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On the Reality of Meaningful Scientific Inquiry

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The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'eureka' but 'that's funny.'

- Quote from Isaac Asimov, on the banner of the Facebook page "I f•••ing love science"


In his 1980 acclaimed television series Cosmos, renowned celebrity astronomer Carl Sagan announced to the world, "The cosmos is all there is and all there ever has been." I remember hearing a lot of people take great exception with that statement because it excluded God, but I thought, "Eh, so what? Why can't God be included in whatever the conception 'Cosmos' actually is?"

A quite naïve young man simply didn't see that Sagan was indeed proudly proclaiming the humanist line shared by millions, that the fanciful conception "God" simply doesn't have a place in enlightened, progressive, scientific thinking. This is tragic enough. What is more significant is that millions today are far more naïve in their willful refusal to grasp that the vast array of materialist dogma has been and still is promoted, propagated, and perpetuated by brilliant operatives sworn to achieve its rich dissemination, and that ironically those operatives are heavily funded by average folks supporting simple neighborhood churches right around the corner from where you live.

That dogma, by the way, has been given a quite bountiful retelling in this year's version of Cosmos which concluded this month. This one was hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, official System megaphone blitherer of all things astrophysics, and its main thread in and around all the nifty science show-and-tell was the statement in the graphic:




It was retrieved from the Facebook page "I f•••ing love science", linked from a page about a community of people who really trust reason, I presume as opposed to some make-believe deity. These folks are adamant that as long as we follow the golden scientific rule expounded by all the really reasonable people like Tyson, we'll all be just fine and no one will think us smartless. The rule was painstakingly woven throughout the Cosmos series, we were practically pounded on the head with it.

The funny thing is, the rule itself cannot even hold up under the weight of its own meaning. Indeed, because of the very rules of logic and scientific inquiry it collapses on itself as anything that could give the materialists veritable standing for their views.

At one point the show featured a cartoon with an ancient middle eastern man in some swollen headdress sitting on the floor with a number of other ancient scholars from around the globe seated about, and he says something like this. "Question everything. Question yourselves. You should even question what I am saying right now!" This just sounds so brilliant! So profound! So reasonable! The problem is, if that is true, then that statement itself should be questioned and subject to reasonable objection.

Please know I'm all for questioning things that in and of itself is a fine thing. But in the name of rejecting dogma Cosmos and the world view from which it emanates is viciously dogmatic. It seems there are actually many things one may not question! Throughout the show everything that is life is always referred to as being evolved. Really? I question that. But questioning Darwinism is established as one of those exceptions to the supreme question-it-all rule. Why? Who says?

Furthermore in an interview about Cosmos, Tyson himself said he was really uncomfortable with too many questions. Guh? His point was that any questions that are simply too philosophical get in the way of true scientific pursuit. The problem with that is a critical issue with the whole LET'S-ALL-BE-VALIANT-QUESTIONERS enterprise:

It itself is not scientific, but philosophical.

To say "Science answers everything" is a philosophical statement. So is all the "Science should be followed and not figments of people's imagination" spewed forth in a steady stream of propaganda from the System. At one point Tyson said "Only follow the questions and logical argument." That's rich, because Tyson himself is extraordinarily poor with logic.

Tyson opened one episode with yet more silly "scientific" dogma, showing a baby in a blanket-lined basket looking into the star-lit night sky coupled with his voiceover, "We have no note with which to understand our world. We're left on our own." Ahh, so he's tested this proposition through the most rigorous scientific investigation. Not exactly.

Excuse me, but there is a note that has been left. Yes, that note is the Bible. And I know that writing that right now would get any serious reason-worshipper to holler hysterically, but I'm going to go one further. Get ready, have your pills handy...

The Bible is a science book.

Have you gone apoplectic yet? No? Still with me? All right, I knew you could. Way to go.

I'm interested in not just the very best, rigorous scientific pursuit, but in discovering truth wherever that is. And throughout history there have actually been scientists who have actually wanted to do that and guess what they've found?

