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My mouth speaks what is true,

For my lips detest wickedness.

All the words of my mouth are just;

Not one of them is crooked or perverse.

Wisdom, in the eighth chapter of Proverbs

Gather 'round, all you clowns, let me hear you say...
- From "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away"


This song by the Beatles tells of a man's visceral response to a girlfriend's rejection. The reason it is so meaningful to me is how much I really want to love others, but wow, is it hard. Even more than that, when you reach out sharing authentically true and just and just truly true things, just because you know it may just help people understand things better, people don't want to hear it. "Go away with that, it is scary. You've got to hide your love away."


I know so well. I'm a teacher, I've been one for a little over 30 years now, and I've taught mostly secondary school Civics and Economics in both public and private settings. Dozens of quite sobering events have occurred in my professional career, some of which involve experiences sharing starkly truthful things with my students, even biblically truthful things in private Christian schools, and I've been severely reprimanded and summarily dismissed as a result of all of them even from the Christian schools, three different such institutions. I've been gracious and respectful in every single one of them, with every student, parent, and administrator, in every single interaction whether in the classroom or administrative office.


Much of why I've been so savaged simply relates to the very few viciously vocal parents who protested biblically truthful things shared in a classroom. They are intractably captivated by the humanist, materialist, globalist, socialist, racialist, sodomist, and yes, atheist agenda woven into the mainstream not unlike the yeast of the Pharisees Jesus warned about. I could mention several specific things about this reality and how much it is now steeped in society today. All I want to ask at this point is a question that I've sought to answer quite comprehensively in this webzine effort.

How did all of that get there?


I find it interesting how people like to celebrate anniversaries, especially those with year lengths ending in "0."  I've noted that Disney always goes crazy with it, and this year is the 100th anniversary of the whole Disney enterprise, what with Walt officially starting the company in 1923 showcasing Oswald Rabbit for a bit and introducing Mickey Mouse in "Steamboat Willie" just five years later.

Parenthetically as you may well know, this 100 years later the Disney company is reeling from allowing itself to be so consumed by the abject ugliness of that yeast, this virulent "woke" dominion that has infected what was once an institution that took pride in being pretty morally wholesome. Now the discomforting erotica and occultism elements Disney elevates are just too pronounced in its films, in its parks, in its entire company milieu.

All of society is smothered in it.

Again, the question, how did all of this get there?

So then in honor of Disney's 100th, how about this year we celebrate one of the most important years ever in world history? The 250th anniversary? Lessee, 250 years ago is, umm, 1773? Ah yes, definitely the year of the Boston Tea Party! That's a really good guess, it did happen in December of that year, but no, that's not it. Lessee, there was a modest Ottoman revolt during the Russo-Turkish War, but nah, that's not it either. The introduction of the Viennese waltz that year! Uh, yeah, no...

Something much more significant.

It was the official Disestablishment of the Jesuit Order by the Roman Catholic Church, July 21 to be exact, by order of the Pope in the Dominus ac Redemptor Noster. This is Latin for "Our Lord and Redeemer," in a most twisted way telling the Jesuits "We want to be free from you insisting everyone bow to the Pope." The more standard reasons were that the Order simply did too much subversively sneaky political meddling, it featured all kinds of icky esoteric rituals, and its members were just too danged clever for their own good! 

As much as everyone thought they were free from its grip, all of this was perfectly fine for Jesuits because now being non-existent they could more easily compel their subjects to do their bidding under the conviction they didn't have to believe anyone but themselves never mind whatever the "self" was saying was fed to them by these World Ops now driven into a very comfortable obscurity.

Long before the Disestablishment many countries had already kicked them out, and the Church was pressured by the vox populi to just do away with the whole thing. I mean, it did seem 1773 was the height of dread among American colonists over the threat of an Anglican bishop coming across the Atlantic to start busting parishioners' balls, indeed busting those of any religious persuasion. How about we just put everyone's fears to rest and tell everyone that terribly bothersome papist army is no more! Have some fireworks and flag-waving and barbeque let's go!

We're free from all that! FREEDOM RULES!

Huh, how come there are still Jesuits around?

After a few years of this faux elimination, the Church realized too many people were enjoying a bit too much freedom of conscience, and, well, there was this Protestant thing weaving its way through Europe, so it needed the services of the smartest guys in the room. In their phenomenal ingenuity, the Jesuits moved the Church to do what all good healthy rackets do, make each nation an offer it could not refuse.

