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We've been looking for paradise, ever since we lost it in Adam and Eve, we've been trying to get back there. Now we think we can create it in electronics and the idolatry of the machine.

And it's extremely dangerous.

- Wallace Henley, author of Who Will Rule the Coming Gods


[The wicked man] lies in wait by the villages; His eyes watch in secret for his victims...

He lies in wait to catch the helpless and drags them off in his net.

- The Tenth Psalm, verses eight and nine


I've made reference before to what I think is one of the greatest works in literature, The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis. Call me uncouth in my tastes as it is a children's book, but so be it.

This time I'd like to riff on the part with the giants, and we're introduced to two types, those who appear stupid by getting great pleasure from spending their days brainlessly throwing rocks around, and the ones who appear much more dignified living richly in the commune called Harfang. It is my contention that the latter are just as stupid because they can't refuse to dine on talking creatures... including human beings.

Just a very telling analogy for the practice of human sacrifice. Not only are they physically imposing but they are gruesomely amiable, just like your sworn technoplutocrat administering a large nation of seduced subjects.

The giants community is just the good wholesome Americanist organism energized by... well, I can't call them that because presently I've been viscerally wrestling with Jesus telling me by His word "Don't call people fools."

I believe one reason Jesus tells us this is because to run the thing you can have no other to do so. They're there, they must be there, and they are doing what they do because the like-minded populace is largely asking them to in order to protect them from themselves and there is nothing you are going to do about that.

Nothing except leave it and humbly seek to enter the Kingdom by God's good graces.



I continue to be intrigued by the things this "Sprouts" YouTube video series puts out, especially when it comes to pondering this thing stupidity. This one from Carlos Cipolla and his Five Laws of Stupidity is one that relates.

The salient point:

Stupid people kill.

Furthermore from Tupper Saussy's Rulers of Evil, the idea is that very intelligent World System Operatives take full advantage of that to commit the most insidious but very pronounced acts of human sacrifice in the name of elevating the Great Grand Ecclesia you may enjoy if you fall in line.

 That stupidity thing? It is biblical, you only need to see in Proverbs the volumes of distinctions between wisdom and folly, but if you just look about in Jeremiah you'll see it plainly stated: Everyone is stupid. Yes, I'm not exempt, I am just as murderous with my stupidity as the next fellow unless I have a Deliverer from that lethality.

I've blogged recently about what I consider the two most destructive forms of stupidity there is: redefining sexual integrity, marriage, and family to include all sorts of the ugliest sexually immoral conceptions there could be, summed up neatly by those promoting those things themselves in the LBGTQ-whatever-else-is-in-the acronym-for-present-optimum-virtue-signaling; and the never-ending but always more imaginative bastardization of the accepted value assessment standard, for most of us that is the dollar, whether the central bankers printing it up by the gazillions to hand to irresponsible people, the deviously enterprising financial and commercial interests still exploiting people as they have for millennia, or now the brazen scam artists trying to convince well-intentioned but gullible value storers that a computer number better known as crypto is something when it is bupkis.

There are all kinds of other stupendously stunning forms of stupidity that lead to the worst body of death all about, I know. Right now the most prominent ones are the raging climate change hysteria, the interminable Covidian screechings, the wildly sanctimonious racialist browbeating, the imminent World War III belligerency sparked by the Ukraine policy ineptitude, and whatever real-life horror du jour the complicit media are on about. But there is another one that is rearing its hideous form and could outdistance them all.


Please know there is no such thing as artificial intelligence. There is only super advanced data processing subject to the dictates of whoever programmed it. The thought of a benevolently sentient computer entity has indeed been a thing ruminating in the minds of folks for some time, long before 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL made it so entrancing. It has always been quite logically and thoughtfully dismissed as an impossibility, but now because it looks so spectacularly super-duper-advanced, people are getting taken in that there could actually be something akin to the human mind in machine form.


Your friendly neighbor chatbot there spitting up that brilliant classical piece of literature? Brilliant! How could a computer do that?! Wowwie!

Except for this, it is actually quite simple.