That the truth of things involves God.

And what's more, that truth can be discovered scientifically.

If that isn't scandalous enough  especially to the most rabid reason-must-reign sentiments  World operatives work very hard to sear into your consciences that this absolutely cannot be. Countless times you hear "Only that which can be observed counts!" They are so strident about enforcing their own observation rules and interpretations that it seems they anxiously fear conceding that many other things can be observed which are true, most notably anything discovered from observed forensic evidences in historical, archeological, and sociological accounts.

Even more shattering than that is the equally fearful threat to those ferociously girding their civil religion God clubs the truth that all this reigning science hocus pocus is an operation which God actually endorses. It is indeed an important part of Cain's city God allowed to cultivate at the beginning of civilization expressly as an instrument of judgment against those who refuse to call on His name. The city has not only roads and temples and police stations, but also laboratories.

Because this subject is so vast I'm not able to spend my entire home page piece getting into it, but I do want to introduce you to two scientists who have done this, who have gone to the mat to prove that acquiring knowledge of God and of His things is indeed a scientific pursuit. And they're just the scientists that I'm particularly familiar with, who've published and are pretty well-known for laying out the Kingdom very scientifically. How many more are there who simply can't be heard over the deafening clamor of the World's noise?

The first is Stephen Meyer, an eminently qualified researcher who wrote two books Signature in the Cell and Darwin's Doubt that have eviscerated Darwinism. Check them out exasperatingly scientific!  Meyer has comprehensively demonstrated, using the very mechanistic processes Darwinists claim so stridently support their case, that descent through modification is patently false. There it is, Darwinism put the test, the crucially elemental scientific test of falsification, and it has been summarily shown to be impossible.

The second is Hugh Ross, also phenomenally qualified and exceptionally expressive of the highest levels of grace in dealing with detractors. He has written a dozen books, but in his most recent Navigating Genesis he carefully looks at the original languages of the early scientists yes, the writers of Scripture themselves, scientists to plainly elucidate those clear forensic evidences of God's hand in His creation. Those issues System scientists have with the Biblical account of early life and civilization? Blown away by Ross. Yes, with the very thorough forensic testing done the science in Scripture has been found not false.

Because we can firmly know some things the reigning atheocrats don't want us to know doesn't mean we won't still have questions. Fifty-some-odd years ago another scientist named Thomas Kuhn shook up the scientific establishment with his The Structure of Scientific Revolutions wherein he firmly established the truth that paradigms of scientific truth change as people stop being so stubborn about their own conceptions and see what is actually there in reality.

Funny, you'd think there'd have to be some brand spanking new elaborate paradigm for us all to understand the truth about science, but really, the "new" paradigm is what Kingdom dwellers have known all along. You'd think it'd be new, but it isn't. It's been around, it's just whether or not you've been able to observe it, you know,

See the reality of what things are.

Here are the key parts of that paradigm.

Everything is rational. Indeed, there is nothing that anyone sees, hears, thinks, believes, feels, or does that is irrational. The word "irrational" is only a way for someone to describe something that doesn't fit with his own autotheistic considerations and to excuse away God and His standard: whether a thing is righteous or not.

Sorry, but morality, wisdom, righteousness, charity, grace, reprobation, mercy, justice, law, repentance, obedience, rebellion, forgiveness, redemption, restoration, and resurrection are all scientific. That you can't put them in the test tubes that World officers say are the only ones that count doesn't mean that they aren't. But that they so rail against this truth is indeed, perfectly rational. 

Everyone is unrighteous. It isn't that everything is unrighteous, it is that every single individual human being is unrighteous. Certainly lots of people do lots of righteous things quite often. But each one of them does enough ugly, rotten, wicked things to make us all, every one of us, unrighteous to the core.

