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Fall 2022

"...No longer will the voice of your messengers be heard."

- Very end of the second chapter of Nahum


In my devotional time my attention is sometimes directed back to the minor prophets. I've found it interesting that there, as in most of His words in the Old Testament, God always says much more about infidelity and idolatry than sin itself. Please don't misunderstand, He does censure the sin of Israel and Judah — a lot. But the clear emphasis is not as much on what they are doing but on who they are worshipping, and that is the real impetus for their unrighteousness.

The question is still quite pressing today: Who do you worship? You do give your devotion, your allegiance, your intellectual assent to someone and to his or her words, and that someone does govern the things that you think and feel and do.

 As I am engaged in some major livelihood-changing events right now, for this season I've decided to put up as the home page piece two blog posts I wrote last spring. I had been in the midst of seriously ruminating about a piece related to the heightened obsession people now seem to have with the marauding tyranny in the United States, something that is definitely quite frightening, indeed.

I did want to get in deep with it, but I'm afraid at this time I can't get it to be as meaningful as I'd like it to be. I did, however, review these blog posts, and to be honest, they themselves do say quite a bit about our present condition — one that is actually several millennia-old. It is just every few weeks or so the System adds a little different pizazz making it seem that much more wickedly harrowing — or seductively appealing if you're into that kind of thing.

Yes, Cain's Legacy is still hard at work, always seeing who's still snuggled up under the weight of its crushing dominion. It must be about this, by God's order even, as long as people continue requiring that proficiently executed service.

The very good news is that Christ is working harder, still reaching out His nail-scarred hands to grasp tightly anyone who wants out of the Romanist Ecclesiocratic hellscape. As He says Himself, "Come out of her, my people..." Might be worth a look, this thing to "come out of" — and then certainly to the place to go, the Kingdom. Check out the rest of the 18th and 19th chapters of the Revelation, please, get a good idea of what it is all about.

Meanwhile, those posts serving as this season's home page...




An Important Truth Rule That is Almost Always Completely Misunderstood


few blog posts ago I admitted that a lot of what I do is splash a bunch of words on the computer screen so I know what I want to say. I wondered about admitting that because it may make it seem I don't know what's in my heart. Yeah, sometimes I don't, but sometimes I really do and the words just come out the way they do which may not be exactly the way I want to them to. Umm. Thing is everyone does this. No big deal. Sometimes we write pretty well, other times it is a bit meandering. We do our best.

It also doesn't mean a particular Truth Rule isn't absolutely veritable.

I'm writing yet again because I cannot neglect to post a link to this piece by one Kevin Smith over at Off-Guardian. It is obvious he is working it to get down key truthful things but it is just sort of a rich genuine flow mostly related to his considerations of the shared observations from an individual of some stature. Kinda cool actually, the truths he elucidates, but he's just riffin'.

Doesn't mean what he's saying is any less valuable.

Thing is, in all the revelatory things he is saying here — that The Great Reset is real, that it is a supremely destructive force, that there are legitimate authoritative forces making it happen, and yes, that there is a very profound spiritual dynamic involved — he is still not getting at the Truth Rule that I consider is definitely one of the most misunderstood ones.

It is:


Rome IS the World System, and the World System IS Rome.


And when I say Rome, yes, I do mean a critical component of it is the Roman Catholic Church.

Part of the extraordinarily misunderstood part about this is people look at this and think, "Hey! You're anti-Catholic! What a bigot! What prejudice! What judgmentalism! You're against God!"

Yes, I've seen a ton of the history of anti-Catholic rage and remonstrations and all the rest of it. Yes, very hard to watch, very difficult to accept, very troubling to think about why and all the rest of it. I'm not going to go there now, there is so much to all of that — much of which many haven't any real idea as to why things happened then the way they did.

Sure enough readers may rage against this assessment. That's okay, misunderstood people sharing stark realities have been blistered through the ages by those programmed to misunderstand. I will add this, however, and yes, this is just anecdotal. Just sharing it here to see if it resonates, that's all.

Many of the very nice, wonderful people who confess some allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church in some measure are the most miserable people I encounter. Far too many of them. I firmly believe they are miserable because they are overwhelmed with the shame and guilt of flailing about trying so hard to do good for God, church, country, facemask Karens — and they fail so often at their aspirations of perfection that it is far too often just plain unbearable. But then this is the ministry of condemnation at work — it is not hard to see the normal symptoms of its regular activity.

This is why I share these things in my webzine and my blog. For one I so want to minister Christ's freedom and grace and mercy and liberation from that enslavement, specifically to the Roman Catholic-identified — and just as much to the Catholicist, that individual who may not even have any avowed connection with Rome but is sucked into its influences just the same through the massive amount of World System exploitation there is.

For two I am not doing this to challenge or protest or do anything against the legitimate activity God gave Rome to do. If you carefully read the fourth chapter of Genesis, you'll see the establishment of the World System and it started with the first human sacrifice — the perpetual cornerstone of the System's spiritual component.

Rome is there doing its thing as it should be, doing it legitimately and proficiently and authoritatively to mitigate the effects of the evildoing by those who refuse to avail themselves of the righteousness that is in Christ.

Read Mr. Smith's piece. You see it all over that thing.


All The Great Reset gymnastics have all been in place for eons, they really have. It is true that the current progression of that activity may indeed have accelerated a bit too much, but what of it? If Rome's ordained operatives can make people crazy enough to seek solutions outside The Kingdom, then they are doing their job! Thing is, God has a profound way of taking the evil that is metastasizing all around us, much of it generated by Rome itself, and turning it against itself for the benefit of Kingdom dwellers who have a passion for reaching the miserable.

I am convinced the horrific Covid hysteria and lockdown stuff, all of the disheartening identity politics-equity-racialist stuff, and all the warp speed Great Reset push that follows will somehow, someway, be one of the most impressively rousing footstools of God ever.

One of the things that caught my attention in Mr. Smith's piece was his mention of 3,000 people doing the Reset work for the billions on the planet. How amazing is that, that a mere 3,000 are really doing all the deciding for everyone else. I know he's speaking of industrialists and politicians and hifalutin technocrats and all of those kinds of people, but I find it fascinating that this number 3,000 is the same as the approximate number of sworn Jesuits working in the United States. 

That's still not a whole lot of people doing a massive amount of influencing.

Huh. Don't think those 3,000 "influencers" don't have a confessor of choice? The Jesuits are experts at making people feel really good about the substance of their psyche, no matter what condition it is in.

If you haven't already, I urge you to read Tupper Saussy's Rulers of Evil. There you will see a comprehensive expose of Rome's work through the past couple of centuries. It is quite sobering.

The only reason I'm introducing it to you at all is so you won't misunderstand, and then summarily you'll be His.