About that thing it just wrote, ask it what it means. See what it says. Then ask it what that means. Do it again just for fun. What you will get, eventually, is repetition, nonsense, or nothing.

Here's the trick to that, however.

Many humans will look at that and go, whupp, I guess that's what it means.

I get that, and that is precisely why the stupid person is stupid. It is because they have no concept, nor does the most "intelligent" chatbot ever, of the transcendent meaning of God.

I really like reading Edward Ring, and he recently wrote a wonderful piece getting into all of this himself. He joins many who legitimately say it is because the chatbot does not have a soul that it can never understand the true meaning of anything, it can never truly consider the extent of its own mortality. An AI is just a sophisticated calculator it can never be self-aware, it can never question or introspectively examine its own existence to demonstrate it is actually this thing AI akin to the intelligence a non-stupid person can have by God's generous grace.

That last element is the key.

It is the human mind given over to Kingdom things that makes the difference. It is the ability only a human being can have that an insightful conception of love for one another brings as one can understand the love he or she can receive from someone else, and that can only come by seeing who God is and what He is about and what He did out of His love for us.

A wonderful way that is demonstrated is by another reference to The Silver Chair.


So blindly obedient to the Underworld Queen, the Underdwellers are so catatonically miserable but would furiously explode if the status quo were poked. The Silver Chair was written 70 years ago, and it is no different today. Just a glance into their eyes, you can see that woeful Underdweller sentiment in nearly every person walking about right here in every part of our Overworld, on streets and in malls, in our neighborhoods and at workplaces you know half the time you're out and about it is like touring a "Walking Dead" story. Thing is it is no different than it was six millennia ago! Many of these may not be fully Stupid, perhaps they are just sympathetically Helpless. There is that.

When the Underworld Queen lights the incense and strums her instrument to hypnotize the visiting trio, the children simply do not have the capacity to resist and start to succumb. Puddleglum can resist however, and he does it because his soul knows about the things God created for him in the real world. He relies on what God has shared with him about Him and what He's given him in real actual creation beyond what they sense underground in a spiffy looking palace. Even if any human can imagine a lime-green polka-dotted sun and a purple-striped licorice-flavored sky or dream about flying three-headed pangolins carrying pistachio ice cream in Gucci bags, there are still real-thing suns and skies and pangolins. And not just real but good because God made them good. Very good.

The non-stupid get that.

An erudite thinker will look at all this and see the influence of Plato on C.S. Lewis. You know, Allegory of the Cave and shadows and real Forms and all the rest of it. But that doesn't take away the immense value of the mind God gave us to be proficiently used for wisdom, righteousness, and insightful discernment what we do with our thinking, our feeling, and yes... how we manage our relationships with God and with others.

Those who push away those things are easily sucked into whatever counterfeits the Society's mandarins splash in front of them. How splendid it is these days for advanced information processing to make the job so much easier for these people now you can slap a fancy CGI deepfake on it and show how exceedingly super-smart it is and it isn't hard to see why Scripture speaks of "the image of the beast."

Learning from Cipolla, Saussy, Ring, and just plain Scripture about the whole AI thing we may find some measure of non-plussitude for people who willfully refuse to see how the so-called AI will always be manipulated to draw people into further service of Cain's Legacy under the guise of "Look at how the far-more-brilliant-than-you AI will be your savior!" The very best authoritative, oath-bound, and highly paid Romanist Ecclesiocrats will exploit it and are already doing so. In fact the most significant thing AI will do is better manipulate those conditions and events that are so murderously destabilizing to appear so palatable, as well as to ultimately better conceal the real machinations of World ops in administering Cain's Legacy. All that stuff about climate change and Ukraine and so forth? Pshaw...

This then only means two things.

One, continue to obsequiously slog about in the present Underworld of that virulent activity, again quite legitimately and necessarily mitigating the evildoing that humans do. It really cannot be denied that in a contrarian sense the protracted activity of Cain's hegemonic minions is actually set in motion by God to protect His own from the Stupid. It doesn't mean it isn't far away from God's presence or that on the last day it won't all be thrown into the lake of fire, but it does have a purpose presently as God's footstool.

