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A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.

- From the 18th chapter of Proverbs


"Violet, now don't you do anything stupid."

- Auto Salesman "Square Deal" Sam Beauregarde

just before his daughter delightfully turns herself into a giant blueberry

from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Jesus is said to be a lot of things in Scripture. He is the Door, the Vine, the Bread... a dozen other figurative pictures could be listed. I found one that is not as widely shared, but just as significant.

Jesus is the Breaker.

The prophet Micah is telling the people of Judah that because of their unfaithfulness and their idolatry, an horrific instrument of judgment will come against them — eventually embodied in the Babylonian empire. What is amazing is at the end of the second chapter of his prophecy, he assures them that The Breaker will come. He is the one who will plow through those obstacles, just as He does today against all those things that afflict one.

Even more striking is what Micah tells us in the chapter that follows.

First, he censures those who commit acts of human sacrifice, likening them to butchers. Very graphic — please, read it yourself. It is a reference to human sacrifice, something that is alive and well today.

The second part of that chapter is about the things powerful people say to try to ingratiate themselves to their listeners. Splendidly sweet-sounding ear-tickling things to which the World devotee is hypnotically attracted. It was happening to the people God chose to be the conduit for salvation for everyone throughout time, the apple of His eye listening to this wicked drivel.

Today it takes the form of a number of things so many people believe, embrace, and propagate incessantly. Here is a sampling, all of which are taken from a home page piece I posted six years ago.


"It is best to endorse the behavior of people who do sexually untraditional things with one another in the name of celebrating our differences and embracing our individual liberties."

"It is best to be wary of American-English speaking, conservative, older, masculinity-femininity respecting, white males because they are mostly angry sexist racists."

"It is best to enlist government people to forcefully fix income inequality by rearranging wealth in the name of charity."

"It is best to assert that the Bible is merely one of many books with words, having no more merit than any other such literary item."

"It is best to leave the concept 'God' to the realm of fairy tales because there are so many versions, even as it is best to politely humor those who hold to one of them."

"It is best to disregard anything labeled 'religious' or even 'moral' because these are by definition not scientific and unworthy of serious consideration."

"It is best to keep yourself in a constant state of rebellion against the ordained potentates - they are your only salvation - even if you must rant and rage and holler at them in some form."

"It is best to consider the Roman Catholic Church a meaningless religious entity featuring nice people in fancy outfits who are only about helping the poor so they can't be bad at all."

"It is best to be pleasantly daft about insightfully examining the tribute payments you make to any and all System offices - government, bank, church - because if you said something you'll be made to look like a fool."


Over and over and over again these things are bleated from The New York Times on through the other media channels and then deep into the entrenched Americanist psyche. There are certainly many conceptual commitments like these, both in their origins and outward in the branches that emanate from them.

A fine example is in the Epicurean mindset so many have, you know, "Hey, you go ahead and have your fun belief in some supernatural — delightful! — but don't go around believing it is true since there are only atoms swirling about and that's it. (And especially don't make any remarks about people going to Hell because that's just mean.) Otherwise all the best to you and your spiffy beliefs! You go! I'm still on your side!"

Sorry but Scripture is very clear. These people are stultifyingly evil. They distort the Word of God to their own ends, worshipping mammon by appealing to some kind of "unity in diversity" and proclaiming they are doing it in the name of some transcendent goodness, yet implicitly denying it by refusing to acknowledge a teleological standard for that goodness. They simply love the darkness more than the light. This is a sobering reality.

Having regularly toured Twitter a bit more than I really should, I see so much of this that it is hard to believe so many people spew this kind of stuff all the time. I have to think many of them are just trolling, a relatively new phenomenon mostly unique to social media whereupon a tweeter posts something vile or preposterous solely for the purpose of getting a bunch of people to react. Anyone is susceptible, even me! I can get upset with the best of them when coming across a "Hey look at this brief video of a guy dressed as a woman twerking in front of children!" Of course following that are hundreds of "That's just horrible" responses.

And the wickedness metastasizes.

This is the Catholicist nation.


Recently Edward Ring posted a piece online titled "Mob Rule and the Death of Trust." In it he explained precisely why so many gravitate to Donald Trump. It is easy to see why, and Ring elucidates it brilliantly. Essentially there are quite a few who really hate it when they are told they must enthusiastically celebrate the day their daughters mutilate their bodies in the name of "transitioning."

Here's a bit of it from Mr. Ring:


The establishment mob, nurtured by social media and condoned if not supported by mainstream institutions, has betrayed and destroyed the careers of college professors who refused to postpone exams or lower standards in deference to militant students who claim victim status. It has marginalized doctors and other medical professionals who question the wisdom of providing “gender confirmation” drugs and surgeries to minors including preadolescent children. It has ruthlessly attacked the reputations of qualified meteorologists who counter the “climate emergency” narrative, all but silencing them.  Examples of absurdity multiply in lockstep with demands we must accept all of it or live as pariahs. Mistrust grows, and morphs into fury.


Oh that someone would stop it. After all we are pretty furious about it.