He is where the joy is.




An Important Corollary to the Misunderstood Truth Rule


Reading a couple of pieces about the state of the world today, I was reminded about a critical part of the Truth Rule I shared in my last blog post, the one about the World System of the United States government and the central bank administered financial network and the commercial enterprise network including 501c3 churches contracted with the System and the entrenched factional think-tank influencers is the Roman Catholic ecclesiastic hegemony, which itself is managed by powerful deep politics spiritually militant operatives sworn to serve their principalities.

Those writings didn't really do the best job of saying what they wanted to say, but again, graciousness prevails — not everyone gets it exactly right on paper, or, here on a computer screen. As I shared I'm no different but I do my best. One of those pieces spoke about the current technocrat-managed oligarchy that dominates public policy now and that our cherished constitutional republic is in danger. Not. We have never had a constitutional republic, only something that looked like it. We do have a form of an oligarchy, but I'm not sure that writer has any idea what it really is.

The other writing got a bit into how Rome long ago was destroyed in part because of the ways people successfully rebelled against it, and, well, "The Fall of the Roman Empire" and all the rest of it. Not. Rome has never fallen, ever, it has merely been carried through ultimately into the hegemonic power of Britain and the United States and it is presently manifest in those institutions mentioned there in paragraph one. Any "fall" was just theater to facilitate the switching of the oppressed to the oppressors and then at some other time vice-versa, which is kind of what is happening right now in fact.

But then it shook my thinking, which I felt compelled to share here.

I've taken some time in my writing ministry effort to speak of the dangers of socialism, racialism, and sodomism, and they are metastasizing all around us. I also see many people railing against those things as if those ferocious efforts will keep them at bay. The problem is, this has been the way it has been in all of history. It won't change because those three things are the things that fuel present-day Rome's rule. Much of why that is the case is because rebellion against those things is precisely what keeps Rome vibrant and legitimate.

It is the World System's modus operandi

A few days ago the US president gave a speech before Congress laying out his grand socialist plans. Enough people are such zealous World System devotees that it was all fine to them. Then there were those who justifiably railed against it. Taking money from some to give it to others even in the name of compassion is a violation of the Commandment against theft, but it is what Rome does.

The follow-up message by a black Republican US senator included a pathodic (pathodic, not pathetic) exhortation that America is not a racist country. Wait — why is he saying that? Is American indeed a racist country to make him feel he must say that? But hey, the speaker was black so it must be true. The fact that he was shredded a new aye-hole by the left as "Uncle Tim" means the ordained influencers hit their mark. Presuming a given individual is racist with no evidence is a violation of the Commandment against bearing false witness, but it is what Rome does.

Much of the cause of critical theory is to ensure that our unconventional sexual expressions are fully embraced or else. Forced kindness is still kindness so get on board with it. Being inclusive enough to celebrate the worst sanctioned sexual confusion or immoral behavior is a violation of the Commandment against adultery, but it is what Rome does.

Of course cancelling people who don't comply with the Newest World Order is the rule of the day, so it doesn't matter if you lose your livelihood and reputation, you've deserved it you oppressor you. It'd be even better if you just disappear by exiling yourself to a small apartment somewhere where you can't be a bother. It'd be sad if really, you just killed yourself by OD'ing on something to kill the pain of what the freedom fighters have done to you, or you just went ahead and pulled the trigger of the rifle with the barrel shoved under your chin, except that this is a violation of the Commandment against murder. But again...

Here's the kicker. Showcasing the Ten Commandments is Rome! What is so amazing is that this is a total footstool-of-God thing, because Scripture tells us the power of sin is the law. This means the law is good to expose our sin, to accomplish the legitimate condemnatory activities of Rome in order to draw people further into Rome's iron-fist enforcement grip.

And then...

The rebellion.


You see it all around now. The rightists rail against the leftists who are further and further emboldened to take down the white male heteropatriarchal hegemonic oppressive power structure. The leftists hate that with all their guts because it pushes against their considerations that the only freedom they can have is in institutionally authorized reparations or some twisted gender identification or fighting the good fight for some classified victim group and the hegemony is in the way.

That hegemony is Rome.

It is unabashedly so. It broadcasts itself as such. It markets itself as such. It is supposed to achieve exactly what you are now seeing around you. It has never been any different through the ages, never. Today it seems so different because advanced information technology has so radically messed with the ways we interact with one another now. 

But the Truth Rule principles are still the same, as they have for six-plus millennia now. The great irony is that the "freedom-fighters" will always themselves become Roman agents if they serve the hegemony's purposes well. Of course many will be sacrificed in the name of the nationalist mythology, but that's how it's always worked. The System administers the affairs of the city, people rebel against that, the names of the oppressors change every once in a while but still do precisely what Cain was given the authority to do — wash, rinse, repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat over and over and over again.

What a nightmare.

But it is the truth. And it is why God established the Kingdom at exactly the same time He set up the System. Look there, at the very end of the treatise on the establishment of the System. "People began to call on the name of the Lord."

It is too simple. God will always, always honor that. Call on His name — genuinely call on His name, not the name of some System counterfeit — and you will be free, free to enter into a rapturously beautiful reconciliation, out and away from the condemnation that is the System. God now reconciled to you by His shed blood washing your sin away clothing you in His righteousness.

That's the Kingdom, a place in which anyone may dwell richly, right now. Ultimately it is the only reason Rome is still around to do its thing — the oppressor class is an evil thing, but it is supposed to be there for elaborate condemnation of oppressed, less-oppressed, and not-oppressed alike. Doesn't matter, it is all Hell. 

The Kingdom is the deliverance, God welcomes you to it, but the stark reality is you've just got to get a hold of the Truth Rule. It isn't hard at all, God even helps you to see it, that's cool. Really, that's all God wants Himself, when you look at it, there in the ninth chapter of Jeremiah, "Let him who boasts, boast in this: that he understands and knows God."

My prayer always is that my readers understand.

And yes, call on His name.

Nothing else matters.




  • Here is the link to that first blog post in Wonderful Matters. The two featured blog posts here were part of an informal series of Truth Rules. The first of those is this one, it was from April 29 2021. The second was from May 5 a week later.

  • I did do some minor proofing, editing, and formatting changes from the original posts, mostly for clarity's sake. I added nothing more.

  • In the "Important Corollary" post I'd mentioned a few writings but did not include links. Those references were without links in the original blog post. Some of that is because the substance of those pieces, as briefly summarized in my writing, are really no different than all the other pieces blapping about those things - much of the point of my posts.

  • The opening verse of the introduction is referring to Ninevah, capital of Assyria, and is about God's judgment against a ruthlessly tyrannical nation that even after being used by God as a beneficial disciplinary instrument against Israel not only will no longer strike fear into His people but will cease to exist. It is much like the Ecclesiocracy today, very necessary for the summary law enforcement required in whatever way it must be administered, but it will be silenced on the last day when it, the powers and principalities that propel it, and death itself will be thrown into the lake of fire.

