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November-December 2016

The following is a list of my notes related to the latest home page piece, this one on the bullying Caesar must do quite legitimately.

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  • Some definitions: Authentic justice is just that, what true justice actually is, as opposed to the very common social justice, which consists mostly of hacking off pieces of value of some so that others can have them. Authentic justice actually respects and upholds the value of individuals and healthy governance ensures that. In that regard the U.S. Justice Department has recently (as of this writing at the beginning of November 2016) been found to be wholly politicized and engaging in unjust activity to favor Hillary Clinton in her presidential campaign. Whether the thousands of rich and powerful rent-seekers involved will be successful at getting all this criminality dismissed is still to be seen.

  • Racialism: the now very common practice of framing every public policy issue in terms of race, with an emphasis on codependently enabling people of color by incessantly telling them how victimized they are, particularly by white men.

  • Sexualism: also very common, it is a hypervigilent attention to any remotely considered form of sexual exploitation, with an emphasis on the institutional degradation of women, again mostly at the hands of white men. This is not in any way to make light of sexual crimes, it is indeed referring to the taking of a serious moral and legal matter and trying to gain political advantage from disinformation about it. I wrote a home page piece a few months ago with some elaboration on these phenomena.

  • The issue with immigration is truly this: Upwards of four billion people on the planet live under inhumane economic circumstances. Politicians like to say "open borders" to make themselves look good, but the real solution is to invest in those countries where they are so they may live prosperously there. The U.S. social infrastructure simply cannot handle the influx of migrants under an "open borders" policy. The tricky part is the World System revels in the destabilizing conditions, and they are all about making the migrant crisis to begin with. Here is a home page piece with some more on the immigration issue.

  • Here is a home page piece with more about Darwinian evolution. This is another area where serious demonization is directed at those who very much respect science but don't buy into the reigning scientism - all the things we're told to believe science tells us.

  • A home page piece where I get a bit into how people are so easily led to believe such things is here. A page with more on this Catholicized nation is here. And that the Catholic Church encourages abortion activity is here.

  • The gentleman sitting between Clinton and Trump at the Alfred E. Smith dinner is Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, easily more powerful than Clinton or Trump would ever be. He is still not as powerful as this gentleman, brand new and starting to get acquainted with the job at this time.

  • Everything about this webzine is to see if authentic Christ followers would establish worship communities in which the highest regard for truth reigns, as well as a deeply compassionate desire for people to see through the System designs on their minds and souls. Here is a place to start to prayerfully think about that. When churches sign up as tax-exempt non-profits, they sign on with Rome and thoroughly stunt their capacity to do that by becoming pawns of the System. Here is more about that dynamic.

  • That stuff Jesus said would happen to you? The flogging and murdering and hating? It's scriptural, He said those exact things. But check this out: a quite sobering message from God to any potentate, Clinton, Trump, whoever... Look around here for the most lucid description of the Kingdom in contrast to the System. I must add that I recently re-read one of the most profound passages of encouragement to aid the follower of Christ's resolve through it all: the sixth chapter of the second letter to the Corinthians. Truly wonderful.

  • The biblical quote at the beginning of the piece is right before a verse plastered all over the minds of Christians: "It is by grace you have been saved, it is a gift of God," not a bad verse by any means. Interestingly it is right after a passage about how Jesus has under His foot the head of every potentate on the planet who was, is, and ever will be. Go ahead, read it, it is right there at the end of the first chapter of the letter to the Ephesians.

  • Some thoughts on Who Jesus Actually Is.



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