were those hosted by Jerry Springer and Ricki Lake). These are nothing less than invitations into voyeurism and expose those on display to what really amounts to emotional and spiritual rape.
  • Self-mutilation. This does include tattoos and body-piercings, but it is also sex-change operations. Starving and purging, as well as cutting are emotional issues related to this.
  • Sado-masochism. Harming oneself or others for the simplest pleasure.
  • Physical dismemberment. Some may be so emotionally disturbed that they cut off parts of a body, even if their very own.
  • Physical torture. Often powerful government entities have employed this for any number of reasons. Today it seems to be acceptable for the purpose of acquiring information from terrorism-minded individuals. Declared "not-quite-torture" techniques such as water-boarding and sleep deprivation are just as much torture as anything else.
  • Internecine military activity, destabilizing covert operations, and weaponized food distribution resulting in malnutrition and famine.
  • Institutionalized medication augmentation, whether from prescription meds slowly destroying the body or brain or illicit drugs leading to increased addiction.
  • Promotion of foods, beverages, and medications that worsen health and gradually lead to death by cancer and heart disease. Discouraging people from committing to healthy lifestyle habits like proper diet and regular exercise is also a factor in this vein.
  • Unchecked pollution leading to harmful contaminants inhaled or ingested causing chronic illnesses.
  • Psychological terrorism. Any kind of emotionally manipulative behavior qualifies: passive-aggressive activity, codependent shaming, steamrolling, gaslighting — from the smallest home to the highest ivory tower where it is exhibited just as proficiently. Witch hunts are a prevelant sort of this terrorism, and they frequently don't even involve witches but just those tarred with some kind of negative attribute. Ironically witch hunts against those who do know about and speak against the very real evils that witchcraft produces is also a form of this terrorism.
  • Racketeering. Anything involving bribery or extortion — in fact it is almost the standard way of business for most commercial operations now and takes so many legitimate-looking forms.
  • Penance is a form of masochistic sacrifice — the idea that pleasing a god must come from enduring some painful self-inflicted treatment. This is one of the more pronounced modes of absolution, reflected in some form by all world religions.
  • Internment as punishment. Indeed virtually every form of state sanctioned penalty such as fines or "community service" could be considered a form of partial sacrifice.
  • Tax and tithe confiscations. A church that demands tithes is appealing to the law, is using guilt as a manipulative device, and is doing the very same thing a potentate does when extracting tribute from his constituents.
  • Debasing the currency. Money is merely a tangible value assignment of a person's talents. Inflation frequently if not habitually initiated and sustained by powerful political or financial interests is a very real form of human sacrifice.
  • Codependence motivated philanthropy. Often proudly showcased and encompassing billions of dollars, the key is keeping people in a state of perpetual neediness for the purpose of boasting about how giving people are. Related to this is the very dicey value extraction practice of excessive profits, which in far too many cases is not much different from usury. The Bible even mentions this kind of exploitation, and the fact that there are even such entities as "non-profits" and hundreds of arcane laws swirling around it means there is some meaningful conception of this. I do believe this requires a more lengthy treatment.
  • "Pork barrel" spending by a legislature. Government offers hundreds of subsidies of some form to engender dependence. Those payouts are funded from tax revenues carved from the productive capacity of the people.
  • Wealth redistribution policies. Always considered a government operation, the Roman church and banking system do it as well. All in the name of "doing good."
  • Current receipt social security programs. Many years ago pagan cultures endorsed child sacrifice. Social Security is nothing other than partial child sacrifice when the older population forces its younger population to finance their "retirement." This could be considered just as much human sacrifice against the elderly when younger persons themselves abrogate their own reasonable responsibilities for caring for elderly parents because they consider that government will. This is not even to mention the administrative failures of the program itself because it is wholly socialist to begin with.
  • Raising revenue through litigation to provide services to those injured by defendants. This is the case during the 1990's with the tobacco settlement in which states received hundreds of billions of dollars from tobacco companies in order to provide medical care for lung cancer patients. For the state to continue to provide nice things for its people, it must continue to have people smoking so the tobacco companies can keep paying for the white hats and horses of the white knight government agents in order to save the people from their own destruction.
  • Subsidy programs that unjustly favor some commercial interests over others, distorting the incentives of proper value transfer and shifting monies from one party to the other. Rent-seeking and rentier behaviors fall into this category.
  • Spirit cooking. Relatively new, this is an occultic "performance art" of human sacrifice known for its attraction to some high profile political and entertainment figures and the subject of some obsessive conspiracy theorist debunkers.
  • Catastrophizing the imagination. A term borrowed from Tupper Saussy, examples he cited were Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, and 9/11. In 2020 it was the Covid-19 "pandemic." This is the deliberate arrangement of traumatic events by deep political operatives, followed by showcasing the spectacular destruction to rationalize popular support for retributive actions that would result in more casualties. It is human sacrifice in that the World devotee is held in a state of  suspended death, experiencing raging fear for soul-crushingly extended periods of time.
  • Excommunication. Some form of venomous ostracism from the group is particularly effective. Modern gangs have an adolescent form of this that goes so far as to physically pummel those who leave the "tribe."
  • Roman Catholic Mass.


