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September-October 2014         


In the madcap comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail the wise Sir Bedevere is asked to use his great ingenuity to determine whether or not someone should be convicted as a witch. "There are ways of telling" he confidently assures an eagerly attentive mob.

"What do you do with witches?"

"Burn them!" shout many in the crowd.

"And what do you burn apart from witches?"

"Wood" replies one bright individual.

"So, why do witches burn?"

They think for a bit. "Because they're made of wood?"

"Good. So how do we tell if she's made of wood?"

"Make a bridge out of her."

"Ah, but can you not also make bridges out of stone?"

The crowd mumbles in agreement. "Ah, yes, uh-huh, ..."

Bedevere continues. "Does wood sink in water?"

"No, it floats! Throw her into the pond! To the pond!" The excitement grows.

"Wait! What also floats in water?"

The timid answers come rapid fire. "Bread? Apples? Uh, very small rocks... Cider — uh, gravy, cherries. Mud, churches... lead..."

At this moment King Arthur, who's been watching from afar offers the correct answer. "A duck" emerges from his regal lips, proudly signifying his expressively divine insight.

After everyone hears this with some amazement, an impressed Bedevere then continues. "Exactly. So logically..."

A villager starts to see the light. "If she — weighs the same as a duck — she's made of wood!"

"And therefore..."

"A witch! A WITCH! A duck, a duck — fetch a duck!" shout the mob, upon which a duck is laid on one side of an uneven scale with the woman on the other, and of course, they weigh the same, exciting the mob even more.


I think of this scene often whenever I think of the things people are told all the time. It all sounds very cogent and learned, but much of it is complete hokum. They're not only steeped in it with the help of silly interactions exactly like this one, but they've been given a whole schooling's worth of it, where instructors of all stripes go so far, then abandon any solid thinking and finish with pure blather. The benighted mental infrastructure is so entrenched that any truthful considerations entered into the ear stream are either ignored, dismissed, or flatly rejected as the vulgar ravings of some lunatic.

Just the other day I got a heads up from one of my interest locater websites about an article titled something like "The Main Philosophical Questions We Will Never Find the Answer To."


Some of them were the typical "Why is there something than nothing?" type of quandaries — reasonable, engaging. Then there was this one.

"Is there a God?"

The writer goes on to declare the atheist and believer have it wrong. Only the agnostic has it correct. The clearly proclaimed idea:


Here's the thing. How does he know that?



Point is, this lunacy is bilged into the mainstream with a wide steady flow — it is not only amazing to behold, but it is also required. Required because one of the most important memes people just refuse to process is something Tupper Saussy shared...


       Early on, Cain encouraged attacks upon his life so that he might infallibly defend himself. He found great profit in provoking enemies. The more enemies, the more spectacular the displays of vengeance. The more vengeance, the more justice. The more justice, the more power to Cain. A more powerful Cain could do more excellent public works. Thus, it became essential to the self-interest of the bearer of the mark – which to this day remains a first principle of ordered government – to provoke and encourage evildoing, particularly the form that manifests itself in rebellion.


This is a brief but striking passage from his web work Abiding in Religious War, in the section titled "Human sacrifice is essential in religious war." Read the entire piece — indeed the entire work — and if you're up to the challenge, you may gain some understanding. It's not that hard really, but it is for those stubbornly clutching the World.

Cain's duty to slather disinformation everywhere is established for a pretty simple reason: To keep people who refuse to make Christ their Lord from murdering everyone while still murdering someone — at least that's the kind-a sort-a wholehearted intention. The message World Operatives drill into the psyche is nothing other than as long as you're connected to the System, you're OKAY. And that is okay, if you need Caesar and the law to replace Christ and grace and truth.

The agnostic's materialist folly is simply one weapon in the arsenal.


It has now been a full ten years since I've had The Catholicist Nation up and running. Before I was introduced to the breadth of the Operatives' work, I'd wanted to author a website called "The Pascalian Cynic." I'd been taken with Blaise Pascal's insightful remarks about things, and I still am to some extent. I've always been a raging cynic, eagerly seeking to sweep away the mindless chaff blowing about and get right at the truth about things.

For instance I loved Pascal's attention to the nature of diversion. How easily people are distracted from the things that really matter! One of his thoughts in this vein: "The only thing that consoles us for our miseries is diversion. And yet it is the greatest of our miseries. For it is that above all which prevents us thinking about ourselves and leads us imperceptibly to destruction. But for that we should be bored, and boredom would drive us to seek some more solid means of escape, but diversion passes our time and brings us imperceptibly to our death."

Awesome stuff. I'd wanted this website to be a place that really lays out the what's-what, just like that. I was quite naïve then, because I didn't quite comprehend the massive, elaborate, and, again, very necessary nature of the World System.

Thing is, Pascal was a Roman Catholic, and if one reads his Pensees with some modest rigor it is easy to see the influence. Even though he spoke passionately about Christ and the faith, that thread of the System's religious force was still woven throughout.

You'd even want to give a nod to his Provinciales, his satirical lambasting of Jesuit practice. You'd think, he'd gotten it! He'd recognized the embedded malevolence! But then, Pascal was warmly associated with the Jansenists, who proudly sparred with the Company for some time, until, of course, they were summarily extinguished by the guises and ruses of those they worked so valiantly to undermine. Pascal's brash critique was merely fodder for a power much greater than him and his intellect.

The Jesuits, meanwhile, today remain strong in the faith of their father, the one to whom governance of city affairs was awarded millennia ago. You can tell by reading things like Passionate Uncertainty, a tome I'm perusing about the state of affairs among American Jesuits. It's a sociological work by secular collegiates, about ten years old, addressing the trials of being in the Jesuit order, how they've worked ever so diligently to cope with a changing world — adjusting, adopting, conforming, renewing, just plain appropriating the Spiritual Exercises for wholesomely therapeutic purposes and — please, no expressions of sympathy needed, please, thank you.

One of the most telling items from the book was the standard exaggeration of the demise narrative that carries the Jesuits on their course. Their numbers are dropping precipitously and yet they're working so hard to keep a grip on their noble vision and carry on their gallant mission and... um, yeah. All that.

You know something? This is far more effective than even the Disestablishment. One former president of Georgetown even went so far as to whimper about the leadership of the church: "They are managing to do what all of secular education in the United States could not do, and that is to get us to cease being Catholic." This amounts to the greatest ruse of all, going farther than even the 1773 version could, namely the powerfully seductive meganarrative of the Disestablishment of the entire Catholic Church.

In fact, as I think more about it — really, why even have any more Company men than 28? Total? At least in the U.S? 28 is the number of schools in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, and Jesuit-driven humanist thought and practice is so brilliantly disseminated from those schools that you only need 28 presidents to lead an entire leadership of "deputized Jesuits."

This term, deputized Jesuits is from Jean Lacouture's "multibiography" of the Society, and merely refers to anyone given over to its designs for cultural and spiritual hegemony. This quasi-disestablishment is a fantastic ploy to keep the things those schools teach pumped in the American psyche. Truly, all you need is 28 good wholesome Jesuits running good wholesome higher education institutions to channel it. The deputies do the rest. And they do it from within all the universities and all the churches signed on with Caesar through any and all contractual non-profit tax-exempt obligations. From the Rome Militant, through the deputized agents, and on into hearts and minds ravenously devouring the ripe produce.

"Jesuit coadjutors"? Bahh, don't even need them any more.

To be honest, Passionate Uncertainty is actually an enlightening expose of the grand scheme to portray Jesuits as profoundly victimized by their own incisive magnanimity and earthy authenticity. Scour the book and you'll read dozens of remarks by Jesuits themselves, and when you look at them, you'll find most of the things they say are vacuous, vain, void of any spiritual substance, yet they are filled with random eloquence and erudition.

You'd also find much of the most significant content of their task hidden behind all the melodramatic resignation. One Jesuit high school president remarked, "The order is dying. Here's a radical idea that would be fun to deal with and argue about and say, 'What are we really trying to achieve?'" — the question offered to deliberately settle consideration that they're adrift and doing nothing.

Thus they are doing something: "The exploration of alternative spiritualities by Jesuits as well as former Jesuits cannot be reduced to flirtation of the jade with exotic practices." How empowering, how free-thinking, and how much of the present Americanist enterprise is subsequently all over this once odd but now perfectly ordinary pursuit.

Denial of the exclusivity and sovereignty of the biblical Christ, dismissal of the meaningfully supernatural, propagation of a rigid scientific materialism, distortion of truth considerations as mere matters of belief — coupled with a strident objection that they do indeed convey these things... That's it. There it is. The modern-postmodernish mash of World System dogma, virulently infecting the body Americana. Job well done, I'd say.


What is the follower of Christ's approach to this? There are so many approaches, the Jesuits include in the package your expected reactions in the program — what a deal! Many are like the one exhibited in another Monty Python sketch, this one from the television show:

An announcer is finishing his voice-over piece for a bit about a superhero, remarking how bravely he fights communism. As he becomes increasingly agitated about communism, the shot cuts to him sitting at a patio table continuing to speak, but now fully enraged. He knocks over the microphone, kicks down the table, and sits there seething, so much so that he's stopped even speaking and just fumes, viciously shaking his fists.

Now you yourself may do this kind of thing, maybe not so demonstrably, but you feel it. You may get pretty steamed about people who think poorly of Jesuits, or of any kind suffering soul. You may do this about the Jesuits themselves even with the most perceptively penetrating comprehension of what they do. You may do this about those who don't give a rats nard about any of it, and will never care to.

Ironically the announcer abandoned his "Smash the communists!" rant the instant he was offered a cup of tea. Those diversions!

I'm not saying don't be angry about things. Each of us has our own touch points, from the most idiosyncratic to the most righteously justified. The authentic gospel way through that body of death is illuminated in another Saussy passage I'd like to put up here. Indulge me if you would. This is the closing paragraph of what I consider his best, most heartfelt dialogue response.