The fact is, science confirms this. Scripture simple states it this way: There is no one who does good, no one is righteous. All stand condemned because of that unrighteousness. It already is. It is what's what. It's the science. Just like a sea mammal comes up for air, a star beam goes at about a 186-thousand mile-per-second clip, an electron zips around an atom's nucleus. It just is: Each one of us is morally worthless no one has an excuse.

The World System is authorized to regulate unrighteousness. It does this in hundreds of different ways with hundreds of different strategies utilizing hundreds of different tools in the hands of hundreds of different operatives emanating from hundreds of different institutions all of whom get their marching orders from deep politics machinations administered by powerful men anyone can identify but refuse to do so because they either allow themselves to be so blinded or flat-out accept nice payments to stay blind.

Human sacrifice is a regular practice in a world of unrighteous people. Even unbiblical societies engage in their own forms of human sacrifice. Biblical narrative reveals it started with Cain and Abel. The story of Abraham and Isaac elucidates it. Christ sacrificed Himself to take our place on the altar, which itself led to that most intriguing twist. Those who've insightfully observed this widely verified forensic proof engage in the only authentically meaningful behavior, scientifically established: Sacrifice of oneself in the service of loved others, even those others who are the most heinous enemies.

Jesus Christ is the scientific translation of unrighteousness to righteousness. The forensic evidence is compelling. This One Individual, claiming to be God, said He would die then come back to life to demonstrate He was God, and then did it. Through the centuries people who've put their trust in Him have watched miracles happen, not for any reason than they've given up the pretense, loved Him, and gone about loving others. A drunken man, once seduced by the World then genuinely abandoned to Christ, said it like this: "I don't know if Jesus changed water into wine, but I do know He changed beer into furniture."

World operatives and inhabitants alike will not understand this unless they ask Christ to open their eyes and heal them of their blindness. Hundreds of scientists now know that the genetic structures of living things cannot have been evolved. The scientific proof is too overwhelming. Again, check out Meyer, if not dozens of other insightfully bright scientists. Many of them are browbeat into toeing the materialist line and confess in sotto voce they're forced to come up with what are effectively fairy tales and feel embarrassed to later smile in front of the cameras trying gallantly to defend them.

The secret to understanding things isn't questioning everything. It is questioning righteously. It is courageously assembling the right questions and persevering with them. It is firmly holding a commitment to seeking and knowing not just truthful things, but gracious things. After duly detailing the wonderful truths explained in large part by experimental science, Neil deGrasse Tyson merely parrots the talking points of the operatives who've hired him. Think about how brashly insistent he is that we all embrace the most rigidly sanctioned evolutionary biology, labor to mitigate climate change, and interrogate anyone who doesn't believe what they believe.

This is all religion.

But this too is scientific! Why? Perceptively recognizing who's doing what, where, and when in the great contrast between the World and the Kingdom is a critical part of finding the scientifically veritable truth about what's most important. That means very soberly understanding this final piece of the not-so-new scientific paradigm.

World operatives delightfully exploit science to delude fine church-going people, and do so with their help when those people pour money into 501c3 non-profit tax-exempt organizations. The idiocy of the World is designed to be that way. It is arranged for maximum control of a reprobate populace by the officials given the divinely ordained authority to do so. The System is chiefly comprised of the Roman Catholic Church and all its subdivisions, the federal government and all its technocracies, the banking system and its well-funded foundations and universities fighting to the death defending the proposition that only the World can define science.

Quite frightening is the number of young people who are being so hypnotized by it all. Many who watched Cosmos noted something I thought: All this is so elementary school. That beautifully instinctive child-like wonder and rich inquisitiveness Jesus so commended Himself is being shredded. No wonder Scripture warns that children in the last days will war against their parents. But again, even the most wholesome church-going people are being played. The virulently manipulated culture war starts at home.

