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The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug;

Their feet are caught in the net they have hidden.

The Lord is known by His acts of justice;

The wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands.

- From the ninth Psalm


The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.

- Kahlil Gibran


One of the most trenchant threads in any motion picture is this one from Monty Python's Life of Brian. Through a couple of key scenes we take in the blistering satire perpetrated by that splendidly valiant revolutionary organization The People's Front of Judea. They share so very much, so very simply.

The People's Front is led by a proudly demonstrative man named Reg who inspires an upright and mild-mannered people who just want things in life to be better for everyone and hold as the most significant activity to reach that goal getting rid of that pesky ugly imperialist Roman Empire patriarchischmarchy.

We are first introduced to Reg and his three cohorts enjoying a fight at the arena, and our hero Brian asks to be included. After an inquiry about his motives, Reg asks him, "Okay, but how much do you hate the Romans?"

He answers with profound conviction, "A lot."

Reg thinks for about half-a-second, and replies, "Okay, you're in."

A bit later they are holding a secret meeting of the group's rank-&-file, which pitifully numbers barely a dozen. To generate some enthusiasm Reg asks them a strictly rhetorical question, "What have the Romans ever done for us?"

A member meekly answers, "The aqueduct." Reg reluctantly concedes and repeats the question. Another comes back with "The roads." Others add things like sanitation and public safety, until some ten or fifteen very fine things are mentioned. So Reg then repeats the question with "Besides the aqueduct, the roads... [all are cited], what have the Romans ever done for us?"

The film contains much more fun from The People's Front of Judea, they could very well be the best thing in the movie.

I've spent my web ministry life hoping to elucidate the distinction between the World and the Kingdom as simply, boldly, and clearly as I can. This simple montage does quite well with this, to be honest — one comment added to one YouTube posting of a film's scene puts it well. "40 years later it is still hilariously on point. Millions of 16-21 year-olds on the Internet fighting and talking like this daily. It's amazing."

But, alas. If that is so...

People are still not getting it.

So I will give it a go again, with some thoughts here in this season's home page piece.


My wife and I recently spent our anniversary weekend in Solvang, a quaint little tourist trap in a beautiful part of California known as the Santa Ynez Valley. The town is best known for its cute overbearing Danish look and feel.

Our first morning there we strolled on a trail outside of town to get there, and were surprised to find ourselves running right smack into one of the California missions, named of course Santa Inés — and I have no idea why the difference in spelling. There it was, in all its majestic glory, as they all are now pretty-much grand museum pieces — its gift shop stocked with all the idolatrous Catholic paraphernalia one may purchase.

Still, it does stand as one of those powerful symbols of Roman Ecclesiocratic dominance in the region. Just like the performance art so exquisitely exhibited inside during services, the large pronounced edifice still bellows to all the stark reality of who rules the World System.

Out on my morning walk the next day I thought about and prayed for the apocalyptic revival, in contrast to beholding this monument. I thought, huh, for that to really happen it would have to come down. The Romanist System is only about enslavement — to shame, to guilt, to condemnation... there is no real freedom there.

But then I thought, oh, if I were to, say, go take a wrecking ball to the mission building, indeed to Rome, I'd be doing nothing other than what the French Revolution iconoclasts were trying to do. Remember what happened when they took over Notre Dame? When they thought ridding the world of the incessantly irritating Romanist scold would bring niceness and utopia and everything nice? Those heroic sans-culottes (I'm sure they were really BIPOC in some way — hat tip to the brand new historically accurate Google Gemini "A.I." image-generating service) tossing out all those ponderous saints and biblical heroes, replacing them with busts of the ultra-enlightened shining halogen lamps of Voltaire, Rousseau, and even Benjamin Franklin (and certainly a few BIPOC famous people, you know, we can't be any less anti-racist) you know, so the waaay better Goddess of Reason would reign.

Reg would be so proud.

The problem too is that whatever ruling elite is in power, it is indeed there by God's hand. Grasping the truths illuminated in Scripture, most pointedly for this treatise those in the fourth chapter of Genesis, goes a long way to understanding what God did with Cain, what his present-day minions do with all ordained potentates, sectarian or secular — and then what happens with just about any other political thing that racks our brains far too often.