It's not that I oppose opponents of communism. I wish them well, because communism is an ugly system. But anti-communism can be just as ugly. So I wish good fortune to communists at the hands of oppressive anti-communists. The only thing I can be certain of is that I am not working for either party, except to let them know that the best government is one they have yet to try, the Lord Jesus Christ.


In that is something I learned a long time ago. I learned to stop trying to be friends with people who are enemies, stop trying to pretend they're not. It's okay — it may indeed be because certain people are discomfortingly mean or proud or destructive. Could even be how dutifully they ensure the World System is humming smoothly at the behest of people who are in desperate need of having their evildoing managed properly.

It's just a matter of acceptance, they are enemies. What's more, Christ never made friends with these people. They were His enemies too — indeed their heads rest firmly under His feet. Don't think so? Read the very end of the first chapter of Ephesians, you'll see it there.

I know I know I know: Oh my, how can you say that. How can you be so inconsiderate. You should try to be friends with everyone. How do you even have any friends? You'll never have any friends if you expect everyone to be perfect. That's just awful.

Well, just so you know, there are people I like. Quite a few even. Even people you'd probably not like, but that's cool. And Jesus had a few friends Himself.

The truth is — and look out, because I'm going to share truth here, scandalous to those enraptured by the richest relativist precepts, so I'd understand if you don't understand — but hey, if you can answer this question, then you've got it.

Even though Jesus had enemies, how did He respond to them?

You know...


He loved them.


And He told us to do so as well. Remember?


Love your enemies.


In fact Jesus loved His enemies so much, and wow, he had a lot —  Pilate. Herod. Judas. Any of the many disciples who took off. The Jewish leaders, how vicious they were. The mob who didn't care, most roared with derision. The soldiers, made a mockery of Him. Even Caesar himself — crazy, Jesus created each and every one of them, and as such He loved them all, loved them so much that He died a horrific death for each one.

But He was honest about His affections. They weren't His friends. He didn't throw pearls before swine. He still judged righteous judgment.

It wasn't even that he didn't want them to be his friends, it's just they didn't want to be, in a big way... "Careful, sin crouches at your door..."

He was Who He Is, and they didn't like it.


He loved them just the same.


And so, what about the Jesuits? What is your approach to the most deft, skilled, talented agents of Cain's legacy on the planet, faithful to the work God gave them when their primogenitor was sent out from God's presence forever to fulfill his task of regulating standard evildoing with the most extreme prejudice? Ones who, as Passionate Uncertainty attests, are some of the most fearful, hurting, desperate people on the planet, but who still labor industriously to effusively inform World powers at all strata how to behave with the most proficient arts of war?

What say you? What is your response, in practice, to this sobering reality?

Mine is to let others know about them, their work, their mission, as well as how easy it is to be given over to the most pusillanimous World System obedience. Again, not a bad thing — it is supposed to be as such.

I don't censure or ridicule it as much evil as I see in it. I don't snuggle up to it for comfortable ingratiation. And I don't avert my eyes when I see injustice done wherever that may be, but I too acknowledge Cain's agency is an establishment set in motion by God who desires mercy far more.

Whatever the case I'm simply called to love the enslaver and enslaved alike. It's why I do this webzine ministry.

To just share the things I believe will help bring people to Him.

Only because of His love.

Oh how I've been loved myself.

I can't do anything else.




"Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those whom God has called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength."

- from the first chapter of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians




  • You may see the entire Holy Grail scene with Sir Bedevere, the witch, and their friends here. When I can get an idea about how to do the embedding thing with videos here in this new web program, I'll just stick it here for you to see.

  • The first passage here from Tupper is in his "Abiding in Religious War," the entirety of which can be reached here. The second is from a response in his Dialogues, this one vol. 3, no. 1, that I have titled "Reconciliation." That can be read in its entirety on this page. And who, by the way, is this "Tupper Saussy" character? Here's a page with an introduction.

  • I came across an amazing webpage with an extraordinarily expansive but concise catalog of all ways World Operatives use the seductive disinformation arts to govern proficiently. Scroll down to about half way down the page. Might be worth skimming over. More on disinformation is here.

  • That pensee shared here is no. 414. The cited part about "alternate spiritualities" in Passionate Uncertainty is from page 126. The statement from the Georgetown president, on 224. The quote from the Jesuit high school president is on page 280, there in the final chapter appropriately titled "Low-Profile Politics." The book is written by Peter McDonough and Eugene C. Bianchi.

  • Just to get a view of the authorized idea-generating network of the System, the website of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities is here. Some presidents of the member universities are indeed lay people, but they are still dutifully pledged to their superior and sworn to fulfilling his mission.

  • Use of the term "meganarrative" is deliberate. While a "metanarrative" is the archetypal story woven through an interpretive community, a meganarrative is more grandly affected and less veracious.

  • The way good churches betray their devotion to Christ and effectively become a subdivision of the Roman Catholic Church is here. I've put together a number of pages addressing how a church assembly may live out the purity of their faith and boundless freedom in Christ, here is one of the first.

  • A home page piece with a bit more about rage is here. Another home page piece that gets a bit into the origins of a witch hunt mentality is here. After all, I'd bet some readers would think about the Holy Grail sketch, "Isn't that satirizing religious witch hunts?" Oh, but humanist witch hunts are just as insidiously oppressive, and really, just as religiously motivated.

  • "Mercy triumphs over judgment," that's in the letter from James, second chapter. "Judge righteous judgment" is in the seventh chapter of John. The verse about sin crouching at your door is from the fourth chapter of Genesis, spoken to the very primogenitor of the Society.

  • And some thoughts about the One Who Is Freedom.



November-December 2014


"Houston mayor subpoenas pastors for sermon content."


This was the recent headline atop news items from conservative or Christian-minded journalistic enterprises screeching about the brazen government intrusion in private church affairs. Initially I too gorged my ire a bit, wondering what kind of politically correctness must now be enforced by secular authorities.


"When inclusion threatens identity."


This was the recent headline in my Los Angeles Times about the California State University system policy of ensuring that all demographic groups are allowed equal access to all organizations and programs. It is easy to see how many Christian-minded individuals may have their sentiments gouged for what they see as a draconian request to accommodate those who simply do not share their, shall we say, lifestyle preferences.


The culture war rages unabated.

And it does so because those Christian-minded individuals are just as beholden to Cain as those they battle.

For the entirety of the ten years I've been publishing The Catholicist Nation, I've labored to elucidate the overarching truth that there is a Kingdom, and there is a World System. The System was set in motion millennia ago with the first human sacrificer as its progenitor, and through adherence to civil law and its enforcement human sacrifice continues to flourish.

While the System was put out for establishment by God Himself as a positive thing albeit extraordinarily evil, the follower of Christ — literally the one who "calls on the name of the Lord" — does not have to obligate himself or herself to that System's laws and bylaws. It is a simple and pervasive truth woven throughout Scripture: That individual's love for another bound by his or her faith in Christ is his or her law.

The most tricky part of all this is that the Roman Catholic Church as the ecclesiastical branch of Cain's legacy has executed its task exceptionally well: to make sure that those who choose not to be Christ's keep their noses clean by living richly in Rome and in the religions of its System.

Many Christians are just doing terrific work being very good Catholicists.

Let's look at each of the above current events to see why the response to each is a wholly Catholicist endeavor, and as usual, it requires looking much deeper into each situation to understand what's going on. I must add that it also requires intentional immersion in Scripture, sensitive devotion to God in prayer, studious attention to history both past and unfolding present, and careful deliberation about what it all means with others who passionately join you in calling on His name.

That first instance above does involve something I'd thought I'd recalled but wasn't quite sure — that the mayor of Houston is a homosexually-minded individual. Just about everyone has been browbeat by the thought police to use the proper terminology: gay, lesbian, LGBT — "The mayor of Houston is gay" — but I reject that language because it pusillanimously subverts the bold declaration of truth with the excuse that homosexual behavior is normal, natural, and must be accepted.

In large part because of this condition, the mayor and other public officials passed an ordinance that allows transgender-minded individuals to use the restrooms of their choice even if they are exclusively designated for those of the opposite gender, I imagine to advance the now virulent cause of calcifying their sexual confusion.

The controversy comes with churches being expected to comply with this requirement. Several churches started a petition drive to rescind the ordinance, and when the city questioned the authenticity of the signatures, the mayor requested the material to help the investigation proceed.

The gall! The audacity! The horrors of excessive government meanness!

But here's the thing.

The mayor has every right to do that.

It is simply because the churches have put themselves under Cain's thumb. They are not doing what Christ asked them to do. They are doing what they've asked Cain to do to administer civil law over their affairs.

Are they 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organizations? Yes? That's Cain's business, not Christ's. Do they receive benefits from being such institutions? Yes? They're giving tribute to Cain, not Christ. Do they feel like they must battle evils of the World and right wrongs of the System by moving their members to engage in activities such as voting in civil elections, filling out W-4 forms, and yes, swelling petition rolls to tell the World what it should or shouldn't be doing?


They are vibrantly fulfilling their sworn duty to be Cain's minions in the service of World System law enforcement practices.

They are not doing what Christ would want them to do.


There is no one around who is Christ to them.

No wonder Christians are looked upon with such revulsion. Sadly, many of the repulsed are those lethally wounded people like the Houston mayor who are scratching and clawing to keep away bountifully liberating healing and wholeness and salvation. In fact, while scanning over a bit more about the Houston mayor vs. pastors UFC grudge match, I discovered that good Christian-minded folks have sent the mayor hundreds of Bibles. Great. Pelting someone with books, that'll teach 'em.


Needless to say, the college situation is very much the same. Why do Christian clubs rail against the university regulations, which by the way are popping up not just in the CSU system but all over the country? It is because young activist Christians want the, to quote, "recognition and benefits."

Recognition? That means the colleges will promote them right there with all the other groups, some of which do involve homosexualist and other unrighteous causes.

Benefits? That means the groups will get money from System sources, and sure enough, there is that seduction. "If every group is getting money, even those other ones, why can't we? What fools we are for refusing that money!"