  • It is my consideration that the woman described in Revelation is Jerusalem, not Rome. Rome is the beast who has corrupted her. This requires much more exegesis, obviously, and I'm open to have the conversation, but this makes sense in the context of "coming out" of the corrupted worship community. In this web effort I've written about it in terms of becoming "ungrafted" to the World System.

  • Here is another home page piece that gets a bit more into the Romanist Ecclesiocracy. And this one addresses the reality of the pathodicy, a reference made in this piece that may not be familiar.

  • Here is a link to my Tupper Saussy page. You can get right to his Rulers of Evil right here.

  • The wonderful meme-like cartoon is from Just An Artist Questioning over at Instagram. I added an image of garlic flowers only because we have some in our backyard and when they bloom they are just amazing to me - makes me think of the Kingdom for some reason, they just do.

  • The other posted images appeared in the original blog posts.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The Deliverance.



Winter 2023


A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.

- From the 18th chapter of Proverbs

"Violet, now don't you do anything stupid."


- Auto Salesman "Square Deal" Sam Beauregarde

just before his daughter delightfully turns herself into a giant blueberry

from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Jesus is said to be a lot of things in Scripture. He is the Door, the Vine, the Bread... a dozen other figurative pictures could be listed. I found one that is not as widely shared, but just as significant.

Jesus is the Breaker.

The prophet Micah is telling the people of Judah that because of their unfaithfulness and their idolatry, an horrific instrument of judgment will come against them — eventually embodied in the Babylonian empire. What is amazing is at the end of the second chapter of his prophecy, he assures them that The Breaker will come. He is the one who will plow through those obstacles, just as He does today against all those things that afflict one.

Even more striking is what Micah tells us in the chapter that follows.

First, he censures those who commit acts of human sacrifice, likening them to butchers. Very graphic — please, read it yourself. It is a reference to human sacrifice, something that is alive and well today.

The second part of that chapter is about the things powerful people say to try to ingratiate themselves to their listeners. Splendidly sweet-sounding ear-tickling things to which the World devotee is hypnotically attracted. It was happening to the people God chose to be the conduit for salvation for everyone throughout time, the apple of His eye listening to this wicked drivel.

Today it takes the form of a number of things so many people believe, embrace, and propagate incessantly. Here is a sampling, all of which are taken from a home page piece I posted six years ago.


"It is best to endorse the behavior of people who do sexually untraditional things with one another in the name of celebrating our differences and embracing our individual liberties."

"It is best to be wary of American-English speaking, conservative, older, masculinity-femininity respecting, white males because they are mostly angry sexist racists."

"It is best to enlist government people to forcefully fix income inequality by rearranging wealth in the name of charity."

"It is best to assert that the Bible is merely one of many books with words, having no more merit than any other such literary item."

"It is best to leave the concept 'God' to the realm of fairy tales because there are so many versions, even as it is best to politely humor those who hold to one of them."

"It is best to disregard anything labeled 'religious' or even 'moral' because these are by definition not scientific and unworthy of serious consideration."

"It is best to keep yourself in a constant state of rebellion against the ordained potentates - they are your only salvation - even if you must rant and rage and holler at them in some form."

"It is best to consider the Roman Catholic Church a meaningless religious entity featuring nice people in fancy outfits who are only about helping the poor so they can't be bad at all."

"It is best to be pleasantly daft about insightfully examining the tribute payments you make to any and all System offices - government, bank, church - because if you said something you'll be made to look like a fool."


Over and over and over again these things are bleated from The New York Times on through the other media channels and then deep into the entrenched Americanist psyche. There are certainly many conceptual commitments like these, both in their origins and outward in the branches that emanate from them.

A fine example is in the Epicurean mindset so many have, you know, "Hey, you go ahead and have your fun belief in some supernatural — delightful! — but don't go around believing it is true since there are only atoms swirling about and that's it. (And especially don't make any remarks about people going to Hell because that's just mean.) Otherwise all the best to you and your spiffy beliefs! You go! I'm still on your side!"

Sorry but Scripture is very clear. These people are stultifyingly evil. They distort the Word of God to their own ends, worshipping mammon by appealing to some kind of "unity in diversity" and proclaiming they are doing it in the name of some transcendent goodness, yet implicitly denying it by refusing to acknowledge a teleological standard for that goodness. They simply love the darkness more than the light. This is a sobering reality.

Having regularly toured Twitter a bit more than I really should, I see so much of this that it is hard to believe so many people spew this kind of stuff all the time. I have to think many of them are just trolling, a relatively new phenomenon mostly unique to social media whereupon a tweeter posts something vile or preposterous solely for the purpose of getting a bunch of people to react. Anyone is susceptible, even me! I can get upset with the best of them when coming across a "Hey look at this brief video of a guy dressed as a woman twerking in front of children!" Of course following that are hundreds of "That's just horrible" responses.

And the wickedness metastasizes.

This is the Catholicist nation.


Recently Edward Ring posted a piece online titled "Mob Rule and the Death of Trust." In it he explained precisely why so many gravitate to Donald Trump. It is easy to see why, and Ring elucidates it brilliantly. Essentially there are quite a few who really hate it when they are told they must enthusiastically celebrate the day their daughters mutilate their bodies in the name of "transitioning."

Here's a bit of it from Mr. Ring:


The establishment mob, nurtured by social media and condoned if not supported by mainstream institutions, has betrayed and destroyed the careers of college professors who refused to postpone exams or lower standards in deference to militant students who claim victim status. It has marginalized doctors and other medical professionals who question the wisdom of providing “gender confirmation” drugs and surgeries to minors including preadolescent children. It has ruthlessly attacked the reputations of qualified meteorologists who counter the “climate emergency” narrative, all but silencing them.  Examples of absurdity multiply in lockstep with demands we must accept all of it or live as pariahs. Mistrust grows, and morphs into fury.


Oh that someone would stop it. After all we are pretty furious about it.

Trump? Nah, he's just a boorish circus barker. A very dapper überbully though, but too much of a lightning rod. Makes things kind of messy-looking.

People do want someone, though. The problem is getting that someone requires making sure he has enough force to stop the bad things. Maybe as much as seven times the force of anyone who'd try to keep the putrid immorality going. Maybe someone like...


After all, Cain was fully qualified to crack heads — he had no issue with murdering his own brother. He was given an entire city to run — the police department there must've been the best ever. He always boasted about how caring he was towards those who did exceptionally well ingratiating themselves to him — after all didn't he really want to be his brother's keeper?