Any organized rebellion against those powers, even my own sometimes stirred desire to bring Rome down, is a part of the Ministry of Sin. In God's divine wisdom He established the Ministry of Condemnation to keep that ministry in check, requiring Rome to employ great evil to combat the evil that humans routinely do. Me, Reg, the rabid leftist sporting some kind of Che Guevara-like t-shirt getting paid good money to rage in the crusade by, say, splashing tomato soup all over some really valuable painting and then gluing hands to the wall — the most courageous iconoclasts!


Who will free us from this body of death?

Rome has so many options for System salvation, but it does so to keep us all hypnotized by the Romanist mandarins, visible and not-so-visible. It will blare that it is really doing something about the evils it provokes, but it does need those evils in order to do its virtue-signaling about how wonderful it is fighting them, and it does it with seven times the force any of the very best detractors have. Think your own special brand of maniacal agitprop fervor will do anything about that? In fact you're just part of it, just doing their bidding while they gleefully sneer at your insidiously manipulated true-believer sentiments.

That's the beauty of the People's Front of Judea. They delightfully show us how pathetic those efforts are. This one and that one and that one and this one, over and over and over again — they've been happening for centuries before the People's Front and for centuries after. All so imaginative and entrancing and engaging. Today's quite elaborate social control innovations are really just no different. I hear them now, can you? The brilliantly contrived excuses, proudly bleated but exasperatingly sorrowful.

Trying to be stupifyingly simple many have taken to a twisted version of deconstructionism. "Well I've looked carefully at this Christianity thing and it's just no good!" Ahh, a complete bastardization of a mostly silly philosophical pustule anyway, tweaked a bit it becomes the latest Jesuit concoction now so woven into the religious landscape ultimately to transform more young people into the most imperious sodomists, racialists, and socialists.

The final product is an inevitable rejection of what was once a supposedly vibrant faith in Christ, when all that's happened is the realization that their peculiar Jesus was merely an impotent System-assembled one. Well then, ahem — if that's the case, then really: Deconstruct away! Go ahead and comprehensively expose the magnificently ornate window-dressing Jesus for what it is, a genuinely weird distasteful simulacrum invented to keep people pounding out interminable penances, or at some point jettisoning altogether as worthless religious folderol.

There're so many more ways the System Ops keep its charges enslaved and worshipping their Jesuses even if it means sticking them in an endless loop of rejecting one and embracing another in the name of so very smartly and courageously DECONSTRUCTING.

So many hapless blitherings to try to rationalize away the simplicity of the true liberating gospel.

That one comes through The Savior and The Kingdom by way of the Ministry of Reconciliation. It is a trillion light years from any of the sin-condemn-death sin-condemn-death sin-condemn-death that consumes World inhabitants. The Kingdom is only mercy-salvation-restoration-life-joy-peace-insight-contentment-freedom.

The only way this is manifest across a community is when worship assemblies become ungrafted to the System. "Abjure the realm" as it was once called long ago. Churches that remain obligated to the World through their contractual incorporations and registrations with that World are merely subdivisions of that Roman Catholic dominion. I just can't see how people who say they're Christians can ignore the plain proscription all over Scripture, viscerally shared there in the letter to the Galatians: "I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be obtained from the law, Christ died for nothing!"

What would happen if genuine worship communities of people who do actually have the name of Christ on their lips were never grafted, never tied to Rome even to begin with? The sheep of His Pasture would then by prayer, fellowship, worship, and real vibrant communion with Him — oh my how much more would there be miracles and healing and deliverance and rapture and mountains being moved...

Jesus said as much.

It is quite simple.


How then does all the institutionalized evil continue to still metastasize all around us then?

For one, people are so wickedly inured to doing everything the World Ops have told them to believe they must do no matter what it is. "Hey, the Roman Catholic Church is just as Christian as anything." It is a virtually routine trope to conflate the two, and its entrenchment one of the clearest successes of the Jesuit Order in its never-ending objective to extirpate Protestantism. This simple conception moves so many to vehemently censure or actively protest some thing a relevant ruler has do, but still rationalize the value of most things he or she does.