I see. I see how it is. There are so few authentic Kingdom people who are laboring and sowing with their Kingdom-bringing value who in turn can fully fund a campus organization that shares the love of Christ with others. Nah, instead these campus groups must sell out to those who urge them to compromise truth to do it. They are so Catholicized that they believe their contracts and obligations to Cain's agency are required to get money, and all they have to bleat is the pitifully vacuous "Religious liberty!"

In that sense, yet again, what am I complaining about.

They're Cain's.

I said once before in this webzine that the next apocalyptic event is when large swaths of those who say they're Christ's firmly abandon those System associations and fully live out the essence of the Acts 2 church. I'm not talking a few who moderately grasp small chunks of it, I'm not talking a smattering who buoyantly delight in this pure church stuff, I'm not talking about a movement sputtering to get going — I'm talking thousands, millions, doing the gospel, and that means men having the balls to man-up, women energetically encouraging them to lead as they should, and every follower of Christ insightfully understanding Rome is Cain and getting out of it to be the gospel.


What is that, that Acts 2 church, then? What is it about that church that informs us about exactly what to do, those things that Christ said to do?

First, let it go. Let the World be the World, leave it be to do what it does. At the same time, yes, by all means, stay truthful! Hold to the truth of the evils of sexual degeneracy whether it is in homosexualism or any other kind! Understand it yet know deep in your soul what Christ says to do with that. At the same time be diving into fellowship with Him and rushing together with those who feel the same and then dashing out to love others, vibrantly engaging them, effusively sharing His love — to the point when those with whom you have to do will see it and want it and find who they truly are out of that overwhelming love.

Just for a bit of that contrast, if you'll allow me. I'd just re-read some of Peter Kreeft's The Unaborted Socrates. I've enjoyed his series of apologetics books and learned a lot about making good arguments for the faith. But then, Kreeft is a Roman Catholic through-and-through, and in reading his Socrates, I can see that subtle Catholicist subtext.

At one point his Socrates declares that he doesn't indict the woman or her doctor for an abortion, but rather the "false philosophy of society." At first glance this appears reasonable. But I've come to discover nothing is false. There are misrepresentations, misunderstandings, yes. And there are the most egregious deceits and disinformations. But those things are such because people gird their unrighteousness and seek to commit human sacrifice against others.

That thing considered "false philosophy" is actually truthful for those who live by the World, need the World, and ask the World to govern their affairs. In contrast look at that passage, Acts 2. Read it. It is a striking description of the Kingdom manifest, from verse one on. There are two notable places where Peter refers to those working and living by the World. Those who crucified Christ are "godless men." False men? No, just truthfully unrighteous but doing the work Cain was assigned.

Then there are the people who celebrate it, a "perverse generation." Are these false people? No, they are truthfully perverse, letting themselves be hypnotically inured by the expanse of disinformation keeping them in the World's grip, sloughing along in their refusal to call on God and wallowing in their desire to do human sacrifice.

Abortion? Just a common, convenient form of that sacrifice, emanating from the idea that man is god — that I can be master over sex and death and never mind the inevitable: the commensurate exploitation accelerating my own destruction. Oh it's truthful people behave that way, one of the most truthful truths ever. Truthful, rational, and completely unrighteous. What is your approach — not to truth or falsehood because you know it with whatever scintilla of conscience or intuition you possess — but what is your approach to


To justice?

To mercy?

See, that's the expression of Acts 2 people. It's about so viscerally knowing what those things are, and not just doing them, but doing them without any thought that Cain's agents must sign off on it all. You can see it all through the words of Acts 2, through the rest of Acts, indeed through all of God's exposition of His love in Scripture.


The most recent update on that Houston mayor and her request for sermon information is that she's scaled it back, playing the political game to appear less intolerant of religion. But it's all a game, appearing magnanimous about tolerance so the System can continue the propaganda that is an essential part of the whole operation.


But wow...

What would happen if Annise Parker — she's the mayor of Houston, that's her name, someone who is flesh and blood, a creation of Christ herself, someone who's terribly wounded, sexually confused, someone ripe for experiencing God's love abundantly poured out self-sacrificially, someone who is in desperate need of salvation just like anyone else — what would happen if she found that phenomenal, beautiful, rapturous grace...


What if she and others were to actually read what was in the sermons of those who are actually Kingdom-bringers?


It wouldn't just be revival.


It'd be apocalypse.



They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.  (from the second chapter of Acts)




  • For more on the work of the thought police to dictate what words we are told to use to refer to the sexual crimes of homosexualism, here are the notes * from my home page piece on bullying.

  • I've usually put links here in the notes, but I went ahead this month and simply put them in the text above. Before I've found them to be distracting, but let's see if it works this time.

  • For those who believe the Acts 2 church is really just "Christian communism", I address those concerns on that page. Here is a quick link * to those notes.

  • Here is page with more about how men can "man-up" and get their worship assemblies ungrafted to the System. There you'll find actual, practical ways to be the Kingdom, but yes, it does require the courage that only Christ's spiritual virility provides.

  • And here is more on Christ, the One who empowers us to do it all to begin with. 

  • (*Note on quick link to notes. I seem to be unable to get the bookmarked link straight to those notes, at least from my test. For now until I remedy that, please go to the page and simply scroll down. Thank you.)




January-February 2015


Do not be idolaters, as some of them were, as it is written, "The people sat down to eat and drink, and then stood up to play."

- I Corinthians 10:7


In the middle of the road, you see the darnedest things.

- The Pretenders (Learning to Crawl, 1984)


Sometimes when I feel frustration beholding the foolish things people do, my soul shouts "Thank you for not smoking!" I do this because it is what Opus, the iconic character from my favorite comic strip Bloom County did one time when the visceral longings of his soul were graphically depicted in an episode back in 1986.

Opus had this deep-seeded desire to hose down disrespectful smokers... but didn't. The image here is just what's in his soul. Instead he employed that standard self-constraint, which is what I do also. Resigned? Yes. Sharing a bit of gracious deference? Yeah. Still, the ::sigh::...

Much of the resilience in the face of such a condition comes from just knowing that Jesus is Grace. He's Truth, too, so there is that overriding feeling of "You can boldly stand by Truth and still let it go."

But there remains the disappointment. I've even made reference to it before in this endeavor: While smoking is one thing, what about the other lunacies people firmly believe and stridently express? Things that are much more destructive?

"Descent with modification is the way species formed."

"I don't like abortion but it's okay if someone else wants to do it."

"People should be free to do whatever they want with their sexuality."

"If you censure a person of color it must be racism."

"There is no God, and if you prove me wrong I'll just say there is no way anyone can really know."

Get out the fire hose... "Thank you for not being an idiot!"

Of course this is one reason why I write. I've been a fool too. It's been ugly. I know, I understand. I've needed a fire hose pointed at me often enough.

That's why I know how much I need Him.

The key to acceptance of the way things are by virtue of the way people think is in the understanding God gives us, through Scripture, about the way He's made things. There is a Kingdom into which He's invited people to dwell with Him.

 Each individual has chosen to go off and do rotten things, however, and his/her mind is so benighted that it rationalizes everything on his/her behalf — worse, on his/her group or nation's behalf. It all does make perfect sense. If you're going to wreck lives, you've got to commit acts of human sacrifice to cover for it. Whether it is deceit, murder, fraud, theft, or the most wretched folly, it is all the rabid execution of standard practice human sacrifice.

Enter the World System and the one whom God sent out to fulfill the requisite prosecution of its law. Cain's legacy is all about cracking heads of those whose souls dwell in their own darkness. Cain is in the darkness himself, so he's great with keeping people there using a strength seven times greater than anyone else. His challenge is to keep people from seeing that, so his minions go to great lengths to disguise his intentions.

At one point in history God entered the scene in the Person of Jesus Christ, for one purpose: To rescue the man and woman from that darkness. And He did it with the one human sacrifice that mattered.


Come to Him, and you're free. Stay in your darkness, and you're still a slave — and as such still subject to the thousands of ways Cain regulates your behavior, most of which are assembled and propagated to make you feel really good in spite of your desperate situation.


I came across a beautiful rendition of Cain's supreme mission in Cass Sunstein's book Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas, a compendium of his published works all about getting people to stay chained to the World. Sunstein is a Harvard professor with quite a reputation among conservatives for eloquently disseminating the liberal agenda — they pretty much hate the guy.

Therein lies much of his success, however. Keep people in a state of enraged rebellion against the state for the purpose of securing more legitimacy for the state. If done well it can be ingeniously proficient, and Conspiracy Theories is indeed chock full of fluently logical arguments for World System cohesion.

I believe the giveaway is not with his somewhat renowned piece on conspiracy theories — which I do address in a new page in the webzine here —  but it is in the last chapter on trimming.

Yeah, I thought the same thing. Trimming? What is that?

Sunstein takes a bit of an archaic reference to elaborate on the idea of finding the things about people's different perspectives and working to come to some agreement for the purpose of making reasonable public policy. It isn't compromise or moderation or gravitating to the middle of the ideological spectrum, though those things are certainly a part of it.

It is, well, trimming.

The key point is that as I read through his proposition, as I wound my way through all the casuistry, sophistry, dissembling — all brilliant strategies of the best World operatives — I could not help but think about the most literal definition of the term "trimming".

Trimming, v.  1. To reduce the size, amount, or number of something. 2. To make something neat or the required size or form by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts. Syn. cutting, cropping, clipping, shearing.

Really, what is it Sunstein is doing — speaking for the deepest politics Operatives who pay him — what is it he's really doing to people when he convinces them of the most glorious trimming benefits?

It is nothing other than the authorized inducement of value extraction among the population he's charged with governing. Or, in other words, he's officially arranging the rationalization for

Human sacrifice.


How could this be human sacrifice? Nobody's really being killed.

Here's the key question.

Does being killed mean it happens all in one moment?

Or could a process of a death extend over any period of time, even years, if the cause of that death is precisely what trimming actually means? Hacking, chopping, slicing off parts of your very soul, your heart, even your physical body until the accumulation of all the trimming does end up killing you.

Yes. Hmm-hmm. I'd say that's human sacrifice.