Want to get a great idea of this dynamic at work, one that thrives in all legitimate Americanist potentates' ivory towers today? It's already been done, always, all the time throughout history — a fine exposition of this at work is the quite engaging history of Roman emperors through the 400 years after Christ. Indeed I'm convinced Jesus was born at the exact time that the most powerful temporal leader ever walked the earth, one Augustus Caesar. I believe Roman emperors flailed about, half of whom were flat-out murdered for their efforts, trying to be as powerful as Jesus for centuries simply because they desperately needed to manage that city largely because good wholesome Catholicists desperately needed them to.

As they do today, really. I mean, Trump was as good a Roman emperor for four years as any of them. Kind of nice he didn't get murdered to end his reign, though it does seem there are a decent number of Trump-haters who'd gladly have done the job. Maybe the Big Steal saved his life after all.

Now there is Joe Biden, one of the best Roman emperors of our day — he is a proud devout Roman Catholic. Doesn't mean he's particularly popular, but many back in Rome's heyday weren't either. But he's there, and however weak he may be he does safely do the bidding of his Chief of Staff and other top advisors who in turn get their cues from the leftist think tanks who in turn get their cues from Georgetown and the university system who in turn get their cues from... from...

For you see, it is obvious a Catholicized populace cannot tolerate a vacuum of highly visible autocratic rule for even two seconds. There has got to be someone running things at the top of Cain's Legacy always in every instant, not just to stop the evil of that other rotten schlub but to see if they'd be so kind as to give one's own evildoing a pass. "Be your brother's keeper okay! That's me!" they incessantly bleat to a kind and caring head-cracker in a shiny fancy outfit with lapel pin ablazing.

Those Roman emperors? Always maneuvering for a kind of sanctified position with the help of the most formidable party operatives, the most incisively vociferous elements of the mob they must bribe (after all, Vox populi, vox dei!) and perhaps most importantly the religious power-brokers who had their parishioners by the balls. Trajan was emperor during the height of the empire in 117 CE, and he was considered a good one, but was the first to really express any anxiety about that brand spankin' new movement called "Christianity."

No worries though!

Just get it institutionalized so it could be managed and you're good.

Many went along with it and it became the state church subject to all the things Caesar must say about it, much like today's 501c3 incorporated tax-exempt non-profit God clubs — all just subdivisions of the fully authorized Roman Catholic ecclesiocracy. There were some who didn't join up, through the ages there have been those pockets of believers who worship God in Spirit and in Truth but do allow Cain's administration to do its thing for those who need it.

Those who say they're Christians but rant and rail at Caesar, screeching about this government irregularity or that government impropriety and how impotent they are because their favored Caesarian minion is not able to crack heads the way they want?

Just trollees.


I'd recently gotten a bit interested in a nifty video from an educational video website, one that has a skilled artist sketch out philosophical concepts, right there as the video progresses. This one was about a concept I'd never seen before, from German pastor and Nazi martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I myself have often ruminated on the presented elementary question, however, as so many have:

What is the deal with stupidity?

Apparently Bonhoeffer was convinced that stupidity was worse than evil. People can be very intelligent but do tremendously stupid things — true that. Many people are dumb as a rock and still do very virtuous things. True that as well. Furthermore Bonhoeffer seemed to feel that with somewhat clear articulation it was possible to convince an evil person to turn from his or her wayward ways, but it was impossible to convince a stupid person of the evil he does simply because, well, he's stupid. He simply cannot compute.

Couple things. All of this does get into the whole rationality-irrationality dichotomy. I believe the answer to this conundrum is extraordinarily simple: there is no such thing as irrationality. Even the stupidest person on the planet has some reason that is perfectly fine for why he does what he does. Those figures in the posted image may be willfully allowing folly to be dumped into their minds simply because they don't want to lose their jobs.

Fundamentally rational.

You may not like it and it may be horrifically evil, but it is still rational. But then that's just it, isn't it? It may be rational, but yet again...

It may not be righteous.

And to get at what is actually righteous and unrighteous, you need Scripture. You need transcendent truths coming from the mouth of God to get at this thing wisdom — the antidote to stupidity. Righteousness is the thing that cures stupidity, not some hifalutin appeal to the god Rationality.

Also, much of that which we may readily identify as stupid does indeed come from the lips of the World mandarins who sit in their perched positions spewing the stuff that System devotees must hear to have their evildoing administered. It is often perversely rational to move people to do egregiously stupid things — or maybe even prevent them but only to show how splendid they are at doing that — it is what it must be. I'd spend more time regaling you with who is informing the most visibly influential potentates, you know, exactly the same as those Roman emperors — but peruse this webzine and I think you'll figure it out.


One of the most significant events in the history of the magnificent thing freedom of speech happened recently, Elon Musk's "freeing" of Twitter. Wow! All those finely blapping tweeters can now get back on there and tweet away about how much they loathe Caesar or any one of his minions. Undergroundish muckraker CJ Hopkins, whose tweets have always been accompanied by a notice about how supposedly bad they are, has not been so anodyne about the Musk liberation.

His most recent piece gets into the idea that Musk is really no different than — a Roman emperor! He is just as much now the one with the overarching power to give a thumbs up or down to anyone's privilege to do anything in his now vast-reaching empire. The question yet again is, who exactly is informing Musk of what he must now do as Grand Imperator of the Twitter Nation?

I must add that Hopkins has also been quite vocal about the Covidian tyranny, and out of that the question comes up again — how come the mass stupidity among the most devout Covidians? Really, how it is so massive, so global in scope? He has cited Mattias Desmet's idea of "mass formation psychosis" — something that gained a great deal of traction as the reason for all the lockdown stupidity — yet vigorously rejected it because it actually leads to avoiding responsibility for patently lethal decision-making.

Whether evil or stupid, lockdown protocols resulted (and at this time are still resulting!) in far more people dead and livelihoods lost than a virus. Hopkins is one of the few who are calling out the folly for what it is: a very real moral wrong, not some mental defect or clinically psychological phenomenon as Desmet implies.

And the only way you can see that is from the Kingdom, with Jesus' mind, with His eyes and ears and understanding. The World overwhelms us with rationality excuses, much of it coming from the extraordinarily proficient arts of war employed by the very best System Ops in the deepest parts of the ecclesiocracy. Those not steeped in Scripture prayerfully practicing the highest grace and deepest wisdom and richest fellowship with one another, wholly leaning on The Living Word for strength and peace and righteousness — they are absolutely no match for those ruses.

Really, schlepping up to the throne the most super spiffy emperor you can find for a time however long that can be is one of the most important tasks the officially ordained World Ops have.