Trump? Nah, he's just a boorish circus barker. A very dapper überbully though, but too much of a lightning rod. Makes things kind of messy-looking.

People do want someone, though. The problem is getting that someone requires making sure he has enough force to stop the bad things. Maybe as much as seven times the force of anyone who'd try to keep the putrid immorality going. Maybe someone like...


After all, Cain was fully qualified to crack heads — he had no issue with murdering his own brother. He was given an entire city to run — the police department there must've been the best ever. He always boasted about how caring he was towards those who did exceptionally well ingratiating themselves to him — after all didn't he really want to be his brother's keeper?

Want to get a great idea of this dynamic at work, one that thrives in all legitimate Americanist potentates' ivory towers today? It's already been done, always, all the time throughout history — a fine exposition of this at work is the quite engaging history of Roman emperors through the 400 years after Christ. Indeed I'm convinced Jesus was born at the exact time that the most powerful temporal leader ever walked the earth, one Augustus Caesar. I believe Roman emperors flailed about, half of whom were flat-out murdered for their efforts, trying to be as powerful as Jesus for centuries simply because they desperately needed to manage that city largely because good wholesome Catholicists desperately needed them to.

As they do today, really. I mean, Trump was as good a Roman emperor for four years as any of them. Kind of nice he didn't get murdered to end his reign, though it does seem there are a decent number of Trump-haters who'd gladly have done the job. Maybe the Big Steal saved his life after all.

Now there is Joe Biden, one of the best Roman emperors of our day — he is a proud devout Roman Catholic. Doesn't mean he's particularly popular, but many back in Rome's heyday weren't either. But he's there, and however weak he may be he does safely do the bidding of his Chief of Staff and other top advisors who in turn get their cues from the leftist think tanks who in turn get their cues from Georgetown and the university system who in turn get their cues from... from...

For you see, it is obvious a Catholicized populace cannot tolerate a vacuum of highly visible autocratic rule for even two seconds. There has got to be someone running things at the top of Cain's Legacy always in every instant, not just to stop the evil of that other rotten schlub but to see if they'd be so kind as to give one's own evildoing a pass. "Be your brother's keeper okay! That's me!" they incessantly bleat to a kind and caring head-cracker in a shiny fancy outfit with lapel pin ablazing.

Those Roman emperors? Always maneuvering for a kind of sanctified position with the help of the most formidable party operatives, the most incisively vociferous elements of the mob they must bribe (after all, Vox populi, vox dei!) and perhaps most importantly the religious power-brokers who had their parishioners by the balls. Trajan was emperor during the height of the empire in 117 CE, and he was considered a good one, but was the first to really express any anxiety about that brand spankin' new movement called "Christianity."

No worries though!

Just get it institutionalized so it could be managed and you're good.

Many went along with it and it became the state church subject to all the things Caesar must say about it, much like today's 501c3 incorporated tax-exempt non-profit God clubs — all just subdivisions of the fully authorized Roman Catholic ecclesiocracy. There were some who didn't join up, through the ages there have been those pockets of believers who worship God in Spirit and in Truth but do allow Cain's administration to do its thing for those who need it.

Those who say they're Christians but rant and rail at Caesar, screeching about this government irregularity or that government impropriety and how impotent they are because their favored Caesarian minion is not able to crack heads the way they want?

Just trollees.


I'd recently gotten a bit interested in a nifty video from an educational video website, one that has a skilled artist sketch out philosophical concepts, right there as the video progresses. This one was about a concept I'd never seen before, from German pastor and Nazi martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I myself have often ruminated on the presented elementary question, however, as so many have:

What is the deal with stupidity?

Apparently Bonhoeffer was convinced that stupidity was worse than evil. People can be very intelligent but do tremendously stupid things — true that. Many people are dumb as a rock and still do very virtuous things. True that as well. Furthermore Bonhoeffer seemed to feel that with somewhat clear articulation it was possible to convince an evil person to turn from his or her wayward ways, but it was impossible to convince a stupid person of the evil he does simply because, well, he's stupid. He simply cannot compute.

Couple things. All of this does get into the whole rationality-irrationality dichotomy. I believe the answer to this conundrum is extraordinarily simple: there is no such thing as irrationality. Even the stupidest person on the planet has some reason that is perfectly fine for why he does what he does. Those figures in the posted image may be willfully allowing folly to be dumped into their minds simply because they don't want to lose their jobs.

Fundamentally rational.

You may not like it and it may be horrifically evil, but it is still rational. But then that's just it, isn't it? It may be rational, but yet again...

It may not be righteous.

And to get at what is actually righteous and unrighteous, you need Scripture. You need transcendent truths coming from the mouth of God to get at this thing wisdom the antidote to stupidity. Righteousness is the thing that cures stupidity, not some hifalutin appeal to the god Rationality.

Also, much of that which we may readily identify as stupid does indeed come from the lips of the World mandarins who sit in their perched positions spewing the stuff that System devotees must hear to have their evildoing administered. It is often perversely rational to move people to do egregiously stupid things or maybe even prevent them but only to show how splendid they are at doing that it is what it must be. I'd spend more time regaling you with who is informing the most visibly influential potentates, you know, exactly the same as those Roman emperors — but peruse this webzine and I think you'll figure it out.


