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What it is precisely that is in your mind. Like

(More...)   I'm in take me with you   Who can be trusted   Why can't one good wholesome organization manage resources for everyone's benefit it just can't be that hard   Just show me what I need to do   Don't mess with me   If someone's trying to mess with me how can I stop it or even better exploit it   What is REAL   Is there anyone who can really understand me   How come I feel I have to lie so much   Why do I fear   How can I not FEAR   What can I do so others will respect me   When am I going to get that new text message   I wish I could just help them   How can I get high on something and avoid trouble   How much I want to do that thing that'll get me in trouble   He/she is such a puke   What is love   Better who actually DOES love   What's the latest on my mobile device   I want out   I'm really furious with him/her right now but I feel so helpless to do anything about it   Why am I even doing this right now   I want to be on the inside on the guest list on the minds of those who've got it   How do I look online   Can you just not stress me out    I've finally found THE righteous cause what you mean there's another one   Talk to the hand   What is the ONE thing that will make me and why is looking for that so exhilarating and aggravating at the same time   Be tolerant don't be a hater except I confess I hate sanctimonious non-haters   I so want my mom and dad to      Why is being the best at something so hard all the time   That person I like is hurting I really wish I could do something   Look at the new boffo gadget I have   Sorry but your view just isn't part of who I am   All right a new text message   How can I be meaningful significant secure vibrant all the best things for me   Where is it I'll meet you there   I need money right now   I'm so captivated by him/her I don't know what to do I really want to be with him/her and avoid trouble   What do I want   Can you help me know what I want   How do I know what I want so it is authentically me   I need to look again at my mobile device   Look forward to getting out in this new outfit   Will something lucrative actually come from this   Why do they just FAIL to get it   Yeah I know about all these thoughts but I'm just too busy to give them any attention   Why isn't he/she texting me back   I just want a place a place others like others may even come to visit   I don't even know when I'm out of my mind   Who and where are the people who'll get me what I want   Did I say the right thing   How can I avoid pain at least the pain I really don't want   Can't I just get this   Can't I just understand   I'm sure I GET it but sometimes ergh   I want to keep talking until I know what I want to say   I need to check out that thing again on my mobile device   I really don't like it when someone tries to read me REALLY it's like stalking


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A Letter to a College Student




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