Want to know The One Who Has The Heads Of Every Emperor Under His Foot? I humbly recommend you peek at the 18th Psalm. It is kind of a lengthy one, but if you're a reader, settle in with a cup of tea by the fireplace and enjoy diving into words effusive with the robustly certain promise God would succeed in everything there is on your behalf. You can't miss it. People miss it because they are so Catholicized, given over to imbibing the words of those who use the most rational folly as a tool to keep the spiritually ill-equipped in line.

David made this Psalm his final recorded prayer, you can see it also there in the Second Book of Samuel, Chapter 22. God judges everyone by His justice and His righteousness, yet as the King of Kings He loves with His very life. Once you get that idea — and even better grasp that Jesus is the one spoken of in that beautiful, wonderful Psalm, you see clearly that He really does look a lot like the emperor, with the power and might and majesty and all the rest of it. All that stuff is there because that's just what we're all so used to.

Instead He is Someone way better.


He's The Breaker.


And when you see your chains are completely broken, those chains of stupidity and folly and seduction to things that don't really amount to anything but screeched into your ears by some exceedingly industrious World Op...

You may then enter the Kingdom.

Yeah, that gate is verrry narrow, but He'll get you through.

Those nail-scarred hands guarantee it.




  • The image of the potentate potentating for all the people is a screenshot from the aforementioned video. Here is the link to that video with Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidity.

  • A note about this thing trolling: It may indeed be the case that a troller is making up something quite vile just to get a response from a reader or viewer. The point is often times a thing may seem quite preposterous but is actually a very real thing and the troller is serious about the posted item, which makes it hard to believe that a real live someone is sincerely boasting of a real something that objectively wicked - thus, lots of vibrant trolling activity. Just another broad skirmish in the violently and interminably raging culture war.

  • The biblical exposition of the establishment of the World System is in the fourth chapter of Genesis. Some thoughts are here.

  • The verse with the part about Jesus' foot on the necks of every temporal potentate ever is in the last part of the first chapter of the letter to the Ephesians.

  • Here is that home page piece with some thoughts on hate speech. After posting that page I assembled a series of blog posts to elaborate on the items reproduced here. This is the first post in that series. Another related page I've titled "Fear in the College Classroom" is here. (Dec 5 note: I've actually gone ahead and pulled that entire blog series and put it on a webpage here in the webzine. That page is here. I've also blogged a bit to introduce the above home page piece, the first of those posts is here.)

  • (Dec 13 note: Funny, a mere 15 days after I posted this this article appeared in a prominent conservative opinion site with another pundit's take on Bonhoeffer's "Theory of Stupidity" especially as it may manifest among the fully ordained potentates among us.

  • A home page piece about how the Roman Catholic Church was most instrumental in virulently infecting the global psyche with Epicurean thought is here. Here is a page with some of elucidation of the System's use of this demonic ruse.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The One Who Ultimately Rules Over All Emperors.




Spring 2023


We've been looking for paradise, ever since we lost it in Adam and Eve, we've been trying to get back there. Now we think we can create it in electronics and the idolatry of the machine.

And it's extremely dangerous.

- Wallace Henley, author of Who Will Rule the Coming Gods


[The wicked man] lies in wait by the villages; His eyes watch in secret for his victims...

He lies in wait to catch the helpless and drags them off in his net.

- The Tenth Psalm, verses eight and nine


I've made reference before to what I think is one of the greatest works in literature, The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis. Call me uncouth in my tastes as it is a children's book, but so be it.

This time I'd like to riff on the part with the giants, and we're introduced to two types, those who appear stupid by getting great pleasure from spending their days brainlessly throwing rocks around, and the ones who appear much more dignified living richly in the commune called Harfang. It is my contention that the latter are just as stupid because they can't refuse to dine on talking creatures... including human beings.

Just a very telling analogy for the practice of human sacrifice. Not only are they physically imposing but they are gruesomely amiable, just like your sworn technoplutocrat administering a large nation of seduced subjects.

The giants community is just the good wholesome Americanist organism energized by... well, I can't call them that because presently I've been viscerally wrestling with Jesus telling me by His word "Don't call people fools."

I believe one reason Jesus tells us this is because to run the thing you can have no other to do so. They're there, they must be there, and they are doing what they do because the like-minded populace is largely asking them to in order to protect them from themselves — and there is nothing you are going to do about that.

Nothing except leave it and humbly seek to enter the Kingdom by God's good graces.



I continue to be intrigued by the things this "Sprouts" YouTube video series puts out, especially when it comes to pondering this thing stupidity. This one from Carlos Cipolla and his Five Laws of Stupidity is one that relates.

The salient point:

Stupid people kill.

Furthermore from Tupper Saussy's Rulers of Evil, the idea is that very intelligent World System Operatives take full advantage of that to commit the most insidious but very pronounced acts of human sacrifice in the name of elevating the Great Grand Ecclesia you may enjoy if you fall in line.

 That stupidity thing? It is biblical, you only need to see in Proverbs the volumes of distinctions between wisdom and folly, but if you just look about in Jeremiah you'll see it plainly stated: Everyone is stupid. Yes, I'm not exempt, I am just as murderous with my stupidity as the next fellow unless I have a Deliverer from that lethality.

I've blogged recently about what I consider the two most destructive forms of stupidity there are: redefining sexual integrity, marriage, and family to include all sorts of the ugliest sexually immoral conceptions there could be, summed up neatly by those promoting those things themselves in the LBGTQ-whatever-else-is-in-the acronym-for-present-optimum-virtue-signaling; and the never-ending but always more imaginative bastardization of the accepted value assessment standard, for most of us that is the dollar, whether the central bankers printing it up by the gazillions to hand to irresponsible people, the deviously enterprising financial and commercial interests still exploiting people as they have for millennia, or now the brazen scam artists trying to convince well-intentioned but gullible value storers that a computer number better known as crypto is something when it is bupkis.

There are all kinds of other stupendously stunning forms of stupidity that lead to the worst body of death all about, I know. Right now the most prominent ones are the raging climate change hysteria, the interminable Covidian screechings, the wildly sanctimonious racialist browbeating, the imminent World War III belligerency sparked by the Ukraine policy ineptitude, and whatever real-life horror du jour the complicit media are on about. But there is another one that is rearing its hideous form and could outdistance them all.


Please know there is no such thing as artificial intelligence. There is only super advanced data processing subject to the dictates of whoever programmed it. The thought of a benevolently sentient computer entity has indeed been a thing ruminating in the minds of folks for some time, long before 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL made it so entrancing. It has always been quite logically and thoughtfully dismissed as an impossibility, but now because it looks so spectacularly super-duper-advanced, people are getting taken in that there could actually be something akin to the human mind in machine form.


Your friendly neighbor chatbot there spitting up that brilliant classical piece of literature? Brilliant! How could a computer do that?! Wowwie!

Except for this, it is actually quite simple.