One of the most significant events in the history of the magnificent thing freedom of speech happened recently, Elon Musk's "freeing" of Twitter. Wow! All those finely blapping tweeters can now get back on there and tweet away about how much they loathe Caesar or any one of his minions. Undergroundish muckraker CJ Hopkins, whose tweets have always been accompanied by a notice about how supposedly bad they are, has not been so anodyne about the Musk liberation.

His most recent piece gets into the idea that Musk is really no different than — a Roman emperor! He is just as much now the one with the overarching power to give a thumbs up or down to anyone's privilege to do anything in his now vast-reaching empire. The question yet again is, who exactly is informing Musk of what he must now do as Grand Imperator of the Twitter Nation?

I must add that Hopkins has also been quite vocal about the Covidian tyranny, and out of that the question comes up again — how come the mass stupidity among the most devout Covidians? Really, how it is so massive, so global in scope? He has cited Mattias Desmet's idea of "mass formation psychosis" — something that gained a great deal of traction as the reason for all the lockdown stupidity — yet vigorously rejected it because it actually leads to avoiding responsibility for patently lethal decision-making.

Whether evil or stupid, lockdown protocols resulted (and at this time are still resulting!) in far more people dead and livelihoods lost than a virus. Hopkins is one of the few who are calling out the folly for what it is: a very real moral wrong, not some mental defect or clinically psychological phenomenon as Desmet implies.

And the only way you can see that is from the Kingdom, with Jesus' mind, with His eyes and ears and understanding. The World overwhelms us with rationality excuses, much of it coming from the extraordinarily proficient arts of war employed by the very best System Ops in the deepest parts of the ecclesiocracy. Those not steeped in Scripture prayerfully practicing the highest grace and deepest wisdom and richest fellowship with one another, wholly leaning on The Living Word for strength and peace and righteousness — they are absolutely no match for those ruses.

Really, schlepping up to the throne the most super spiffy emperor you can find for a time however long that can be is one of the most important tasks the officially ordained World Ops have.


Want to know The One Who Has The Heads Of Every Emperor Under His Foot? I humbly recommend you peek at the 18th Psalm. It is kind of a lengthy one, but if you're a reader, settle in with a cup of tea by the fireplace and enjoy diving into words effusive with the robustly certain promise God would succeed in everything there is on your behalf. You can't miss it. People miss it because they are so Catholicized, given over the imbibing the words of those who use the most rational folly as a tool to keep the spiritually ill-equipped in line.

David made this Psalm his final recorded prayer, you can see it also there in the Second Book of Samuel, Chapter 22. God judges everyone by His justice and His righteousness, yet as the King of Kings He loves with His very life. Once you get that idea and even better grasp that Jesus is the one spoken of in that beautiful, wonderful Psalm, you see clearly that He really does look a lot like the emperor, with the power and might and majesty and all the rest of it. All that stuff is there because that's just what we're all so used to.

Instead He is Someone way better.


He's The Breaker.


And when you see your chains are completely broken, those chains of stupidity and folly and seduction to things that don't really amount to anything but screeched into your ears by some exceedingly industrious World Op...

You may then enter the Kingdom.

Yeah, that gate is verrry narrow, but He'll get you through.

Those nail-scarred hands guarantee it.




  • The image of the potentate potentating for all the people is a screenshot from the aforementioned video. Here is the link to that video with Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidity.

  • A note about this thing trolling: It may indeed be the case that a troller is making up something quite vile just to get a response from a reader or viewer. The point is often times a thing may seem quite preposterous but is actually a very real thing and the troller is serious about the posted item, which makes it hard to believe that a real live someone is sincerely boasting of a real something that objectively wicked - thus, lots of vibrant trolling activity. Just another broad skirmish in the violently and interminably raging culture war.

  • The biblical exposition of the establishment of the World System is in the fourth chapter of Genesis. Some thoughts are here.

  • The verse with the part about Jesus' foot on the necks of every temporal potentate ever is in the last part of the first chapter of the letter to the Ephesians.

  • Here is that home page piece with some thoughts on hate speech. After posting that page I assembled a series of blog posts to elaborate on the items reproduced here. This is the first post in that series. Another related page I've titled "Fear in the College Classroom" is here. (Dec 5 note: I've actually gone ahead and pulled that entire blog series and put it on a webpage here in the webzine. That page is here. I've also blogged a bit to introduce the above home page piece, the first of those posts is here.)

  • (Dec 13 note: Funny, a mere 15 days after I posted this this article appeared in a prominent conservative opinion site with another pundit's take on Bonhoeffer's "Theory of Stupidity" especially as it may manifest among the fully ordained potentates among us.

  • A home page piece about how the Roman Catholic Church was most instrumental in virulently infecting the global psyche with Epicurean thought is here. Here is a page with some of elucidation of the System's use of this demonic ruse.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The One Who Ultimately Rules Over All Emperors.


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