It's particularly relevant not just because everyone does it, but because everyone is so eager to know the ways to do it best. This is why there are extraordinarily smart people like Sunstein to provide the handbook for it! There are a thousand wholesome ways to live while still doing magnificent acts of human sacrifice.

There is only one way not to do it at all, and that is to be in the embrace of Christ who already did any sacrificing one needs done.

The most prominent ways Sunstein labors gallantly as a leading human sacrifice facilitator is once holding the top administrator position of the impressive-sounding Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. He was certainly there to institutionally promulgate the ideas in his most well-received work, Nudge, written with behavioral economist Richard Thaler, a book that espouses a principle called libertarian paternalism. This is the idea that government must be on the forefront of directing and molding and guiding human behavior, just like a father (the "paternal" part) so that one can be truly free (the "libertarian" part).

But then, all this is really just The Law. That's it, that's pretty much what the law is. Call it something nice and splendid like "libertarian paternalism" ("Oooo, interesting...") it's still just the burdensome oppression of a law that ultimately tells us we're wicked to the core.

Now what?

Sunstein thinks the answer is in trimming. While his elucidation of what it takes to identify the real costs of decisions and even of errors is spot-on, he can only go as far as the World he inhabits tells him to. How exactly do we identify those things? Sunstein can only rehash all the old ideas about Hegelian synthesizing, really, that's all his treatise entails. Just find the good things in each individual or group's idea, and pick and pull and pluck and push and paste and — voilà! — a new and wonderful thing!

Getting right down to it, his trimming has nothing to do with everyone coming to some genuine understanding of truthful things. It is only about getting people to buy into the System line by appearing and sounding very magnanimous. In his attempt to reinvent synthesis and make it shiny and sparkly, it'll sound really fabulous to the entrenched Catholicist but it can never address the core issue.

Man's sin.

Only Christ can do that.

Look at all those issues. Abortion. Gun control. Immigration. Marriage and family. Taxes and government spending. War. Crime and mental health. Racism. Sunstein brings up a few of them to do his trimming thing. No matter what he'll always come up way short. Every one of these things have myriad parts that are complex and diverse. Trying to "trim" and come up with some overriding "truth" is a fool's errand Caesar gives to people like Sunstein.

But no worries, again, he's supposed to be doing it. Otherwise everyone would be dead. As it is, Cain's agency does its job well to keep murderers from doing too much murdering, especially with people like Sunstein at the mouthpiece, until...

Until some may just find liberation in Christ.

For you see, once again, every issue every problem every concern every worry every fear every conflict every spat every conflagration every single thing anyone considers in any way has its eventual resolution in Christ. He is, as I've said in another place in this webzine, not the synthesis but the suprathesis. The inordinately numerous manifestations of this thing law already comprise thousands of syntheses; Truth and Grace are together as the essence of His one single expression — miraculous, chartiable, merciful, overflowing. His approach to any and all this goes beyond whatever piddly dialectic efforts the World can dish out.

Essential for the "trimming" argument is the zealous avoidance of extremism. Oh, how much we are told about the evils of extremism! But think about it. No matter what you believe about whatever thing you believe in, isn't that belief by definition an extreme one? Even if you believe in nothing, then you are extremely a believer in nothing one way or another. Even if you believe in not really believing things, then you must do that extremely. Even if you hate extremism, then aren't you an extremist against extremism?

This is why the Kingdom approach is all for extremism. Extremism in wisdom. Extremism in incisively understanding things as they are. Extremism in knowing the truth while at the same time exhibiting generous grace.

Extremism in loving another rather extremely.

That it is so extreme is why it requires The Suprathesis.

Or, as He is more commonly known...

The Living Word.


Sunstein and his cohorts are quite valiant, they are. They are bold and articulate and relentless. They are committed and industrious and well-paid. They are extremists of the most extreme kind slathering it with all kinds of claims to be broad-minded and hip and happy.

Wait. His cohorts?

The most grand display of World Operative activity on the visible plane I've seen occurred on a quite celebrated finale of a quite celebrated television endeavor, The Colbert Report.

Stephen Colbert has used the most cutting, sardonic, ribald humor to fill up the bilge pump of World gospel thought. It is phenomenally effective. Millions are captivated by the things he says about things, much of which involves the brilliant play on the caricature he's made of himself. He'll even skewer — often quite accurately! — the truth claims of foolish people by championing "truthiness." It's a riot!

Except that the unwitting, unknowing, uninitiated, and unaware of the more subtly stylized arts of war don't realize that Colbert's rich Roman Catholic heritage makes him the perfect tool for World System indoctrination.

So in the final episode before he moved on to prepare for more of the same, taking over for David Letterman in his late night slot in May, he invited about a hundred celebrity musicians, actors, filmmakers, writers, even political and economic figures to show up. With delightfully smiley faces pasted upon all, they not only gave Colbert the grand send-off but confidently demonstrated that much of what the people are told about the World is just spectacular show business, glamorous window-dressing, the profoundly elaborate ruse for the divine purpose of keeping a reprobate populace in check.

Amusingly, the week before Colbert even had president Barack Obama make an appearance, and would you know it, Obama actually "took over the show." He sat in Colbert's seat, read things on the teleprompter that were witty and jovial — it's all just entertainment anyway.

Here's the website, by the way, with the list of the A-listers. You'll see this photograph is just a snapshot of a few of them. The stage was filled with many more.

Some individuals of note included Trevor Potter, former chair of the Federal Election Commission — Colbert certainly has Caesar's imprimatur. David Leonhardt was there, he's the new New York Times web guru — got to have the latest I.T. going for the best System program dispersion. The Colbert chaplain showed up, Jim Martin — he's not merely a Roman Catholic priest but he's a Jesuit who is also editor-at-large for America, the journalistic conveyance of the most crisply trimmed Jesuit thought into the mainstream. (None are pictured in this particular photograph.)

So many more I could introduce...

All of them trimming trimming trimming on your behalf, making sure that whoever you are has been trimmed down to precisely what Cain has always wanted you to be, a slab of human flesh and soul on the System's altar of the most ruthless value extraction.

I do want to point out that, quite tellingly, the very last individual mentioned in the entire list was, indeed...

Cass Sunstein.

In fact there he is, at the very far right in the photograph. And look at the direction of his gaze. It really does appear as though he's relishing the bountiful product of his work, all these people vitally instrumental at getting Americans to be that much more Americanist, soaking up the System's charm, doing lots of trimming themselves, being more comfortable in their rationalizing...


Wouldn't it be something if they were being freed. 





  • Here's that link to the Entertainment Weekly website that put together the list of all the Colbert Report finale attenders.

  • A Time article about the impact of Jim Martin is here. Martin, by the way, was in the very middle of all those at the finale, and it could more accurately be said Sunstein is merely a pawn under his direction of Cain's effort here.

  • Colbert's technique reminds me of that used by Otpor to bring attention to autocratic items that need fomenting against. I wrote a home page piece on that a few years ago.

  • What is it with a soul really feeling it regarding evil? It is not unusual. One, parts of Scripture called imprecatory Psalms are the most visceral expressions of how much it hurts when rotten people do what they do. Read a few, start with the 70th Psalm, that's a good short one. Two, people who censure those whose souls feel it so deeply, usually in the name of "peace" and "tolerance", not only fail to realize their brazen inconsistency, but have no conception of the reality of evil and ultimately have nothing to say.

  • The page where I refer to the principle of a suprathesis is here.

  • A previous home page piece about how Jesus responded to the lunatic ideas of those around Him is here. Another home page piece related to the principles elucidated above, "on obedience to the understanding," is here.

  • Here is the link to the new page with the response to Sunstein's "Conspiracy Theories" paper.

  • The World System's genesis is described here, with a brief explanation about why Cain's charge is indeed a divinely authorized one. Much more on human sacrifice is here. People may be in churches that actually keep them from the fullness of Christ's embrace. How that happens is on this page.

  • The One Who Actually Frees. A terrific chapter from Scripture upon which to meditate in light of this nightmare is the fourth one from the second letter to the Corinthians. It is so awesome I've provided the link for you here.



March-April 2015


"Man has been pretending since the start of history.

Social media has changed the way we pretend."

- Said to be from a psychologist of some renown


"Let God be true, and every man a liar."

- Paul, third chapter of Romans


There is nothing that is false. Not a thing.

There is only truth.

And the truth is...


There are a lot of liars.


I saw an ad at the bottom of my newspaper the other day. It was for the film Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Acclaimed motion picture, won best picture at the Oscars this year. The tag line for the film was three words. Interesting.


Truth. Above all.


Huh? If everything is true, then why the emphasis on something that is axiomatically reality? Truth is truth is truth. "Above all." Above what?

That is easy. It isn't above falsehood. "Falsehood" is just what we don't perceive or understand.

It is unrighteousness.

It is really "Truth above the unrighteousness of those who try to distort it."

And damn. Do we thrill to trying to figure out who's being unrighteous with their "truth"-telling.

Look at what's going on with this Brian Williams thing. He's the renowned network newscaster who was caught embellishing his personal involvement in a few stories he'd been covering through the years, to the extent that his tales bordered on flat-out prevarications irrevocably compromising his trustworthiness in conveying the truths of current events.

What got me about the whole affair was the fervid attention to this, as if the entire phalanx of media cronies and dronies were obligated to fixate on it so rabidly just so any consideration that any of them might be a tad unrighteous with his or her blithering could be summarily rejected because, goodness gracious they wouldn't dare.

"BLASPHEMER!" they all shouted with the most wholesomely righteous indignation.

Never mind that the whole of World System Media Megaphone Spewdom contains the ugliest unrighteousness you could ever hear. Recently mildly committed presidential candidate Scott Walker was asked by a reporter if he believed in evolution. Walker predictably hemmed and hawed because he knew the question itself was a loaded cannon pointed directly at his soul. If he were to answer that evolution in its regularly disseminated Darwinist form was pure hokum, he'd be tarred with the standard What-a-Backwoods-Ignorant-Bucktoothed-Religious-Nutjob-This-Guy-Is-And-Fully-Subject-To-The-Most-Thorough-Rejection-By-Anyone-With-a-Brain-Cell-In-Their-Head.