      Some may wonder why anything in the second column qualifies as human sacrifice. Allow me to ask this question. Say it takes three minutes for one primitive witch doctor to ritualistically cut a victim's heart out on the altar to their god. When it takes another witch doctor four minutes, is it any less human sacrifice? Why do we presume that when it takes fifty years it just doesn't qualify?

      Really, any time an individual peels off someone else's value to secure protection from his fear, he's engaged in human sacrifice. If a man is without Christ, he fears. If he fears, he does human sacrifice in some way. Merely taking advantage of someone in the market using "dishonest weights and measures" is a declaration of one's devotion to the Roman god Mercury who is not only the god of commerce but also the god of thieves. (Top investment fund managers today will sometimes refer to their profession as "value extraction.")

      Many more forms of human sacrifice are evident throughout the world and throughout history. This is merely a partial listing. These are offered in stark contrast to what God asks of us, that we be "holy and living sacrifices." The Catholicist version of "self-sacrifice" is very different: the amplified pain of relinquishing something for some recognition of piety in which loss is quietly resented. It always results in seeking to have someone else sacrificed instead, almost always through the means listed above.

       God's version is rather the demonstration of authentic compassion through sowing: joyfully seeking the very best in another and generating ample gain for all in spite of any apparent difficulties. As we fellowship with Christ, we are to "continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess his name. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." Therefore most of this kind of self-sacrifice is slow and gradual, each day dying to self in some way to actually live out of love for another.

      It must be noted again that the only efficacious sacrifice that completely takes out one's sin evildoing, wickedness, all of it is that offered by God Himself in the person of Jesus Christ. 


(From the home page piece written for March-April 2010:)


It is indeed the firmly unequivocal premise of this website that


·        Human sacrifice is a veritable and quite commonplace reality.

·        It is carried out regularly and habitually by all who do not have The Son.

·        Those who ask Caesar to be their lord will be provided the standard service of its full enablement.

·        Caesar’s operatives in the service of Cain’s legacy will use the most skillfully executed arts of deception to keep it viable.

·        God allows it in as much as it is part of His footstool, functioning to ultimately steer people away from it into Christ’s arms, or fulfill His purposes until the last day, or both.

·        Those who say they’re Christ’s but sign binding pacts with Caesar designating his lordship over their affairs are merely enlisting with the World and doing its work.

·        Many of those Christians are simply fully immersed Catholicists sworn to do Caesar’s legitimate work and are nowhere near the Kingdom.

·        Often those individuals work in the highest levels of the World administering powerful political, ecclesiastical, and commercial enterprises that are all about human sacrifice.


The only way out is complete abandonment to the Jesus Christ of Scripture.


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* Population control note: As you see, population control is merely one of the ways to have human sacrifice: Make some excuse that there are too many people and then rationalize some institutional action that would take out some of them. There is not a population problem, there is a resources utilization problem. There would be plenty of resources for every person on the planet if people would use their gifts wisely and behave properly toward one another. But people can't fully do that if they are still sinners. This is why Christ and His provision of righteousness is so critical.

Undercutting wages note: Interesting Scriptural parallel about this, one of the more common forms of human sacrifice: In Genesis 4:10 after Cain has just murdered Abel, God says "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground." In James 5:4, the word says, "Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty."




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