About that thing it just wrote, ask it what it means. See what it says. Then ask it what that means. Do it again just for fun. What you will get, eventually, is repetition, nonsense, or nothing.

Here's the trick to that, however.

Many humans will look at that and go, whupp, I guess that's what it means.

I get that, and that is precisely why the stupid person is stupid. It is because they have no concept, nor does the most "intelligent" chatbot ever, of the transcendent meaning of God.

I really like reading Edward Ring, and he recently wrote a wonderful piece getting into all of this himself. He joins many who legitimately say it is because the chatbot does not have a soul that it can never understand the true meaning of anything, it can never truly consider the extent of its own mortality. An AI is just a sophisticated calculator — it can never be self-aware, it can never question or introspectively examine its own existence to demonstrate it is actually this thing AI akin to the intelligence a non-stupid person can have by God's generous grace.

That last element is the key.

It is the human mind given over to Kingdom things that makes the difference. It is the ability only a human being can have that an insightful conception of love for one another brings as one can understand the love he or she can receive from someone else, and that can only come by seeing who God is and what He is about and what He did out of His love for us.

A wonderful way that is demonstrated is by another reference to The Silver Chair.


So blindly obedient to the Underworld Queen, the Underdwellers are so catatonically miserable but would furiously explode if the status quo were poked. The Silver Chair was written 70 years ago, and it is no different today. Just a glance into their eyes, you can see that woeful Underdweller sentiment in nearly every person walking about right here in every part of our Overworld, on streets and in malls, in our neighborhoods and at workplaces — you know half the time you're out and about it is like touring a "Walking Dead" story. Thing is it is no different than it was six millennia ago! Many of these may not be fully Stupid, perhaps they are just sympathetically Helpless. There is that.

When the Underworld Queen lights the incense and strums her instrument to hypnotize the visiting trio, the children simply do not have the capacity to resist and start to succumb. Puddleglum can resist however, and he does it because his soul knows about the things God created for him in the real world. He relies on what God has shared with him about Him and what He's given him in real actual creation beyond what they sense underground in a spiffy looking palace. Even if any human can imagine a lime-green polka-dotted sun and a purple-striped licorice-flavored sky or dream about flying three-headed pangolins carrying pistachio ice cream in Gucci bags, there are still real-thing suns and skies and pangolins. And not just real but good because God made them good. Very good.

The non-stupid get that.

An erudite thinker will look at all this and see the influence of Plato on C.S. Lewis. You know, Allegory of the Cave and shadows and real Forms and all the rest of it. But that doesn't take away the immense value of the mind God gave us to be proficiently used for wisdom, righteousness, and insightful discernment — what we do with our thinking, our feeling, and yes... how we manage our relationships with God and with others.

Those who push away those things are easily sucked into whatever counterfeits the Society's mandarins splash in front of them. How splendid it is these days for advanced information processing to make the job so much easier for these people — now you can slap a fancy CGI deepfake on it and show how exceedingly super-smart it is and it isn't hard to see why Scripture speaks of "the image of the beast."

Learning from Cipolla, Saussy, Ring, and just plain Scripture about the whole AI thing we may find some measure of non-plussitude for people who willfully refuse to see how the so-called AI will always be manipulated to draw people into further service of Cain's Legacy under the guise of "Look at how the far-more-brilliant-than-you AI will be your savior!" The very best authoritative, oath-bound, and highly paid Romanist Ecclesiocrats will exploit it and are already doing so. In fact the most significant thing AI will do is better manipulate those conditions and events that are so murderously destabilizing to appear so palatable, as well as to ultimately better conceal the real machinations of World ops in administering Cain's Legacy. All that stuff about climate change and Ukraine and so forth? Pshaw...

This then only means two things.

One, continue to obsequiously slog about in the present Underworld of that virulent activity, again quite legitimately and necessarily mitigating the evildoing that humans do. It really cannot be denied that in a contrarian sense the protracted activity of Cain's hegemonic minions is actually set in motion by God to protect His own from the Stupid. It doesn't mean it isn't far away from God's presence or that on the last day it won't all be thrown into the lake of fire, but it does have a purpose presently as God's footstool.

Or two, leave it. Abjure that realm. Leave all that death and despair and ruthless condemnation, and find rich vibrant dwelling in the Kingdom. Every day experience great joy in committing to self-sacrificially being Christ and His love to a sad and dying world of Stupid and Helpless people. With the insidious nature of the way AI is being portrayed and employed, that challenge is not only more daunting but requires allowing God to move in our lives and connecting to that movement with immersion in His word and corporate prayer and worship.


Just an added note, there has been at the time of posting this home page piece a lot of attention towards this revival of sorts at Asbury University in Kentucky, where there had been nonstop praying and worshipping. It lasted 16 glorious days and while it'd be great if this kind of apocalyptic activity were happening in other places, it absolutely has to be about sowing the grace and power of God into every reach beyond a chapel building. From there worship assemblies should be insightfully seeing the impact Rome has on World System activity then summarily becoming ungrafted to all of that.

I encourage you to read the last book of Scripture, The Revelation. It is intense what that kind of expressively pure and abiding worship of God is like, He is fully worthy of our praise — check out the 145th Psalm for more stunning detail on why. But counterfeiters of His glory are hard at work and there is no reason to believe some kind of sinister programmed "AI" will not be part of what happens with the World in those last days. It is harrowing to behold what is in store for those who feel they simply must remain Stupid, there will be no excuse. Currently super-nice things like homes and vehicles and Disney cruise-line vacations and handing over large chunks of tribute to Caesar are super-duper nice things, but in the end it is all dust.

But please know this. Know this above all other things.

No matter how wretchedly evil the days become, however sensationally "AI" enhanced that evil becomes...

God's mercy is always greater.

"Mercy triumphs over judgment."

Reach out and take His nail-scarred hands, but hey, don't forget, you've got to do it wearing the wedding gown He gave you, not the one the enchanting chatbot tells you to have.




  • The image the four types of people Carlos Cipolla examined is a screenshot from the aforementioned video. Here is the link to that video with his theory about the woefully underestimated dangerous quality of being stupid.

  • It may be noted I made no mention of Cipolla's classification "Bandits." This is simply because they are easiest to comprehend: the willfully intentional with their evildoing. Hegemonic institutions are certainly filled with them, and they do seem to get away with murder far too often. But they too have Christ's forgiveness and mercy available to them as much as it is for anyone else.

  • The cartoon panel about 2001 is from Stonetoss, and it is referring to the recent somewhat widely published instance when a chatbot claimed a racial slur should never be uttered even if it means saving millions from having a nuke dropped on top of them.

  • Here is again the link to Edward Ring's piece, Artificial Intelligence and the Passion of Mortality. Here is another excellent one just published at the same website from Thaddeus McCotter.