The well-schooled Catholicist will also consider a firm ingratiation with the System their salvation, especially from the dread facing all the evils they don't know it has generated to begin with. "Don't bother asking too many questions because they'll hurt you."

Yes, they might hurt you, and often do, they're sworn to — sounds like the behavior of a racket to me. Jesus said this too very clearly: He knew it was supposed to be that way. "Be the Kingdom instead! Be the Kingdom even the midst of all that!" He insisted, then urged us to acknowledge the World will pass away but only after it's done its legitimate duty now.

Another reason it continues to thrive is because the worst of it happens at the deepest levels of the System's machinery, and no, it isn't from the ones you think are pulling Joe Biden's strings. It is coming from those who labor quite fastidiously to install the potentates and instill in them with the enduring mentality needed to make it all happen. It is much more intricately arcane, murderously manipulative, and painfully political.

There is indeed a deep-state with which we're most familiar — more identifiable bureaucrats, academics, think-tank thinkers, or even whole countries like Russia, China, or Iran. Another level down are more insidiously clever deep-state actors — the Trilateral Commission and the Committee of 300 and the Rothschild family and all the other usual suspects.

Oh so complicated!

No, just the presentation is complicated.

Again, the truth is simple.

The deeper level of deep-state elements has the most influence of all. If you really want to look, you may see beyond all the apparent complexities and find it too is quite simple. Their main goal is to get people passionately devoted to System sentiments any way they can, whether by shaming them into pusillanimous obedience, stirring the most ferocious remonstration, or anything in-between. One of the best is handing the smartest of them the cushiest jobs somewhere so they'll comfortably settle into a benighted state of perpetually oblivious preoccupation.

It is fun to hear a quite pertinent remark from the recent acclaimed motion picture Oppenheimer, even though it does only go as far as that first level deep-state. At one point in the midst of his explanation of the machinations required, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission Lewis Strauss whispers

"Power stays in the shadows."

Note it isn't just that the power resides there, it is that it stays there. It is carried forth from there, though it does originate from an even deeper state — you can check out a bit of Dante to learn more about that level. With the advances of video and communication technology, especially the new gods "The Algorithm" and "The A.I." it is so much easier for its purveyors to stream the essential propaganda unfettered into susceptible hearts and minds.

As you can see in the screenshot of yet another of John and Nisha Whitehead's tediously droning expositions of the product's impact, it will always involve the most ruthless prosecution of those who request it — after all they are paying good money for it — and it will always employ the most extreme prejudice accompanied by boasts of how not-prejudice they all are.

How far down that rabbit hole do you want to go? Sadly most just stay around close to the top, where some light still seeps in.

Not far enough.

Doesn't mean you can't go farther down.

It does mean you'll need His eyes and His light to guide you.

Doesn't mean you can't understand it all with His mind, knowing He has allowed it since the dawn of civilization explicitly to draw people to Him after they actually see the consequences of their own part in the horrors there.

As you go down there even deeper than you've ever gone before, be sure to grip His hand tightly. You don't want to get lost down there.

Especially since without Him they will successfully trap you there forever.


One final note. It is a brief but sobering metaphor for the death that is the Roman Catholic Hegemony and the World it governs. And please, it will be simple.

 Just outside the Santa Inιs mission is a vineyard, or at least a batch of grapevines. I say that because to look at them you can't help but feel grave sadness.

They're all dead.

There you go, you can see it in my photos. Not only is it all completely bereft of life, but the plaque displayed to describe what should be that life is so faded it is illegible.

No life.

No words.

No anything.

Just decay, despair, death.


Jesus is The Vine.

The Kingdom is The Vineyard.

There is life there, and only there.


That we get to be branches...




For those who find me [wisdom] find life

And receive favor from the Lord.

But those who fail to find me harm themselves;

All who hate me love death.

- From the eighth chapter of Proverbs


You're just a free range human on a tax farm.