Neil deGrasse Tyson does God's work however much as he rails against any deity. He is a pawn in the employ of Cain's administration, sent out from God just as Cain was, and as such will never be able to question righteously. He will never even "question everything," nor will any of the atheists, agnostics, and humanists who live richly by the World. They will remain hopelessly stuck in their old benighted paradigm, shifting the things in it around a bit to make it all look a bit more novel at times, but it'll all be still the same.

Pitiful, really.

But also quite scientific.

They are not only blind but foolishly going crazy to not look blind. Those who don't have Christ but are still pretty religious and church-going will continue to pal around with them, lap up all the Cosmos stuff, and continue to enable all the destructiveness that emerges from it all.

Those who see it for what it is and actively decide they really don't want to have anything to do with it anymore, will do the only thing they know they can do

Turn to the One Who Sees And Makes Others See.


After all, isn't observation what they really want?





Praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone does marvelous deeds.

- from the 72nd Psalm



  • An "autotheist" is someone who believes he should be deciding what God would or wouldn't do. An "atheocrat" is someone who rules over things with "not-God" as the main pretext, even though to make such a claim they must certainly know a lot about God. For a bit more on how people behave in the Catholicist Nation, go to this previous home page piece.

  • The graphic image just above was posted by a friend on Facebook, and in it is a verse from Proverbs. For those who don't quite get it, that "a fool's eyes flutter to far-off places" does not mean we shouldn't look through the Hubble telescope. It does mean that when scientists swimming in folly are told, "Hey. Look here. God," they respond with, "Umm, let's instead look waaay over there."

  • Hate to say it, but I think there is a bit of profound irony in that image of Tyson provided in this piece. As I look at it, it does look like a giant eye looking down at the man. Is it the all-seeing eye of Cain's chief administrator? Or is it of God Himself? Take your pick...

  • I should make a note about one of those spiritual issues addressed in the piece, you saw them, morality, law, justice, forgiveness etc. Most I imagine are easily comprehendable, though I think some may wonder about the term reprobation. In many theological circles it represents something specific to Calvinism, but in this instance it simply means the condition of living by one's sin without the saving grace of Christ.

  • A special note about this thing observation is below. Just had to add it. I know, I know, adding more, I thought I wouldn't be doing that (see deleted preface below). But I felt it necessary to have just this one added remark. Hey, the conversation will always proceed, as will the observations...

  • That new word "smartless"? See this page for its origin, and my last home page piece for more about it.

  • This page gets into how churches fund the authorized atheocrat's scientific endeavor. The culture war is elucidated a bit here.  How the World enables human sacrifice? That's here.

  • For more on this idea of righteousness, check out this page. A journal entry that gets a bit deep into when I first realized that everything is rational is here, for those still trying to think up something that is actually irrational.

  • For a web heads-up on Meyer's work, go to this page. To get to Ross's work, go here. December 2018 note: Recently I came across this very succinct explanation demonstrating that God may be discovered through the very same standard scientific means regularly employed by every reputable scientist working today.

  • Want to check out the Biblical treatise on forensic scientific evidence in a single chapter? Look up the first letter of John, the first chapter. It's here if you want to get to it right now.

  • The One Who Loves Quite Scientifically.



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Special note about observation.

I'd thought about this just yesterday (Friday July 4), about the issue some scientists will have about this thing observation, pointing out that quantum physics has proven that our observations are unreliable anyway, you know, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and all that.

The idea is that the very act of our observing messes with the behavior of subatomic particles, so there is no way we could see what they're really doing, predict what they will do next. This leads to the notion that things like chance and unpredictability govern what happens to some things.

Now, I'm not a physicist, my fascination with thinking about it notwithstanding. But I do know it doesn't take a whole lot of logical figuring to understand that chance and unpredictability do nothing to anything. There is always some way that bodies interact with one another, for some reason, including how scientists registering their observations about subatomic particles messes with that. That we can't figure that out yet doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

It does mean that scientists like to dodge the question, "Are you saying you not only don't know how it works but you are quite unsure about how to figure it out?" Not only would they rather look erudite by saying it's just chance, but they've established their own "God of the Gaps" by putting all the things they can't answer about quantum physics into the UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE answer.