  • You can read all of Tupper Saussy's book, Rulers of Evil, here in PDF form. I heartily encourage you to take the time to read it. Here is a page with other items of Tupper's.

  • Here again is that home page piece in which I wrote about The Silver Chair previously. Forgive me if I don't elaborate with the standard disclaimer about Lewis for those who think him not "reformed" enough or such. I do include a bit of one in the notes of that piece.

  • Here is a more recent home page with a bit more about this thing The Ecclesiocracy. A rough draft of what modern-day human sacrifice looks like is here.

  • Here is a page with the ways churches make themselves subdivisions of the Roman Catholic ruling hegemony and its authorized Ministry of Condemnation. Here are some thoughts about how those churches may indeed become bountifully ungrafted to the World System. In both pages, and pretty much throughout the webzine, you'll discover how much fine looking churches full of smiling people are merely following Rome's instructions.

  • Jesus' warning against calling people "fools" is in the fifth chapter of Matthew. The verse "Mercy triumphs over judgment" is in the letter of James. For probably the very best treatise on the wide swath of distinction between a human and the finest-thinking machine, read the eighth chapter of the letter to the Romans. Read it all, carefully, prayerfully. You'll see how phenomenally good God is to His beloved creations.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The One Who Reigns In The Kingdom With The Most Self-Sacrificial Love Of All.


Summer 2023


The reporter's task is to find a way of weaving these threads of unreality into a fabric that a reader will not recognize as entirely unreal.

- Daniel Boorstin, from his book The Image


I caught an ad for Megyn Kelly's radio show just listening to a Sirius XM promo by happenstance. In it she speaks of no longer being on any regular media platform so that now she can really tell the truth about things, blurted with such conviction! She once shilled for Fox and recently NBC if you can figure that one out.

The question is, will she actually tell the truth?

Or do Sirius XM's legion of patrons, subscribers, platform providers, or any other stakeholders have a say?

I'd venture to say there are a lot of people who have already browbeat Miss Kelly into going no further than the edges of the officially established Americanist narrative. Just now Apple put out their latest ultra-graphically-enhanced augmented reality device, the "Vision Pro," surely keeping you laser-focused on those things the World blares are most important. Throw in the latest Super-duper-fast Processing Information Technology so many foolishly call "A.I." (which as you see should really be called SPIT) and you've really got something.

Which means it is unlikely the following much more veritable realities will ever be addressed.


One, the absolute most heinous, gruesome, wicked thing on the planet right now is what resides in your heart. Yours. In mine too. And his and hers over there. So much could be shared about this, to elaborate as you know, but let's face it — most people actually already get this but prefer their benighted condition be smothered in the sweetest vanillaest lusciousest frosting.

Two, there are indeed very good, very smart, very smiley, and very sworn-to-highest-duty-on-penalty-of-death World System Operatives whose sole job it is to heavily slather on the frosting, while at the same time getting people to gleefully spew the most ferocious vitriol against those who everyone is told are not as sanctimoniously devoted to the authorized groupthink as they should be.

Three, those Ops work straight from the deepest state reaches of the Roman Catholic Institution, which has already firmly erected the grandest Ecclesiocracy to govern everyone's affairs. And please, no worries, because millennia ago God ordained this legitimate hegemony to do its profound work of sin management — you can read about it in the fourth chapter of Genesis. I heartily encourage you to do so.

Four, the most visible manifestation of this work comes in the form of any showcased people working on Pennsylvania Avenue, Madison Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard, Wall Street, K Street, and any place where cameras and microphones are in the faces of convivial news media personalities who enthusiastically augment the mythological status of any and all such individuals. They are all just doing the work the Ops give them. As Noam Chomsky famously said of them, "If you believe something different you wouldn't be sitting where you're sitting."

Five, all of these people do the very necessary work of mitigating the world's evildoing. As ruthlessly lethal as it is, it just doesn't look so bad because everyone is caked with so much of the pukifyingly sweet frosting. The absolute only exit is on the absolute only route to the righteousness required to leave this body of death...


The Son. The Light. The Vine. The Bread. The Way. The Truth. The Grace. The Life.


There is no other, none. Oh the World has thousands of spiffy-looking mannequins they call Jesuses — in some way or another.


But none are Him.


I share this because as much as I could detail much more of all that is the reality, I've already been doing it for close to 20 years now in this very webzine site, I do see a lot of places where they talk about Jesus but I rarely ever hear of Him spoken in terms of His Kingdom's contrast to the World System. More times than not all I hear is the standard fluff that move people like Homer Simpson to whine, "This isn't going to be about Jesus is it?"

I'm not even saying Mr. Simpson isn't revealing something quite telling here, echoing the attitude too many actually have when any System obliging speaker tries to sell the latest trendiest neatest straw-man Jesus.

I say this because late in May I concluded for the extent of this home page piece I'd simply direct you to some journal thoughts from 16 years ago I had about an email from Tupper Saussy, passed on to me from a mutual friend. I urge you to go to this page, tour the webzine, or merely read his book to get an idea of who Mr. Saussy was and what he was about.

Anyway, I went back and peaked at the journal entry and thought it would be good to share it with you, much because at times such as these I feel exactly like Mr. Saussy did then.

How many ways can we speak of those transcendent truths and not get exasperated when so many people simply refuse to grasp those truths?

This doesn't mean stop sharing. It doesn't mean I'll stop trying, and it didn't mean Tupper stopped trying.

It is just as his life on this temporal plane was coming to a close there back in March of 2007, he decided to spend some time in the lodge. Look at the ninth chapter of Jeremiah to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Go ahead, right there at the beginning. You'll understand. For Tupper that was the Chocolate Orchid Piano Bar, and when you take a look at the entry you'll get a better idea of what that was as well.


The other day I did a web search on Tupper, as I do every once in a while, just to see if anyone is actually paying attention. I came across a site that made a very lengthy claim it is all hokum this idea that all policy governing the World ultimately comes from the Jesuits. It was filled with name-calling (the author referred to Mr. Saussy as a "bitter Protestant" —  ouch) and eloquent but thoroughly pointless blithering about how it just isn't so and if you think so you're just a stupid conspiracy nut — never mind that you cannot prove a negative.

But you can prove a positive. All you have to do is look at Scripture, then discover what the most ungrafted worship assemblies over the past few hundred years knew, peruse the sermons of the 19th century preachers who bravely elucidated what the Jesuits routinely do, study the interminably violent history of the Culture War taking special note of the pronounced influences on all the players, and just plain read the book Rulers of Evil to know the truth about the entire enterprise.