A century earlier the Jesuits quite publically went crazy with their policy of Ultramontanism, the demanding of papal obedience by everyone. I believe they deliberately marketed it with such vigor implicitly to generate the desired antipathy. Makes sense, after all, people say they want freedom, but they just want someone very powerful to let them do what they want and squash anyone who gets in their way. The Church is just a stodgy moralistic killjoy. We really like the grand performance art every Sunday, but don't be all judgmental about things unless you're beaming about how marvelous I am.

In the mid-1700s the policy of Gallicanism started winning the day, with the European monarchs whining about not getting their measure of power. So of course they went to the Church to ask permission. Eventually the Church said, "Well, okaay, we'll let you do this and that, but you still have to do this and this and this we still get to do." Deal! As much as those countries thought they were all that, the Church still dominated.

The Jesuits were needed to make all of this work, so sure enough, in 1814 the Disestablishment ended and the Order was re-established huh, that sure didn't last long. Of course much of this was because after Napoleon was giving the Pope a really bad time the Pope went squawking to those deft enough to help him out the timing couldn't have been more ideal with Waterloo convincing Napoleon it'd be good to head off to his nice retirement digs at St. Helena.

But again, all this would only work if potentates could make everyone believe their rulership would offer their subjects all those things they wanted particularly that thing freedom. In fact it is kind of funny that in Russia the Jesuits were not disestablished at all! Catherine the Great thought them delightful, and even assigned them their own Superior General. After all, the Jesuits were educating their people, they were super nice to everyone, and they were successfully using their exploitive political machinations to ensure compliance of the citizenry.

The Jesuit suppression/restoration jig is merely a necessarily intricate part of the much more interminably lethal chic-authoritarian/heroic-anarchist dance. Indeed the whole marathon ballroom competition is the Order's very raison d'etre. Countries have had this love/hate relationship with these guys for centuries, as they have with any of the deepest-state ops who must carry out the quite often exceedingly gruesome business of effective governance if any potentate is going to succeed. The Jesuits were jettisoned from a number of countries again around the time of the Revolution of 1848, which only tells us that people rage and rant and holler about the feeling they aren't getting enough freedom and democracy and limited government and they simply must convulsively enjoy a violent bitchfest about it for about the 87-thousandth time in all of history. Then again they only actually want their chosen leader-bully to crack heads on their behalf and yes, it requires those with the skill of a Jesuit to make that happen.

I believe the last country to officially have some kind of official declaration that the Jesuits stay away was Norway, which ended that disestablishment as late as 1956! It is truly Jesuit genius, really: Get people to be more faithful to Rome by making them believe they were not doing anything Rome wanted them to do. Interestingly Ultramontanism got its most impressive traction in the late 1800s, until the movement fell out of favor leaving much of the world as Catholicized as ever.

Notch another major victory for the Company men.


The Re-establishment of the Order and along with it all the Jesuit designs for the bestest nicest global hegemony has always come with the idea that those Jesuits are necessary because of their educational acumen. This has always kept them in good favor, so much so that today just about every institution of higher education is overrun by the humanist materialist dogma. I kind of liken it to tech companies now doing the same thing, but getting all the cred they need because they promise utopia through its "A.I."

Jesuit Order: "You can never really take us out because we're teaching your kids math and writing!"

Meta Apple Microsoft Alphabet Amazon: "You can never really take us out because we've started to get the 'A.I.' going real good!"

 What is and always has been bilged into the pedagogical mainstream, however, is not rigorous, righteous, Bible-based instruction. Instead it is strictly secular and fiercely anti-clericalist Epicureanism ultimately leading to the codified substance of the preeminent civil religion to which every good Catholicist belongs: Moralist Therapeutic Deism. Moralist ("I'm really a good person!") Therapeutic ("Somebody make me feel good!") Deism ("God really has nothing to do with anything, much less me.") It has been around for millennia, each generation has some variation of it, and it is always the World System's ministerial showcase managed by those in the Order.

It is simple: You can't have potentates do potentate things without the populace expressing their freedom and doing the most wickedly immoral things with some kind of faintly promised impunity. All the latest, trendiest, more imaginative gyrations related to all of this originate here... well, perhaps in a place a bit lower than the Gesu. The mighty twin towers of academia and media provide the exhilarating service of robust dissemination, and while thoughtful people through the ages have been justifiably concerned about what those World System deep-ops do they are either resigned to it or just plain celebrate what they authoritatively must do as Cain's Legacy.