Or two, leave it. Abjure that realm. Leave all that death and despair and ruthless condemnation, and find rich vibrant dwelling in the Kingdom. Every day experience great joy in committing to self-sacrificially being Christ and His love to a sad and dying world of Stupid and Helpless people. With the insidious nature of the way AI is being portrayed and employed, that challenge is not only more daunting but requires allowing God to move in our lives and connecting to that movement with immersion in His word and corporate prayer and worship.


Just an added note, there has been at the time of posting this home page piece a lot of attention towards this revival of sorts at Asbury University in Kentucky, where there had been nonstop praying and worshipping. It lasted 16 glorious days and while it'd be great if this kind of apocalyptic activity were happening in other places, it absolutely has to be about sowing the grace and power of God into every reach beyond a chapel building. From there worship assemblies should be insightfully seeing the impact Rome has on World System activity then summarily becoming ungrafted to all of that.

I encourage you to read the last book of Scripture, The Revelation. It is intense what that kind of expressively pure and abiding worship of God is like, He is fully worthy of our praise check out the 145th Psalm for more stunning detail on why. But counterfeiters of His glory are hard at work and there is no reason to believe some kind of sinister programmed "AI" will not be part of what happens with the World in those last days. It is harrowing to behold what is in store for those who feel they simply must remain Stupid, there will be no excuse. Currently super-nice things like homes and vehicles and Disney cruise-line vacations and handing over large chunks of tribute to Caesar are super-duper nice things, but in the end it is all dust.

But please know this. Know this above all other things.

No matter how wretchedly evil the days become, however sensationally "AI" enhanced that evil becomes...

God's mercy is always greater.

"Mercy triumphs over judgment."

Reach out and take His nail-scarred hands, but hey, don't forget, you've got to do it wearing the wedding gown He gave you, not the one the enchanting chatbot tells you to have.




  • The image the four types of people Carlos Cipolla examined is a screenshot from the aforementioned video. Here is the link to that video with his theory about the woefully underestimated dangerous quality of being stupid.

  • It may be noted I made no mention of Cipolla's classification "Bandits." This is simply because they are easiest to comprehend: the willfully intentional with their evildoing. Hegemonic institutions are certainly filled with them, and they do seem to get away with murder far too often. But they too have Christ's forgiveness and mercy available to them as much as it is for anyone else.

  • The cartoon panel about 2001 is from Stonetoss, and it is referring to the recent somewhat widely published instance when a chatbot claimed a racial slur should never be uttered even if it means saving millions from having a nuke dropped on top of them.

  • Here is again the link to Edward Ring's piece, Artificial Intelligence and the Passion of Mortality. Here is another excellent one just published at the same website from Thaddeus McCotter.

  • You can read all of Tupper Saussy's book, Rulers of Evil, here in PDF form. I heartily encourage you to take the time to read it. Here is a page with other items of Tupper's.

  • Here again is that home page piece in which I wrote about The Silver Chair previously. Forgive me if I don't elaborate with the standard disclaimer about Lewis for those who think him not "reformed" enough or such. I do include a bit of one in the notes of that piece.

  • Here is a more recent home page with a bit more about this thing The Ecclesiocracy. A rough draft of what modern-day human sacrifice looks like is here.

  • Here is a page with the ways churches make themselves subdivisions of the Roman Catholic ruling hegemony and its authorized Ministry of Condemnation. Here are some thoughts about how those churches may indeed become bountifully ungrafted to the World System. In both pages, and pretty much throughout the webzine, you'll discover how much fine looking churches full of smiling people are merely following Rome's instructions.

  • Jesus' warning against calling people "fools" is in the fifth chapter of Matthew. The verse "Mercy triumphs over judgment" is in the letter of James. For probably the very best treatise on the wide swath of distinction between a human and the finest-thinking machine, read the eighth chapter of the letter to the Romans. Read it all, carefully, prayerfully. You'll see how phenomenally good God is to His beloved creations.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The One Who Reigns In The Kingdom With The Most Self-Sacrificial Love Of All.


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