- Stark truth from a World Devotee enlisted in the service of a modern People's Front of Judea,

appearing occasionally in memes out there on the web




  • March 13 2024 note: Since I published this piece two weeks ago I changed a bit of the part about the things people do to rationalize away holding a quite simple belief on Christ. I included definitions but also should add here that any of the philosophical ideas introduced in this or any Catholicist Nation item require much more discussion. In fact that is a key part of the actual thing deconstructionism. While it does involve the idea no one can actually grasp any objective truth from written ideas - all you can get is your own interpretation which can never really be trusted since there is no truth standard, itself a preposterously self-defeating philosophy - it does allow for the modestly valuable precept that spoken engagement with others is preferable to gain genuine understanding of an idea. This is, of course, why Jesus as the Living Word and communion with Him is so important. Meanwhile Christendom today has been overwrought by people rejecting a healthy abiding faith in Christ claiming they are "deconstructing" but are actually only succumbing to yet another Jesuit-generated ruse to keep people rigidly Catholicist-minded. As eminent postmodernist Stanley Fish once wrote,"[Deconstruction] relieves me of the obligation to be right... and demands only that I be interesting."

  • For those not acquainted with the acronym, "BIPOC" stands for "Black, Indigenous, People of Color," who have definitely attained quite an elevated stature in today's woke world. The Google Gemini "A.I." service rolled out just recently was widely and justifiably criticized for comically generating images exclusively based on a racialist perspective. This is further proof that there is indeed no such thing as AI, at all, only foolish people feeding the super-duper-fast processing machinery.

  • About my mention of whole nations as players engaged in "deep state" activity, because I didn't mention other countries like Israel doesn't mean they too aren't yanked around by the deeper state operatives. Russia, China, and Iran always seem to get the most press, however, yet I do know Israel is the focal point of all of civilization. The question: is it still the chosen nation in God's eyes and quite eschatologically significant, or now merely an apostate and exploited autocratic-appearing System asset? The volumes needed to get into that are too much for this effort here.

  • The part of Reg in Life of Brian was played by John Cleese. The part of Lewis Strauss in Oppenheimer was played by Robert Downey Jr.

  • The painting of the Goddess of Reason finally shaping the perfect worldwide utopia we all enjoy today is La fête de la Raison dans Notre-Dame de Paris le 10 novembre 1793 by Charles-Lewis Müller, 1878. I mention the sans-culottes but they were just put out for show by the much more powerful exploiters doing what is now called "astro-turfing," making everyone believe it was some authentic grass-roots movement of the righteous masses but really just those System mandarins doing their thing from the bowels of that deepest state.

  • The screenshot of the masthead for the John and Nisha Whitehead piece is from Off-Guardian. Note that anything "Globalist" as cited in the headline does by definition mean "Universal" and as such "Catholic." Also shown is an image of the Capitol Building, an edifice which has never been considered anything but the authoritative governing Temple of Jupiter. This serves as one of the many iconographic signatures definitively establishing the authority of Cain's Legacy.

  • For a bit more on who's actually running things, here's a page with some. Here's another page with some thoughts about a worship assembly becoming ungrafted, or perhaps even a group of followers of Christ becoming never grafted, and why.

  • Here's a rough sketch of the way the Hegemony carries out human sacrifice as a matter of established practice. Some thoughts about the Ecclesia's role in that are here.

  • I know it is hard to convince a reader that this is about simple truths when brand new words are introduced, like ecclesiocracy. What exactly is that? Actually the term is employed for the purpose of making it simple to understand: that the Roman Catholic Church (the ecclesia) does indeed regularly and authoritatively generate the evils all around in response to the masses requiring those evils by virtue of their own habitual sinfulness, and it does this simply through its routine governance (the -ocracy) at the behest of its rather opaque militant order (the Society of Jesus). A home page piece with a bit about the Ecclesiocracy is here.

  • I'd like to think I did okay here, but making the distinction between the World and the Kingdom simple can be a challenge. You may look around at my webzine for further attempts, but the only way you may fully grasp the beautiful simplicity is if you read Scripture, every single day. Read the gospel of John, prayerfully, then talk about it with those you'll soon recognize are not sold-out deputized agents of Rome. When finished, start over again.

  • Reconciliation with God is nicely described in the letter to the Ephesians, second chapter, starting in the 14th verse especially: "For He Himself is our peace..."

  • Here are a few thoughts about The Vine. Check out the 15th chapter of John's gospel to get the full beauty and richness of the person and character of Jesus.



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