Hmm. There're a few more questions right there many scientists would rather not face straight on.

The ones who're followers of Christ, however...


(August 2 2014. Forgive me, another brief note, a two-parter, but yes, very brief. I simply can't neglect to jot this down after thinking about a couple of things, but again, brief because again, there is too much to get down if I'm covering everything about science! Anyway...

One, I'd thought about how my take on the Bible as a science textbook may be interpreted as an endorsement of New Age propositions such as religious "science", which claims one can know the things that govern the "God force" and if you do know those things and tune into them somehow, you'll be at peace and behave well and all that sort of thing. Perish the thought.

Two, some more fastidious scientists may make hay about my point that electrons orbit atom nuclei, and cry that they don't exactly do that and we can't really observe them anyway and all that sort of thing. My point was only to state things work a certain way and that God made it that way. Furthermore, don't pass over my note about observation just above.)




Preface to the once-briefly considered preface!

The day I'd published my latest home page piece I'd felt I needed to clarify a critical aspect, yet later felt I was just belaboring the point. As it is all of this is quite a bit to tackle, so after seeing the difficulty with trying too hard to "clarify," I'm going back to letting my original piece speak for itself.

Leave it in God's hands, He'll do with it what He will. That's good.

That preface is here, however, for those interested. Consider it a sort-of "Deleted Scenes" feature just like on the DVD...


Special preface to this month's feature Monday June 30 2014


The last touches on this month's main webzine feature had barely dried when I realized I needed to preface it all with a critically important truth that I hadn't quite fully elucidated there. I've simply considered it can't be duly cogitated without this added note. Nothing about what I'd written should necessarily be changed or written differently much of the reality of science and today's conception of science is addressed reasonably and comprehensively, given the space. But one crucial truth hammered me today that I feel is imperative to add here. Forgive me.

As you get in deep with this treatise on science you'll note that the many players have their agendas, all perfectly rational but quite often extraordinarily unrighteous. I'd spent some measure of expository effort on the folly of World scientist-worshippers, without clarifying an indispensible facet of their passionate hatred of religion. It is not as much harbored for all the typical reasons but instead it is based on consuming the industrious efforts of the summarily introduced World operatives to devise religious simulacra they've been directed to revile.

In other words, if these scientists were exposed to the real Jesus Christ, they'd see.

As it is a straw man Jesus has been propped up and shoved in their faces, indeed a number of them have been and those operatives work laboriously to slot in just the right Jesus that will keep those scientists in the groove of moving the gargantuan ruse along. Indeed a large part of it all is the revulsion they have for all things Roman Catholic, all arranged by the militant forces of the Roman Catholic church!

Those religious people are so superstitious, thinking evil demons cause diseases. They are so unreasonable, insisting fairy tale stories of spirits and miracles are real. They are so oppressive, enlisting governments to force us to live by their backwards precepts.

Scientists are consumed by these kinds of thoughts, and for good reason! They are quite rational! The World System has so many different faces, and many are drawn to look so piously and wholesomely religious! Anyone whose very being feels threatened by marauding social infrastructure raiders will recoil as violently, and they do so aggressively. So much so that the instigating forces find great success in one of their most prominent tasks: inciting the most gallantly waged rebellion against the reigning hegemony for the purpose of legitimizing its authority.

It takes true inquisitive fortitude to identify who's putting those Jesuses up there, and why. That too is completely rational, for the Roman Catholic Church must fulfill its commission given it starting with Cain to regulate the behavior of its city dwellers.  

What does all this mean?

Well, that's in the rest of the story. Let's join together to pursue this question further in the home page piece with, yes, good meaningful questioning. And please, I invite you not to just ask any old questions, but let's think together about the best questions, shall we?

Let's see where they take us...




This page was originally posted by David Beck at yourownjesus.net on June 30, 2014