Fact is Darwinism is hokum, and the people who both promote it as truth and endorse revulsion of those who reject it are being unrighteous. And since this reporter asked the question with that intention, his words are being fed into the Megaphone. Why isn't anyone calling this journalist out, or anyone who joins him on those things?

It is because we are so wretchedly Catholicized.

I mean, hey, Scott Walker is characterized as an evangelically Christianly minded individual, but I did note he attended Marquette, one of the top Jesuit schools in the country. That will tell you a lot about his inability to stand up and make a courageous statement against the unrighteousness.


I did want to share here in this month's home page piece some thoughts about three movies that go to great lengths to illustrate this extraordinarily compelling truth-being-what-it-is-no-matter-what vs. I'm-going-to-try-to-make-you-believe-something-else dichotomy. They're all by David Fincher, and if you are a fan of his films you may guess which ones I'm going to write about here. I will let you know that there are spoilers in this piece. Whatever the case, I'd recommend you see them if you haven't, although I will tell you two of them have scenes of excessive physical violence.

The films are, in reverse order of issue Gone Girl, The Social Network, and Fight Club.

The first I'd seen was The Social Network, and you could say this was a horror film without any of the physical violence. It was, however, filled the most heinous emotional violence you could ever behold. Funny, it was indeed a movie that showed how much of a jerk Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg could be, precisely what everyone said it would be about. At the film's release Zuckerberg shrugged it off, since then he's built Facebook into an institution that makes him one of the richest men on the planet. There is no question, truth-evading, trust-abrogating unrighteousness can be very profitable.

The second was Gone Girl, which I saw just a few weeks ago. Talk about a horror movie. The film is about how a woman manipulates things in her favor using the social media-saturated society we live in to her advantage. One of the characters, briefly depicted but really a central character in the whole program, is a Nancy Grace type, a screechy television barker who so stridently pronounces such throbbing judgments about what she believes is the truth of things, and voilà — it becomes truth. The psychopathically exploitive femme fatale knows this so well.

The third is Fight Club — I actually saw it for the first time the other night, much because I'd seen Fincher had directed it as well and I'd heard it had gained quite the cult following. I had to see what the deal was with it. So much could be said about this film, suffice to say for these purposes its focus was the extent to which a terribly wounded insomniac resolves a desperate search for his manhood by raising an army of men to express their masculinity through manly acts of mayhem.

Sure enough when you see it a second time you scrutinize the ways in which Tyler Durden is lying to — himself? Certainly to so many others. We so enjoy these films because they make us think in the most visceral terms: How much do I lie to myself and to others? And for those who don't think they do that, that they're perfectly honest about everything, I wonder how many are captivated simply by the thought of how much of that lying they could get away with.

I mean, dammmn, look what Tyler Durden did. And he was a punk. I mean, what about me? I mean, this really is interesting.

Okay, last warning. Major spoilers from this point forward.  

The triumphant ending of Fight Club saw Durden and his girlfriend observe through a giant picture window his obliteration of the physical representations of his oppression, the buildings housing the debt records of all enslaved by the usurious hegemony that perpetually subjugates them. Never mind that he, his gal, his minions, and their relationships were still virulently contaminated by their own addiction to destructively codependent interaction. I can't think they won't continue to believe more extended protracted Project Mayhem-type feats will finally bring them healing and absolution. But then, when will that ever end? When has it? The curtain comes down just after one last subliminally placed image confirms this truth.

The harrowing ending of Gone Girl was nothing other than a human rendering of the female insect post-coitally devouring her mate. After sufficiently establishing the truth of things through the entrenched liars-that-be, she polishes off her adroit exploitation. She draws her venom not merely from the most powerful among World Operatives but also habitually inured and delightfully enabling World inhabitants writhing through life to ensure truth doesn't seep through the elaborately constructed deceit network — at least the parts that would destroy their own splendidly constructed "truth edifice".

Oh how social media makes the web that much stronger... and quite comfy, how much nicer it is now before you're seasoned and chomped and swallowed. The final scene has no blood, the sacrifice has already occurred — we see the splattered spiritual entrails splayed about for the bright lights and cameras.

One of the most powerful scenes in any film, for me, was at the very end of The Social Network. After the settlement proceedings had wrapped up for the evening, Zuckerberg sits stewing a bit, refusing to recognize the extent to which he must make restitution for his civil crimes. He sits there in front of his yawning laptop, and across the table is a young whippersnapper lawyer part of the team working out the millions of dollars involved.

Keeping in line with the thread in all these film endings, this lawyer is a woman, amplifying the meaning of how the truth-lie thrashing-about is always vibrantly connected to sexuality. Always.

She points out that no matter how much Zuckerberg can work to wiggle out of his predicament, there are always people like her who'll shove them back in. She tells him calmly that all she has to do is throw doubts in the mind of a jury — and it's easy — then, no matter what you think, no matter how convinced you are of the actual real true truth —  you're toast. As she walks out she repeats something Zuckerberg's old girlfriend said to him when she broke up with him way back at the very beginning of the film, "You're not an asshole Mark, you're just trying so hard to be."

Oh how much this applies to everyone — everyone who goes crazy trying to protect themselves and their identity and their emotions and anything else they grip like a vise. What a prison. This is precisely why Christ said if you want to be truly free, you must give all that up. Let it go. All of it.

Then you'll get back what's meaningful.

But so many don't get that at all. This is why Christ always spoke in parables, making it much easier to get it if you'd only let your soul soak in them for just a moment. That's all it takes.

Thing is, that part of The Social Network wasn't it. There was, however, a searing demonstration that Zuckerberg still just didn't get it. But you know, each of us does what Zuckerberg did at the very tail end of the film, in whatever way we do it. Call it compulsive, call is impassioned, call whatever you may.

 After the lawyer left, he was there, all by himself in that cold dark conference room in the magnificently constructed skyscraper high above the pale grey city. It was just him...

And his laptop.

The pitiful young man who can't know anything except his own benighted self, got on Facebook and sent a friend request to that old girlfriend. As the closing music comes up (the Beatles' "Baby You're a Rich Man") he refreshes every other minute.




Staring at the screen, refreshing over and over and over again.

How easy it is to hide behind a computer. How convenient for the social network to keep the facade up and wholesome-looking. No, don't call people. No, don't get in touch with another. No, don't risk letting people know who you are. No, don't take the step to have genuine intimacy with someone who'd also revel in that same kind of intimacy.

No, no... — there's a nice big soft computery thing to cower behind.

Please know, I have a Facebook account. I even have a group there. To be fair it is a fine way to make and keep up connections with people. But really, we're no different from the site's founder, and every other World inhabitant desperate for authenticity but now immersed in using the most marvelous hiding machine there is.


It is the World approach to a truth among all truths.


Every single human being is addicted to sex and death in some form, in some measure. This truth, however, is pretty standard-issue self-evident. What people don't really get is that they are just as addicted to


The presentation.


That's a little dicier to unpack, but it is just as pronounced.

Sex. Death. Presentation.

Yep. I'd say that's the consuming thrust of human existence. We could spend volumes getting into the whys and wherefores of those things, and libraries are filled with everyone's ideas about them up to now. Suffice to say, that's it, that's them, those three, them's the essence of... of... what we do.

Thing is


Whaddya do with that?


Well, there're three ways to answer that question, really.

Devil. World. Christ.

That's them. All there are, actually. Try any other way, go ahead. Good luck with that.

The devil's way is to go wild rationalizing the worst of their expressions, giving in to them with the richest gusto. The World's way is to hammer them with law and religion and deprecation, all the while keeping it thoroughly enticing and enthralling for the entranced.

Christ's way — well, that can best be elucidated by Paul's final defense, there in the 26th chapter of Acts. Of course Christ's way is clearly proclaimed throughout Scripture, but this particular episode includes a brief but telling item as to why so many won't get that. Anyway, Paul here is courageously appealing the charges that he's criminally messing with people's spiffy presentations shrouding their crappy lives.

While his last inquisitor Festus, a Roman, stands by, he essentially shares with King Agrippa, a Jew, something he calls not just the truth but the sobering truth. "I spoke of Jesus. I spoke of repentance. I spoke of the Kingdom. I spoke of the resurrection of the dead. And I spoke of these things to everyone including the worst among us..."

Festus hollers, "You're crazy!" Agrippa, on the other hand, got it. He admitted that in even such a short a time he'd understand. Festus didn't get it, and couldn't. Being wholly committed to Romanist principles and as such far, far away from the presence of God, it was like the most foreign language spoken in the most vulgar tone.

Thus, the presentation.

And wow. The newest latest boffoest information augmentation technologies turn this into a whole brand-spankin'-new dimension. A stultifyingly, frighteningly untamed one at that, and Fincher's films have as much to do with the presentation as anything. The times he rode this idea, messing with the viewer's minds with all the odd subliminal stuff in Fight Club, with all the creepy surreal stuff in Gone Girl — brilliant. Yeah, the compelling nature of sex and death and agonizingly constrained obsession is all over those things, but it is even more about that presentation.


I think of the scene in the middle of Gone Girl when the very savvy detective Rhonda Boney is struggling to find out what happened with Amy Dunne. Everything points to murder by her husband, and as she sits there exasperated, Boney's deputy says to her, "Have you ever heard that the simplest explanation is often the real one?"

Boney replies, "Funny, I've often found that isn't true."

Thing is, it is true. The deputy is right. Everything truthful is simple, really. Everything.

But Boney is a very smart gal. To her credit she does see the complicated. Bravo.

But what is the thing that is complicated?

It isn't the truth. That's simple. Always is.

What is complicated is ...yes...


The presentation.


A very sobering truth indeed.





  • Here's a home page piece on the authoritative truth-smothering by the World, better known as disinformation. Here's a recent home page piece on the true hokumness of Darwinism, still quite the a splendidly successful disinformation campaign destroying souls by the millions.

  • [April 2015 note: I noticed that the promotional tagline of Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) had morphed into a number of other items that are "Above All", including things like risk and love. I happened to catch the film on video the other night, and I must say I found it to be a ridiculously pretentious piece of trash.]