You could even, ahem, take a look-see at some of the things in my own webzine here. From there just watch current events unfold, today — it isn't hard even to dig a bit deeper, investigate yourself all the governing kinds of things out there that are tightly connected to Rome. Look around at the few others who see it too, see how much all of its minions are in some way or another involved in assembling the tragic elements that comprise both the Ministry of Sin and the Ministry of Condemnation — It is all so much fun for them! Makes for the most spectacular drama! Draws lots of eyeballs!

I had originally planned to get into much of it, as I have in much of my previous webzine and blog work, but it was just running way over — there are so many horrors to address! Much of it is, regrettably, merely repetition and redundancy. While there is a place for that I realized it just gets a bit daunting to do the Victor Davis Hanson thing. Do you know Mr. Hanson? An excellent writer who very frequently and widely publishes inventories of dozens and dozens of the worst offenses of the ruling class.

Thing is that's really all he does. There's this bad thing and that bad thing and this and that and this other bad thing over here. Oh and this one and that one and this one and that one too.

Thuh End.

No mention of The Truth.

There are gazillions of tomes like his, and I'd say about 99.2% of them end with



In that vein, one more truth, again related to the journal entry, if you'll allow me.

Everyone is a commentator.

Any time anyone opens their mouth, they are saying something that must counter something else somebody else is saying. Even if your comment is agreeable with another, it is adding something that is counter to what is not being added. In the end what is said by anyone is either the most gruesome World-progressing or the most beautiful Kingdom-bringing. There are no others.

In illuminating the way the World really works, Tupper quite humbly once said, "I think I have something meaningful to say." From my own correspondence with him and some of his personal notes after publishing ROE, I'm convinced he thought he'd be able to zip about speaking to rapt audiences about those truths related to that entrenched World Ops activity.

Yeah. He didn't get many takers.

I know why, and I believe he knew why too.

As for me, my commenting often comes in prayers, and one of my main prayers is that I may be a humble part of the apocalyptic revival that I do believe God has in store. I do believe that does come when a critical mass of people see the true origins and intentions that constitute the ugly swath of sodomist, racialist, and socialist offal now contaminating everything — and those people actually, truly, fully turn from all that and seek the Kingdom as all get-out.

I am convinced that out of all of that the Holy Spirit will move like nothing else. Healing, delivering, saving, moving people to joyfully come to terms with who God created them to be, a God who also gave His life in a selfless act of redemption — even if that involves moving mountains and uprooting redwoods. Scripture says so, and He assures us that no matter how grisly things in the world get, He will come through.

The System will do what it will do, it must. The "digital prison" is already here. The surveillance state is fully operational. The next designed and arranged catastrophic event is on its way. God allows it all for His perfect purposes. Will you respond the way the World has trained millions to, or the Kingdom's way with full abiding trust in Him rejoicing that you are in His mighty grip?

There's my commentary, and I pray God gives me enough strength to keep sharing Him in whatever way I can.*


I might have to head over to the lodge and hang out there for a while, though. A very, very good place, that lodge.

To pass the time with friends there, here is the conclusion to Tupper's Rulers of Evil, cut and pasted right here, right out of his first edition even, just so visitors may gently revel in a brief bit of God's bountiful fellowship...




*July 10 note: I can't help but add this important thought I want to share with all this. As I was thinking about the "Everyone is a commentator" truth, I recognized one of the main reasons why we need the Tupper Saussys around to persevere and not abandon the life of a mere commentator.

It is simply that we always need fellowship with people who are good explainers, expositors, and encouragers with Truth and Grace on their lips. Even when they repeat things we've already heard a hundred times we need them to keep being around and sharing their commentaries with us. Anytime we gather with others we are hoping those with whom we converse will be good commentators. Even those inured by the World are hoping someone will tell them things that will nourish their souls — and yes, too often System-spewed things are just death and despair.


Followers of Christ are no different in their need to have people around in physical proximity with insight and wisdom they charitably share. Even though they dwell richly in the Kingdom, those riches are truly the vibrant interactions we have with those who are "Jesus with skin."


Commenting with one another Him, Truth, Grace, Agape, Word, Kingdom — no matter how redundant or repetitive... I mean, really, isn't that what we'd be doing for eternity with one another in the lodge?


And reveling in every moment of it?



Just another hunch

Based upon jumping conclusions

Caught up in endless solutions

Backed up against a wall of confusion

- Joe Walsh, "A Life of Illusion"


For people swear an oath by one greater than themselves, and with them an oath serving as confirmation is an end of every dispute. In the same way God, desiring even more to demonstrate to the heirs of the promise the fact that His purpose is unchangeable, confirmed it with an oath, so that by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have taken refuge would have strong encouragement to hold firmly to the hope set before us. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and reliable and one which enters within the veil, where Jesus has entered as a forerunner for us...

 - From the sixth chapter of the letter to the Hebrews




  • The image of the Vision Pro wearer is a screenshot from an actual Apple ad issued the day of its release.

  • A refresher on the key terms: Sodomist: "Let's all celebrate another's sexually immoral exhibitionism and diligently demonize those who don't." Racialism: "Let's all institutionally enable ridicule of the classified 'privileged' to make the 'oppressed' feel better for the purpose of the brightest virtue-signaling among the culturally ordained mandarins." Socialism: "Let's employ the force of government to extract value from the most industrious producers and voraciously spread it about equally so no one feels less rich than anyone else."

  • Once again, the places to go for further illumination of these truths: Scripture is the main place. Rulers of Evil is in PDF form online. Abiding in Religious War is at the web archive catalogue. Here is the page with my journal entry. And here is a page with other Tupper Saussy items.

  • Here is another page with a journal entry from March of 2002, all about the instance of my epiphany regarding the reality of World System. I'd already read ROE, but this was the most compelling confirmation of its veritable exposition.

  • In case you still really must fume at some powerful big-shot  Rome throws into the arena, I've made it easy for you. Here's a list of all the bad guys I can think of. If you think of any more please email me so I can add them to the list.

  • The two ministries Tupper mentions, if you didn't figure it out, are the Ministry of Condemnation and the Ministry of Reconciliation. The very last bit of ROE may be controversial, but when looked at it in terms of people being His living words sharing truth and grace with others, to God that is more important than words on a page - though please know I am not dismissing at all the immeasurable value of Scripture. I know Tupper wasn't either.

  • I believe one of the major reasons Tupper was rarely if ever asked to speak in churches or conferences is because most all of them are tied to Rome through their non-profit tax-exempt incorporated obligations, and as such they - particularly the leadership - consider what he says pretty ugly swearing in a very strange language. Here is my page with more about that condition.

  • Here's a pretty neat article about Tupper and his Chocolate Orchid Piano Bar.

  • My Spring 2023 home page piece got a bit more into the whole "A.I." thing. Here and here are recent blog posts with a few more thoughts about it.

  • Here are a few thoughts about The One Who Is The Route.





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