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January-February 2012

The following is a list of my notes related to the latest home page piece, this one on a prolific blogger's rejection of the truth about hell.

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  • Some of the Jesuses John Shore appreciates are here. Many of those he excoriates as though they were the Real One are on that list as well.

  • To give Mr. Shore the greatest benefit of the doubt (which he does pathologically in this instance) here is a related piece he wrote. Not enough space and time to gratify that fightin' Irish craving to tackle this nonsense also!

  • Yes, I did intend the use of the term "scientistically." This word is not mistaken for "scientifically," but rather denotes the rampant dogma that only that which can be scientifically verified is truthful, which alas itself is not scientifically verifiable. For five profoundly veritable ways to know truth, visit this page.

  • Some definitions: Universalism is the idea that if something good happens to people after death, it'll happen to everyone. Materialism is the idea that there is nothing beyond the physical, and that when one dies, that's it, his molecules just go back into the mass of physical matter and his awareness has ended. Both make the obviously and quite viscerally real concepts of justice and mercy completely meaningless, simply as a matter of plain logic.

  • What is the thing to consider about the ideas one has that does not have to do with whether or not those ideas are rational or irrational? That is explained here in this home page piece from a few years ago.

  • More on the Catholicized society gorging on humanism is here. The reasons state-churches are so impotent at speaking meaningfully to the John Shore's of the world is detailed here.

  • The book I offered as my favorite, in case you are interested, was To Kill a Mockingbird. Other books I enjoy are on my "Best Books" page.

  • The passages in quotes from the response to the first point in the argument: "[God is] maker of all things, stretching out the heavens and spreading out the earth by [Him]self" is from Isaiah 44:24.  "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us" is from Romans 5:8. "How wide and long and high and deep is [His] love" is from Ephesians 3:18.

  • The passages from Malachi: On proper instruction it is chapter 2, verses 1 to 9. On tithing it is chapter 3, verses 6 to 12. Some may say the Malachi 2 passage only relates to Old Testament priests and how God feels about the Levites, but likewise the Malachi 3 passage only applies to Old Testament tithing practices! The fact is both speak meaningfully about wise use of knowledge (chapter 2) and wise use of resources (chapter 3). Too many Catholicized pastors get neither right.

  • I should also make a quick note that many Calvinists may take issue with my claim that individuals do choose whether or not they want to appropriate what Christ has done for them. Sorry, but I don't believe Calvinists have the final say about God's sovereignty or His love as much as they stridently insist that they do. This is an issue, however, that cannot be covered here. Whatever the case, as I wrote, I'm always great with diving into the rich mix of discovering truth and conversing meaningfully about it to do so.

  • A powerful example of the attitude one has when honestly confronting his own sinfulness is Psalm 38.

  • Jesus Himself is known as Truth and Grace, and as such the things He says can be confidently accepted as truth. Check out the first chapter of John to read more. My take on Him is here.


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