  • Some may wonder how death can have so much attention, since it is such a bad thing. Interestingly the Bible sometimes speaks of death as a positive thing - especially in light of what God does in the third chapter of Genesis, guarding the tree of life lest sinful man live in sin forever. Christ gave His own life to rescue us from our sin, and followers are expected to live as dead to the World but alive in Christ, as "living sacrifices." The first letter to the Corinthians tells us a seed must die before it lives. Some will say Christianity is just a death cult - depends on what you mean by that. The dismissive World inhabitant is just as much in the "cult." The reality of Christ's view of death? Carefully read the 4th and 5th chapters of the second letter to the Corinthians. I think you'll be amazed.

  • The truth about sex is just as simple. God made man and woman, and should a man leave his parents and join with the woman, they are one flesh - this in a number of places in Scripture. Do many many people really really mess that up? Ha! No wonder its presentation is made so complicated.

  • When I mention Paul declaring that he "spoke of these things to everyone, including the worst of us," he was technically saying he spoke not just with the Jew but with the Gentile, but my paraphrase there is pretty much the one that people had in their minds when hearing Paul's statement. Today it might be rendered, "I spoke not just to the Protestant but to the Catholic." "I spoke not just to the Christian but to the Muslim." "I spoke not just to the popular pious believer but to the stigmatized reviled atheist." Know of any more? Know of Festuses who screech "You're out of your mind!" whenever they encounter one who exhibits grace so articulately? I do.

  • Happy to introduce you to my Facebook group, dedicated to Tupper Saussy - the only one I've ever seen outside Scripture make the case for apprehending the World as God laid it out. Every other way is a World-concocted way, often looking really wholesomely Christian. Here's a page with the ways really wholesome Christian churches have sold themselves out to Caesar. All, of course, very complicated.

  • I just blogged to introduce this month's piece with a story about a 14 year-old girl shot to death in an attempt to violently resolve a dispute sustained on Facebook. Not blaming Facebook for this, just pointing out that the violence is spewed through all sorts of means - social media is just the latest venue. It's not the transmission - it's the people.

  • At the end of Paul's ministry, there in the 28th chapter of Acts, is a passage from the sixth chapter of Isaiah that'll help clarify why Festus simply would not understand. Another sobering truth, if indeed a thoroughly harrowing one. Check it out. Doesn't matter if you want to or not, it's still truth.

  • The introductory quote about the new forms of pretending that social media fosters was mentioned in passing conversation, but the name of the individual who said it was not included.

  • Finally, as always, the link to thoughts about that One Who Is The Very Simplest Essence of Truth.


May-June 2015


Iago: My lord, you know I love you.
Othello: I think thou dost; and for I know thou'rt full of love and honesty.
(Othello, Act 3, Scene 3)


On January 7 2015, terrorists entered the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper publication and opened fire on a dozen writers and illustrators. After the typical shock and outrage, millions took to the streets, airwaves, and social media avenues to proclaim their solidarity with the victims.

All about were signs proclaiming, "Je Suis Charlie." ("I am Charlie.")

I couldn't help but think about how much that looked like "Jesus Charlie," yet another "Jesus" in the vast pantheon of World gods. These people were unequivocally declaring their allegiance to Jesus Charlie, who is... who?

I'd never seen anything from this Charlie Hebdo outfit until their stuff got broadcast everywhere for media plappers to convince us it was all innocent drivel, or even as much as it was all principled protestations for which they were martyred. Regularly Charlie Hebdo sold around 60,000 copies of its paper a week — after the massacre it needed another printing after three million were snatched up. Suddenly everyone was a Charlie Hebdo fan.

Thing is, again, what exactly was Charlie Hebdo about? Turns out it features some of the raunchiest attacks against anyone else with ideas they find reprehensible, the worst of it apparently directed at adherents of Islam. Yes they may say they're just ridiculing the most pretentious among them, yes they may say they're privileged because of speech protection rights, yes they may say no one should be murdered for that — I got all that. I don't necessarily disagree with any of it.

But the way people responded it was as if they made a god out of those things. Never mind that in the name of all these righteous things Charlie Hebdo personnel were indeed brazenly shouting a great big fat "F- - - you!" to all kinds of people, in the nastiest, meanest, vilest way no matter how ribald it was intended to be.

I confess I'm not a fan of Islamicist things. I'm given over to Christ and His truth and grace, and I see a lot of what Islam is about gruesome and creepy. But what exactly is Islam about, in light of the vicious reaction to the Charlie Hebdo tragedy? Understanding and acceptance is the order of the day, yet — ::sigh:: Well, I'll give it a try anyway...

Islam is all about submission, and it is supposedly about submission to the will of Allah. Sounds like a very wholesome religious thing, falling in line with the will of God, all that, sounds fine. But Islam is a very distorted expression of that, and it is such because it is a creation of the Roman Catholic Church for the purpose of providing another institution for ruthless law enforcement and from that girding a virulently proficient program to sustain the authority of Rome as the enforcer.

Islamicists rail against the West and have their jihads and issue their fatwas and do all the other religiously motivated saber-rattling for one simple reason. They know how much they need the law to constrain their own evil behavior and they rabidly fight to protect that. They see the West failing to effectively apply the law for their evildoing, and that is a frightening prospect. Even the mildest things like kneeling to Mecca a few times a day and wearing headscarves out in public is their declaration that Islam and its law is a good wholesome thing — the law comforts me because without it, I know what I would do.

No wonder they react so ferociously. It is a terrifying thing to confront too much of the reality of one's own sin.

Interestingly the System is precisely what God had already established, through Cain's legacy now rigorously executed by the United States government, the Federal Reserve banking system, and the Roman Catholic Church. All of what they do find their way into any of the subdivisions related to law enforcement, including Muslim worship assemblies. Don't worry, every Christian church with a 501c3 commitment is one as well.

Jesus Christ, on the other hand, is beyond the law. His law of love is the perfect fulfillment of the law, to the point where He is not as much the law but Truth and Grace. Lots of people and lots of churches know about this Jesus, but let's face it, they just want to stay with the law.

Why don't they just love? I really think that's kind of what Jesus said a lot about when He spoke. But then, so many do know that He did, and they do try reeeally hard to love, really they do, but belonging to Cain who was sent completely out of God's presence, they don't have a clue as to what to do about that.

The result is a World that is getting more and more insane regarding this behavior.


I look at a World System valiantly working it working it working it, trying to get that love thing down so people will believe that it is just as fine an alternative to that Jesus fellow — that their Jesus is just as good as the Real One. It is all well-intended, but out of that I see the maniacally wicked things happening, right now, more and more and more of it —  and I ask this question.

Why is God allowing it all to happen?

Oh, not to worry. It is indeed a question people have been asking through the ages. Before I get to what I think the answer is, a sampling of some of those things. Not in any order or importance, just things that affect me deeply.


Homosexualism is scorching the landscape of society. It is this idea that people should be able to do whatever they want with their sexuality and if you disagree, you are at best a moral stiff-shirt or at worst subject to government prosecution. Because we are moving at breakneck speed towards the latter, smart people who know the dangers and the criminality of enabled homosexual activity are being muted.

Recently Valerie Jarrett, top advisor to the U.S. president, issued a memorandum through the Obama administration urging the federal government to make a law against parents accessing therapy for their children with some sort of perceived gender confusion. I read this with the greatest sadness. Has it really come to this?

And it won't stop there. It will get worse and worse. The sexual freedom police is now so kind as to permit polygamy now — I'm still wondering, what other forms of criminal behavior will be allowed in Cain's attempt to be a loving, caring government? Recently a local judge was excoriated because of his lenient sentence for a child molester, but why is there so much bewilderment about it all to begin with? Really, if society allows so many forms of sexual abuse to be legitimized, it should be apologizing to all those in prison who've committed sexual abuse crimes that some find a bit distasteful. What is the judge to think? — You tell me to gleefully sanction two guys injuring one another with their genitals, well, why be so harsh on some guy who fondled a little girl? I don't get it.

Much of this comes from the World inhabitant's devotion to their god, the tribe. This is truly the essence of the reigning philosophy of postmodernism. Because of the clear logical inconsistencies ("Don't be dogmatic about things, except for our dogma!"), it was considered that it was actually waning even in the universities where it has been most adored. Sadly it is raging today just as much as it ever was.

Not in the tribe of those who've already insisted certain acts of sodomy be celebrated by all? Be prepared for the severe consequences while at the same time beholding our splendidly magnanimous smiliness and all.


The movement of migrants from the most wretched countries to those more prosperous is reaching epic proportions. What people don't point out is the core essence of why these people are leaving — those things their governments are doing to oppress them, which is mostly their enablement of criminals to ravage their communities. Criminal dictators, criminal war lords, criminal revolutionaries, criminal criminals, all loving and caring for one another. Hmm, surprised everyone else wants out?

Recently the European Union wanted to respond to an incident when 700 migrants died in a capsized boat in the Mediterranean. Their most forceful solution? Blow the snot out of the migrant smugglers, you know, shoot at their ships and disable their capacity to operate.

Umm... that's it?

Do they not realize that the smugglers are those the migrants themselves depend on?

How come I'm not hearing the real solution. How about these countries go in and blow the snot out of the countries that make it so these people want to leave?

Oh, yeah, forgot. "Imperialism! Colonialism! Hegemonic brutality! Genocidal dominance!" We don't want to be tarred with those labels again. We need to be loving and caring governments. In the name of tolerance and respect and all the folderol they insist is love they've still made an idol of matter. Both the selfists and Romanists have.

To them, all there is, is physical stuff to them. This is the idol of the material, and you can throw in the science that excuses the atrocities they commit. It didn't start with Darwin, it got its strongest traction millennia ago with Lucretius, who gained great fame in ancient Rome with the idea. Here's where it is now getting profoundly horrific.

Because Darwinist materialism has such a foothold, it is now considered the default position. Too many now feel that the "truth" is that there is no God, there is only stuff, but that if you want to believe your silly superstitions about God and angels and transcendent morality and all that hokum, you can. We'll humor you, but it is still the case that it is fairy tales. We already have the truth.