As always, all of it leads to death. Every bit of it. That is the whole point.


Last week a tragic incident nearby was a terrific example of the product of all of this.

A police standoff with a gentleman served with a warrant at his house lasted all afternoon and ended in a fiery inferno during which the man was shot dead while trying to escape. This kind of thing always brings up the why why WHY? questions.

If you even modestly peruse Scripture you'd know. It was shared quite succinctly by Benjamin Franklin actually, in one of his most profound aphorisms.

"Nine men in ten are suicides."

All the Order needs to do is tinker with the innate evildoing within the political and social infrastructure and you get men prosecuting themselves. Sure it is a tremendously grisly operation, but that is part of the genius of the Jesuit's exquisitely Sun-Tzuan enterprise. Get it to look quite sweet and luscious, because if you aren't going to live by the precepts of Christ and Gospel, then you've got to live by the ways of The City.

It is either Christ or Rome. Kingdom or World. Life or Death. Rome has hundreds of spiffy Jesuses, and Jesuits are experts at making them they are after all The Society of Jesus. Every person on the planet believes in some form of any one of them. Go further and you'll often catch the most observant and strident detractor speak about the Bilderbergers or the Skull & Bonesmen or the WEF Great Reseters or the George Soros people or the highest ivory-tower bankers funding both sides and on and on ad nauseam, or you'll soak up the revulsion of those who can't stand seeing things out there that just plain get in the way of their CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM, or you hear from the pulpit ministers who rail against some kind of devil-worshipping thing or nasty apostate thing or some kind of weird churchy thing they don't like ::ho-hum::...

They don't get it. Very few of them do.

Every one of those things is just another Jesus Rome has invented and showcased for you to either revile or embrace. Any kind of obsession with them is a form of worship and as such idolatry. Roiling and resisting and rebelling against any of them is just as much a part of the gourmet banquet they gorge upon.


The only thing one may do from the Kingdom is to sorrowfully gaze upon it and keenly understand what God is doing with it, a truly harrowing desolation that, again, must happen. It shouldn't, but God allows it as an act of mercy so we can behold the consequences of our sin, otherwise we wouldn't grasp the significance of His perfect judgment and even more the meaning of His bountiful mercy.

The Kingdom dweller may then humbly but boldly invite those who want out by encouraging them to leave all of those things behind and accept the abundantly gracious offer of Christ Who with nail-scarred hands stands at the skinny, splintery, blood-stained old door to Real Freedom the only way in.

This is the reason I mentioned hiding your love away, there at the beginning of this piece. Love is hard. In fact the only way one can love is by doing it the way the Only One Who Can Truly Love does it.

It requires a life-giving God to do it.

As I've shared before, I'm so drawn to Jeremiah. He so much wanted to tell people about that God. He so valued His commission by God Himself to do so, but it was hard. He loved people who shunned him and wanted another Jesus who'd commend them for their Moralistic Therapeutic Deism they wanted Egypt, where they felt that could get that. Jeremiah said wait, no, don't do that, God will care for you. They didn't want that. Off on their own they got death.

Jeremiah, meanwhile, got dropped in a deep pit. Literally, a pit in the ground, left there to die.

Ironically there was a public official who somehow, someway respected his own law and knew this was wrong. Maybe it was God inspired maybe he just had something of an appreciation for the truth Jeremiah was sharing Ebedmelech was his name, mercifully pulling Jeremiah from that pit. Again, God was using the distressing things around as a footstool for His purposes.

But I can't imagine Jeremiah didn't still want to visit that lodge to hang out and hash out bountifully meaningful Heaven things with good, wise, thoughtful Kingdom compatriots.

Deep in the wilderness far away from all the World ugliness.


No worries. It'll come on the Last Day. We'll get to be there. Until then, we journey with the faithful, millions of them, who came before. From the eleventh chapter of the letter to the Hebrews: "God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us..."




Final note: There is so much more to the history of Jesuit machinations, much more than a very modest home page piece can cover. I am blessed to read and discover from those who bravely put it all down, particularly those followers of Christ in the 19th century who truly identified who the Jesuits were and what they were doing. Now that material is exceedingly hard to find, it has in many ways been profoundly "shadow banned" because the image of Jesuits as nice smiley college professors who are the only ones who really like you has been so propagated that to bring any of it up is to compromise their sworn activity in running World political affairs. Of course with very few grasping these truths the Order doesn't have to do much.

