A Letter

The Catholicist Nation


To a College Student,


No lectures or essays or pontifications here. No matter what, if they don't get right to it they're worthless.

How about just starting with the second most important thing of all. What it is precisely that is in your mind. Like

When is the next happening thing   Can I go with you   What is the real truth of things   What is the NOT truth of things   I want to just be just the right amount of unconventional that people like it   How can I better see lies   Let me just do my thing   How can I best compose this text message   (More...)

If the fact that I've transcribed about 90% of the contents of your brain is offensive, hey, take heart that I'm not so obtuse as to know all of it or get every detail exact.

But let's be honest. It isn't that hard. One, everyone has these kinds of these thoughts, they're part of human nature. And two, much of their most benighted forms are injected there by ingenious operatives who need you to viscerally embrace all of this to keep you in check, in control, under their thumb.

That you think you're your own kind of person, that you can handle it, you're in charge anyway, that you're in with the right kind of peopleall that doesn't change this. Sorry, if you really like reality, want to be real and all that, you'd start getting this. If not, that's fine, just read no further. No big deal.

Unless... unless you are curious and want to know what that first most important thing is, and that's frankly far more offensive than someone knowing what you could possibly be thinking.

That is simply that Jesus Christ, who is, yeah, the most important thing, is either not there at all or if He is, the mental conception is so warped and distorted that it is worse than Him not being there. He's either shoved off the table, or the straw-man Jesus established in your cranium by those operatives is worshipped as if it's something.

The main reason this happens is because those operatives have convinced you that you don't need Him. It's true, you don't, if you're morally perfect. If you are, great, read no further. You're right, He is nothing. Good thing so far I've only wasted about four minutes of your life.

But if you struggle with lots of difficult stuff slamming against your insides, then you may want to read on.

The Jesus Christ of real reality is the One. He not only blows away all the idol Jesuses that infect so many psyches, but He resolves all the trauma that comes with most of those items banging around in the heads of everyone (not just college students). He not only brings bright clarity in the midst of all the swirling turmoil that may envelope you, but He loves you, and does so with His life.

I personally think it'd be a lot nicer if there were more of His ambassadors out there touching people with that love, and there are, they're out there, I know.

Whatever the case, here's a letter to you, about Him.

I only write to you, the college student, just because I know how on-fire for the things of truth and life and joy and goodness college students are.

Find out how awesome is it to really connect with the vibrant meaning of those things, and then love others with a transcendent love that will blow your mind wide open.

That puny Jesus that's been festering in your soul, he can't do diddly.

Take a chance on The One whose very name is God With Us.



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(For the particularly abrasive cynic, you'll note that this site has no request for or link to make any donation. There is no address or post office box to mail anything. There exists no organization in any building anywhere, though a gathering of individuals in a building is not a bad thing. Ample funding of a fine work is not a bad thing either, though Jesus was far more interested in people worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth, and out of that wholly caring for one another in a community in which all enjoy His bountiful provision. The true church should have no name except that which comes from the vibrant expression of His love through them in a World desperate for what is real. I will add that I do provide an email address for you to ask questions or add a comment if you'd like. I'd certainly like to know what you think.) 





This page was originally posted by David Beck at yourownjesus.net on July 23, 2011