This begs the question. By which truth should we accept that? Who says that what you just said about "truth" is indeed THE truth? They shoot themselves in the foot but everyone is so browbeat to shut up in the name of some benighted conception of tolerance that no one challenges it —

And the insanity grows...


I saw that Republicans swept the November 2014 elections and took both houses of the U.S. Congress! I now see them bending over so President Obama can whack them on the backside again and again. Guh? Now that they have the numbers, why don't they eviscerate the Affordable Care Act which is destroying the health care system? Why don't they manage the migrant situation with more courage so it doesn't shatter the social infrastructure? Why don't they hold the president accountable for his cushy relationship with a terrorism sponsor like Iran?

As I wrote about last time, it is all in the presentation — the idol of the the ritual requires it. The universities and media are well-trained in propagating the idea that the Democrat Party is the loving caring party. Have you noticed that it is now almost axiomatic: We should shower our deepest respect for the poor even if lazy welchers and we should spew great derision at the rich even if hardworking producers. Don't think communism is around any more? Any time Caesar uses his power to appropriate the value of some and distribute it to others is communism. (Even in the presentation: note how the Affordable Care Act is always informally called "Obamacare.")

Republicans the party of crime reduction? Of "law and order"? Don't make me laugh. The actual police departments, agencies, and officers around the country are now being lambasted by a social media driven campaign portraying them as racist thugs. The showcased loving and caring government ties their hands but compels the tribal ruffians to prosecute their unfavorables with the most extreme prejudice. Look at Baltimore, much of it destroyed by an element hypnotically doing the work of the Society.

"He had two horns as a lamb, and he spake as a dragon."


In and around all of this is not my endorsement or rejection of one governing party or another, nor it is expressing my favor or distaste for one ideology over another. Cain's minions will always do evil whether it is Democrat or Republican, legislator or lobbyist, pencil-pusher or priest. Furthermore they will always do it with the impetus originating from the ordained World operatives charged with the task of yanking their chains.

It is to say that the culture war is getting more and more intense, more and more ugly, more and more violent. It isn't just the victims of the rampant human sacrifice, but the very people who champion these evils are themselves enduring more and more suffering. They get right in your face and screech "TOLERANCE!" — when I look past their gaping mouths contorted in fury, I think I can see them, I think I can see their souls down in there... I see them... their souls have grotesque sores on them, oozing pain and hurt and sorrow...


Thus, the question.

Why is God continuing to let it happen?

It think the answer is quite simple, really.


It is because the only way people can turn from the phenomenal breadth of their own shameful reprobation is to see it in all its glory, and that includes experiencing its bountifully abominable effects in spectacular fashion. God doesn't express His wrath about all this by throwing bolts of lightning at us, He just lets people do what they want.

Then watch what happens.

My next question is just as important.

Is the church going to be ready to welcome disgraced and wounded people? Is the church worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth and as such will be seen as the truly genuinely loving and caring people who are attractive to those who really want out of the body of death just described? Will the church be able to open the Kingdom wide so those lost and dying souls can find Christ, the One Who Loves With Love?

Will they see Truth and Grace?


Or will they just do what Othello did?

Just settle in with the pathetic belief that Iago was actually someone who loves.

Caesar, I guess you love. I think you do. Not sure but I think you do...


I was going to finish with that note, but I have to add that as I finished this home page piece, here today on April 25 2015, news just came that an earthquake of tremendous magnitude hit Nepal. So far a thousand people are reported dead.

I can't deny that I do think about what you may think that I think about whenever I hear about these things. I think about it whenever I hear about people's love growing cold as with this spreading homosexualism thing, about leaders crying "Peace and safety" as with President Obama's disposition in talking with Iran, and about wars and rumors of wars in seeing Iran itself starting to get it on with Saudi Arabia.

I also think about it noting that the Abomination of Desolation is already scheduled to speak in the temple.

Yes, he is. The Pope is planning to speak to a joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol on September 24th this year, first time ever. In history. By any pontiff. Now yeah, I understand, it isn't the temple in Jerusalem or anything. But the Capitol building is still Jupiter's temple.

Followers of Christ may respond to all this with the same thing they've been saying for centuries, "Come quickly Lord Jesus." I say that too, I do. But admittedly those things Jesus said would happen in the last days have happened many times before. Are they happening now with more intensity? Maybe.

Thing is, God still tarries. Why?

Maybe it is because He's waiting for the church to wake up.

I firmly believe that means the church must stop being so Catholicist, so tied to the law. Start loving, and start with not being 501c3's any more. Start by not paying taxes you don't owe — your debt is only of love and the industrious charity that comes with it, and that outdistances by far any tax, tribute, or tithe payment expectation you affix to yourself. Start by arranging all the Spirit-bestowed gifts of all in the worship assembly so it will explode with the gospel and its healing and saving manifestation in the lives of everyone — of everyone, in your churches, your communities and schools and businesses, as much as woven throughout your country.

Here is more on how, related to the 501c3 enslavement. Here is more on that church, what that church really looks like. Here is more on the details, specific items regarding what that worship body should be doing in practice...


Should be doing as God waits...


As He waits for those who should be loving with His love to actually love.





  • So much may be said about the Radical Selfist's emerging hegemony revolving around homosexualism, as well as the Devout Romanist's continually assembled response fed them by World Operatives. Because so much is available to learn more it is difficult to provide links to it all. One particularly striking one is this piece about what a homosexualized society will look like. I've blogged a bit about it recently. And my take on the complexion of the culture war is here.

  • A home page piece on the bullying of the homosexualized powers-that-be is here. Another news item of note as I finish this: starting this week the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about whether same-sex marriage should be allowed in all fifty states. The word is that there will be enough homosexualist justices to judicially mandate it. I must say it here again, it will be a slam dunk win for the homosexualists if traditional marriage supporters argue that the states should decide. The only effective argument is the clear and articulate explanation of how enabled homosexual acts are wholly destructive physically, emotionally, and spiritually no matter how nice the people who do them appear.

  • The image of the Guy Fawkes masked character is emblematic of the power "the people" fighting for nebulous things like "equality" and just as tyrannical as any of the more standard issue autocracies. My take on the whole V for Vendetta crusade is here.

  • The reference to Baltimore is about the rioting in response to a police incident involving the death of a black man. Over a dozen buildings and a hundred vehicles were destroyed.

  • About immigration is a home page piece I wrote about eight years ago, it is here. About Islam is one I wrote a bit farther back, it is here. About U.S. political parties are the questions about them that led me to see God's Kingdom with much more clarity.

  • The pantheon of Jesuses is here. I try to be exhaustive with it, if you know of any let me know, I'll be happy to add them.

  • Much of what Jesus said about the last days can be found here, in the 24th chapter of Matthew. There are dozens of other places in Scripture that detail the events before Jesus returns. The quote about the lamb and the dragon is in the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation.

  • A great passage that speaks to my heart in all of this is Psalm 111. Just happen to have the link here if you want to read it.

  • I am presently reading an extraordinarily profound apologetics book, Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcey. It gets right to the heart of why World inhabitants fall so foolishly into the idol worship the System sells them.

  • Finally, as always, the link to thoughts about Truth and Grace.


July-August 2015

I die daily.
   - Paul (First letter to the Corinthians, 15th chapter, 31st verse)

Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds.
   - Henry Adams


You are going to meet Jesus, face to face, in the next minute.

You are.

No, you're not going to meet Him in a year, or a decade, or a century. It'll be in the next minute. Don't think so? Just wait. Go ahead. Oh, a minute passed just now and, ahem, no Jesus? Don't worry, just wait one more.

And no, you're not going to not meet Him — it'll be Him, right there in front of you. The question is, will He be as Savior and Lord, or as Judge and Executioner? Depends on Who you call Him. If you don't humbly acknowledge your own contemptible evil before Him as demonstrated by the clear requirements of the law, you can call Him whatever you want, but it won't be the former.

Annnd, no, you're not going to meet some conception of Jesus, some straw man concoction many of whom the World System has devised through religion or government or social construct, most of them adopted to soothe blistered consciences or rationalize rank exploitation or even excuse away as fairy tale ghosts of no consequence.


Some time ago I came across the website for an organization, "Hands Off Cain." For obvious reasons, I was intrigued by the name, and peeked around a bit further. (For those not as familiar with the "obvious reasons", please, I invite you to look around my webzine ministry to find out a bit more.)

I confess I didn't go much further than its homepage and "About" page, but you could pretty much find all you'd need to know merely from those two pages. Granted one should be looking at them with the mind of Christ, which means the critique should include prayerful study of Scripture as well as rigorous attention to history, philosophy, and current events.

This particular organization is all about abolishing the death penalty, and the numbers among people for and people against that particular issue are about evenly split. Of course it does depend on who the people are and what the death penalty is used for, and several pressure groups are out there working to keep it or get rid of it or do something with it. Hands Off Cain is one focused on getting nations around the world to commit to ending it — the idea: justice may be executed without the, ahem, executions.

Right now in the United States there is a major trend away from them, and some may consider there is an informal moratorium on it for a number of reasons, among which are the inordinate expense of the appeal process for death row inmates and the difficulties executioners now have acquiring the drug cocktails from pharmaceutical firms. Even with the most humane way devised yet — lethal injection — fewer people are being sentenced to death and fewer are seeing those sentences carried out.

I can't help but think about how much people rally and cheer when a particularly loathsome defendant is given death at the end of a trial, or when that convict's sentence is finally carried out. I hear a lot about how objectionable it is, but when I hear news of someone like Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being sentenced to death I get the idea a lot of people are expressing tremendous glee about the decision.



The answer to this dissonance comes from having an incisive comprehension of the contrast between how the World works and how its inhabitants think about things, and the way the Kingdom is and the way those living by it approach life — and death.