I have been immersed in reading as much of it as I can, and wow, there is a surprising amount of it in just regular reliable accounts it's there if you just look. There were a dozen other things I'd have loved to have added; maybe I will in future writing efforts. The historically veritable material is there as I usually do I heartily encourage to read Tupper Saussy's Rulers of Evil. Think you know all that went into the establishment of our beloved U.S.of A? Even Tupper couldn't get into all of it. But again, being fully engaged in the current education world it is easy to see why very few know about it. No one wants to really look. Young people in particular simply don't have a clue, and don't seem to care to.

Any official disestablishment of the Jesuit Order? Silly. Don't need one. It is already in place by default, and again, that is perfectly fine with them. That they are now doing everything they did before 1773, after 1814, and every other time is a testament to their brilliance. In fact because so many don't give a rip about it but still do the wretched things they do is plain evidence of it.

One last thing that should be noted. Over the entirety of my teaching career I never shared a single definitively Catholicist Nation item in the classroom. The only time Rome was addressed was in the most clinically acceptable way. Even so, the things I graciously and respectfully shared in the classroom mostly just things like marriage is only between a man and woman and pre-born babies are full human beings were unacceptable to those whose administrative duties must be regulated by those authoritative operatives. Excommunication is not fun, but it has been a God-thing since I may better grasp what happened and share those things with someone who may come across this and learn a bit more about The Kingdom.





  • I've been quite transparent in this piece regarding my professional life. Some may wonder if there are any other considerations that led to my rejections, and there is certainly more to it all. But the substance of what happened is precisely as I shared it here. If there be something amiss in my assessment I can only say that God is my judge and that is very good. I do plan to assemble something of a polemic hopefully without too much self-absorption, perhaps in future blog posts or even on a page here in the webzine. (In fact, here on December 3 as I jot down this added note, I did put up a blog post with just a small take on this very thing.)

  • The images of Asha are screenshots from Disney's latest animated feature Wish, which, I've been told, has performed at the box office just as miserably as all of its other latest offerings. I can't help but wonder about the unusual lead character's name, as it is very similar to Achsa Sprague, one of the most celebrated spiritualist mediums of the mid-1800s.

  • The image of the gentlemen preparing his next classroom lesson is the founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius Loyola.

  • "A.I." is in quotes because not only does the thing Artificial Intelligence not exist and never will, but it is yet another insidious ruse of the System to convince people it does. One of my recent home page pieces got into it a bit more.

  • Ultramontanism came from the phrase "beyond the mountains," meaning France and other European countries were expected to look beyond the Alps to Rome for full governance of their affairs. Gallicanism originates from the Roman term for France, "Gaul." It was instrumental in ultimately shaping the federal system of government now prevailing in most industrialized countries today.

  • Here I've frequently put the word freedom in italics simply because it is something many firmly believe it is something when it isn't really. In a sense there is a World "freedom" and a Kingdom freedom. I'm convinced biblically the only freedom there is is in Christ. All other freedoms are ultimately fantasies. "Freedom of this" or "Freedom of that" are just forms of sophisticated dissembling to allow Rome to tighten its grip on the behavior of World devotees. Obviously this is a really extensive subject requiring volumes of discourse to address. Many trees have been felled so far to put all the words about it onto paper already.

  • I've shared a number of things about the sinister character of Epicureanism. They are here, here, and here.

  • The term Moralistic Therapeutic Deism was one proposed a few years ago by a Christian writer who did accurately define it as the prominent civil religion of our day. The main thrust of this home page piece is that it was indeed designed, arranged, and implemented by Rome, and it is still sustained by its World Ops through its dominion over academia and media.

  • While all legitimately ruling potentates must signify their authority and you can find out what their deepest-state operatives are doing if you look closely enough, the very best place to see it is in Scripture itself. The establishment of the World System is described quite succinctly in the fourth chapter of Genesis.

  • The episode with the people going to Egypt against God's instructions is in chapters 42 to 44 of Jeremiah. The episode with Ebedmelech is in the 38th chapter. In that same chapter shortly after that Jeremiah and his truthful words were further disrespected when he told the king to let Babylon take over for now. I was reminded of this in today's (December 3) entry in my devotional book. I love that God shared this with us right after He blessed me with sharing this home page piece.

  • I have delved into quite a bit of history here, and if I have not faithfully represented that history, I'd be happy to know about it. I want to be a accurate as I can with my exposition.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The One Who Delivers from the Harrowing Desolation of the World.



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