That sentence I wrote just there? The one about "the Kingdom" and "the World"? Millions haven't a clue — it is meaningless, as if I just jotted a bunch of nasty swear words in a wildly strange foreign language. Some more intelligent World Operatives or Operative toadies will vigorously detract by spouting the standard "This is just religious extremist ranting. Don't listen, it'll just draw you away from the safe, sensible mainstream. You'll look foolish, really, you will."

If you're still a bit inquisitive, I'd like to share with you some thoughts about what I believe the Kingdom says about the death penalty. You can find it in God's words, it's not hard really.

It starts in the very first chapters of the book of Genesis. The Garden of Eden had two trees of note, not just one. Had Adam and Eve first eaten from the Tree of Life there wouldn't have been any of this death stuff as an issue. But they ate from the Prohibited Tree, and as sons of Adam we all ate of that tree, thus God wisely forbid us to also eat of the Tree of Life lest we'd live forever doing evil. Huh, can you imagine if God let us eat from that tree after eating from the other?

No death penalty. Awright!

You'd think the Hands Off Cain crowd would be happy, but any sane person would see that living in and around and amongst the most rotten, wretched, violent, wicked sin within all — meaning everyone lying and cheating and assaulting and murdering one another without end, forever and ever, would be far worse than any death penalty. Later God was so sick of it that He wiped everyone off the face of the earth with the flood, but promised He wouldn't do that again.

Only, the sinfulness still remained. To rescue us from ourselves He sent His only Son to die at the hands of the government and religious authorities, providing satisfaction for the justice required. We could now have restored fellowship with God and experience the joy and meaning of relationship with Him and one another once again. Doesn't matter what minute we slough off these mortal coils, doesn't matter by what means, in the following minute we'll be in His glorious presence forever.

The Hands Off Cain people, if they're like most Radical Selfists, deride all that as fantastical folderol. We can be just as good as anyone else without all that God silliness, they tend to say, and we can fix the world with goodness and really hard work and bettering things and more really hard work, and it starts with ending the death penalty.

Ahh, the perverse wonder of a System-generated crusade.


So what is the follower of Christ's take on the death penalty? If you look at the 44th Psalm you can see it most prominently.

The passage opens with the writer extolling the virtues of God's past deliverance. He's done it before — amazingly. And yet, He seems to be absent now. Exodus was so long ago. The psalmist decries the conditions of his community and his nation, while God seems absent. He speaks of the faithfulness of His people, but God tarries. His plea is that God return, deliver them, be present, show His glory. Does He? There is no indication He ever does, at least from the words in the Psalm.

Oh my.

Where's God?

Still, the psalmist says their faith is still in Him, no matter what.

That God still loves, no matter what.

The most striking thing from the Psalm is what Paul repeats in the eighth chapter of the letter to the Romans, essentially, "Don't give up. Be like sheep going to slaughter."


Just lie down, let them take you, like sheep?

Whuh? Whuh? That's not American! That's not brave and bold and kick-ass!


That's not what Cain would have us do.


Ouch. If you are a devout follower of Christ, however, you know so well: Being a sheep doesn't mean we don't stand up for Christ and His love and His word.

The point is the contrast!

Remember, Cain was all about offering God a brave, bold, kick-ass sacrifice that would get God to believe on him! So he did a human sacrifice, that of Abel. God noted it and established a governing authority evil enough to constrain that kind of wickedness, Cain. For this to work Cain would be sent out of His presence, be given an identifying mark for recognition so the Cain-wanna-be murderer would have no excuse, and Cain would have seven-fold strength to avenge any serious confrontation.

In other words, hands — off — Cain.

The irony comes from the website's own boast about the success of its efforts. The following is transcribed exactly as it appears:


After the historical vote at the UNGA, Hands off Cain focused mainly in Africa, where, since 2007, Rwanda, Burundi, Gabon, Togo and Benin have completely eliminated the death penalty, and especially in the first two countries, the abolition took on an extraordinarily symbolic, as well as legal and political, value as they are countries where, the endless cycle of vengeance and the eternal drama of Cain and Abel was played out most truly and tragically.


Good thing System organizations like Hands Off Cain have completely eliminated vengeance and drama and tragedy simply by taking down the death penalty in what are now bastions of beauty and wonder and glory of mankind. Good thing it has worked so well that every other country has followed suit and since 2007 there has never been a crime of any kind anywhere because of our splendid benevolence resulting from no death penalty!

What? You mean that isn't the case? Gee I'd think eight years has been plenty of time to spread the blessed contagion of NO-DEATH-PENALTY everywhere...


Gotta give the group credit, it is as their website says, an endless cycle of vengeance and eternal drama.

I guess we should look at the positive message here — really. Hands Off Cain is a good thing for those who genuinely don't want to have anything to do with what Cain and his thousands of minions must do, and that is murder others at the behest of those who ask him to do that. Cain today must engage in human sacrifice because so many still do so. Challenge him in all that? You'll get roasted.


It is the way it should be:

Cain sits in the White House making eloquent speeches about how loving and caring he is to everyone. The president still touts one of his hallmark programs he calls the Brother's Keeper initiative. The relevance cannot be missed.

Cain walks around the halls of Congress spouting about good things he'd like to do. Recently the House proudly passed a prohibition on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Never mind it will never get past the Senate or president, the worst part is 20 weeks is five months in. What kind of godless nation allows that kind of abomination up to five months?

Cain presides in his own city-state in the middle of Rome pontificating as pontiffs do. This one had made waves most recently by joining the chorus bellowing that climate change is man-made. Now, say 57 Hail Marys for driving two days past your smog check appointment.

Cain pronounces her expertise about the economy pronouncing when she may pronounce a soon-to-be but not quite imminent pronounced adjustment to the value of the exchange measure — but keep listening! How great it is she didn't shut off the spigot of money poured into the coffers of those who had those pesky toxic assets on their hands — tsk tsk so unfortunate — Cain is such a nice person! So kind and friendly to bankers and investors and everyone with their hands in the giant retirement cookie jar.

Cain blathers on as a talking head on the major networks pounding down the Great Americanist mythology. No matter that the latest Cain-faced embellisher was stripped and nearly tarred and feathered by his cohorts before being replaced by another one just as spiffy, the narrative still radiantly showcases the best of Cain's dominion. Many adore the ever-so conservative Fox network news broadcast enterprise, but it is just as adept at propelling the spectacle of Catholicist rebellion and searing the culture war talking points into the collective psyche.

Cain reigns most in higher education. Virtually every professor in the U.S. is thoroughly deputized as a Jesuit as the System generates its magnificently virtuous mentalities from the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. You'd think they'd kind of be great with Jesus and the Bible and the faith, you'd think. Find one who isn't wholly committed to Darwinism and socialism and humanism even in the grand lip service they give to "Jesus," I'd be stunned.

Most significantly Cain maneuvers among powerful operatives who are not as visible. Everyone in Washington knows the U.S. president is really Valerie Jarrett. So much interest group money sloshes about through every level of Cain's vast administration that the smoothest, most sophisticated rent-leeches are quietly celebrated for schlurping up the most value extraction booty. How much of that is in the hands of good wholesome righteous American Christian-like churches and ministries?

Cain is most powerful among those completely invisible. Exposure would be the worst shame — as much as they're invisible, they're genius. Should they be uncovered they'll be summarily dismissed as cranks or kooks, so, no matter to them. The key here is that they are most intimately subject to the powers and principalities responsible, entirely given over to the demonic employment of sorcery, sexual dissipation, and magic arts — the mildest forms of which are illicit drug proliferation, concupiscence propaganda, and hypnotic manipulation through all media art forms. The worst of it? I don't want to fathom.

It's one thing to say this is all happening. Everyone pretty much knows that.

What this webzine effort is about is elucidating the truth that God made it that way. He put Cain in his position to utilize deceit and murder in myriad ways — the death penalty and the body of death surrounding the discourse about it is merely one of the more evident. Yet so many millions upon millions angle and scramble and wrestle their way to put their hands all over him. Voting, lobbying, protesting, donating, campaigning, shouting, scratching, clawing — many of them are good people shoved in there by System-gripped churches girding non-profit tax exempt obligations. Furthermore, the only way to keep the blood Cain regularly sheds off your hands is to completely remove them from him, repent, allow yourself to be crucified with Christ, and carry on the true gospel work from the Kingdom.

You'll be dead, you will.

Dead to the World, dead to the virulent institutional deceit, dead to sin and alive to the Spirit.


The phenomenal contrast between the plaintively simple situation reflected in the 44th Psalm and Cain's massively hegemonic duties is that for now, Cain will accomplish what he will, yes, with God's imprimatur stamped several millennia ago. The follower of Christ may sorrow, but with the psalmist does so with quiet courage that he may bring the Kingdom to the few with whom he has to do. He'll be lined up for slaughter, indeed.

Even so, He loves. Go ahead, read that eighth chapter of Romans. Check out the stuff in the verses all around the part about the sheep, go ahead. It's right at the end of the chapter.

Death penalty, yay, nay — eh. Doesn't matter to the follower of Christ.

Seems like God is nowhere, yes, it is easy to be grieved about that.


But wait until He does show up.


It'll be just another minute.





  • Some may chafe at the reference to Jesus as Judge and Executioner. I believe much of this is how obsequiously Catholicist the Americanist version of the gospel has become. Take a peek at the 10th chapter of Matthew, particularly the 28th verse to get an idea of what Jesus really says about it.

  • The names of the people representing Cain following the phrase "It is the way it should be" above: 1st paragraph, U.S. President Barack Obama. 3rd, Pope Francis I. 4th, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. 5th, Brian Williams, replaced by Lester Holt - in the photograph is Megyn Kelly. For more here's a list of "All the Bad Guys."

  • Some modest recommendations for a worship community with members who actually truly really actually have an interest in being the Kingdom are here.

  • Here is a blog post I wrote with a detailed account of the Los Angeles Times' coverage of the ruling headlined in the screen shot from their website shown above.

  • Here's my home page piece elaborating on the overarching power of the Jesuit univesity system.

  • Wouldn't you know? The most prominently showcased feature of the very last chapter of the entire Bible? Yes, it is a tree. Check it out.

  • The Shepherd.


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